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2014: People gather for a ceremony at the entrance of the Fulton Center transit hub, Sunday, Nov.
1997: A worker looks at the wreckage of a subway car in the 135th Street Station in New York early on July 4, 1997, following a derailment. 1994: Emergency officers stand guard outside the doors of the a subway car in New York City, 21 December 1994. 1994: Tony, a 54-year-old panhandler, makes his way through a subway car along the New York City subway system on a Friday in April 1994.
1991: Barry Couliffe sells copies of the Daily News to an unidentified passenger on the subway in New York, in March of 1991. 1988: A workman dismantles the interior of a subway car in a renovation effort by the New York City Subway system in New York. 1985: Transit Authority Vandalism Squad member of District 12 on 180 Street and Morris Park in the Bronx is looking at train ridden with graffiti.
1985: New York City Transit Police Officer Jeremiah Lyons, center, as a decoy cop reads his newspaper on board the city subway while he carries on his act as a fare-paying passenger wearing visible gold jewelry in July of 1985. 1966: A New York City subway train, the Manhattan-bound number 7, is pictured on the at Main Street, Queens platform with doors open waiting for passengers. 1965: Passengers sit patiently in near-darkness in a stalled subway car at West 4th Street in the Manhattan section of New York, Nov. 1960: Passengers on a special train to New York?s Aqueduct in Queens compare notes as the train leaves the subway station at Eighth Avenue and 42nd Street in Manhattan, New York on March 21, 1960. 1956: While other subway passengers perspire in the warm and humid underground station, Paul Forman appears cool and comfortable in the experimental air conditioned train which made its first run in New York City, July 9, 1956. 1947: Interior view of the subway car of the future as it was displayed at the Chambers Street Station of the Independent Division in New York on July 9, 1947.

1939: Air conditioned and equipped with upholstered green mohair cushions, a new streamlined luxury car of the BMT lines made its inaugural run in New York, March 28, 1939.
1937: This is an interior view of the new 8th Avenue subway car in New York City, May 1937. Starting with the opening of the futuristic Fulton Center transit hub in 2014, we’ll go back all the way to 1901 when the excavation for an underground train line took place. Due to the final stages of the bridge’s rehabilitation, extensive changes of five subway lines linking Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn were planned to be in effect until 2004.
Fifteen people were injured, two seriously, when the express train in Harlem derailed, leaving the unoccupied last car crushed and severed in half, according to police. A firebomb exploded as the train stood at the Fulton Street Station in lower Manhattan injuring some 37 people. The Transit Authority begun cracking down such activities with arrests, anti-begging announcements in stations and posters on trains.
Couliffe said that selling the 300-400 papers each day gives him enough money to pay rent on a room he shares. 25, 1988 as the subway travels between lower Manhattan and the outer reaches of the borough of Queens.
His backup Police Officer James Nuciforo, right, listens to his ?Ghetto Blaster? radio and is ready to move in for an arrest when the crime occurs. 9, 1965, during the massive power failure that darkened a vast portion of the northeast including New York State, most of New England, parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada. He was aboard a fully automated subway train as it made its inaugural run over the shuttle line between Grand Central and Times Square in New York, Jan.
The test run, which included six air conditioned cars and two old cars, was made on the East Side IRT line.

The new car has 56 seats, 14 adjustable, exhaust ventilators, eight 10-inch fans, is painted blue and grey and has an off-white ceiling.
This group tried out the comforts of the new car which will be placed in operation March 30.
It weighs 76,000 pounds, about half the weight of the conventional cars, and is equipped with special sound-deadening and shock-cushioning devices.
The $1.4 billion hub links the World Trade Center to nine subway lines in lower Manhattan and is designed to serve up to 300,000 passengers daily. Conductors were phased out on targeted lines, though a train operator continued to oversee controls in the front cab of each train.
One of the worst Mid-Atlantic winter storms in a century dumped almost a foot and a half of snow on the nation’s capital, crippling transportation and clogging the streets with snow for at least the next few days. The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife sank 27 subway cars in 70-90 feet of water to form Artificial Reef Site 11. The E line was favored by many homeless people in need of a place to sleep because, along the entire long route, the train stayed underground, assuring that there would be no frigid blasts of air when the subway doors open.
The new cars provide soft music, modern design, air cooling units, deodorizers and filters to reduce germs. When the train left Grand Central Station the temperature was 89-degrees in the old cars while the new cars registered 76.5 degrees. He was aboard under an arrangement agreed upon after the Transport Workers Union protested the proposed crewless inauguration of the shuttle run.

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