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Let me pass along to all of you some of the important teachings from the MTA's new Courtesy Counts ads that are plastered all over the subway. Offer your seat to elderly, disabled, and pregnant people - I was always under the assumption that the 80 year old lady with a cane could easily handle standing during the sharp turns on the 5 train. Take youf litter with you - But the pink haired girl with her Gore 2000 pinned satchel left her empty Venti Starbucks cup behind. Stand aside to let others off the train first - While it does seem to be a more efficient way to board the train, bumrushing and elbowing fellow passengers is my gut instinct.
It's a subway, not a dining car - My hopes of having a bite on the F train with Cary Grant or Bing Crosby are officially ruined. Keep the sound down - I thought the whole point of my Beats was to amp up the volume so that I can make an appointment with the hearing specialist covered under my Obamacare insurance. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S.
Pansey Lawrence, an NYC Transit paralegal, is being investigated by authority for keeping her marriage to transit lawyer and ex-boss Patrick Leach a secret. The exhibit focuses on all the things you should not do on public transportation: blocking the train door, littering, hogging seats when others need to sit.

This exhibit is now showing at the NYC Transit Museum’s Annex, which is located off the main concourse in Grand Central Terminal. No, these lessons did not come from my hardworking, middle class parents who raised me in a Catholic household. Without their new ad campaign, we would continue to live in a chaotic society where parents and common sense have no bearings on our behavior.
It’s crammed daily with commuters and tourists, and is considered one of the most comprehensive public transportation systems in the country.
There is definitely a right way to travel on the subway, and New Yorkers feel so strongly about it that it has inspired a placard campaign by the MTA to remind riders of common courtesies. Last weekend, the NYC Transit Museum debuted an exhibit that explores how transit systems around the world have enforced good transit manners.
The exhibit also reveals that disdain for manspreading, a popular term that has emerged in New York to describe men who spread their legs and take up precious subway seating space, actually dates back to 1947. And no, it wasn't anything I learned from my Pace University courses taken to earn my BBA and MBA degrees. Thank goodness for the new signs so people can understand what those receptacles on the platforms are for.

NYC Transit also could seek restitution.Leach, a Harvard-trained lawyer who passed the bar exam in the 1960s, worked in private practice and as an assistant professor before joining NYC Transit in 1988.
NYC posters from both 1947 and 1953 shame commuters for taking up too much room, much like the current MTA campaign does now.
Being a respectful commuter in New York is a lot like being a respectful commuter anywhere else in the world.
These lessons were taught to me by the enlightened NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). Leach retired, but the case against Lawrence is pending."We have a no-nepotism policy, meaning that you cannot directly supervise a member of your family," NYC Transit said in a statement to The News. Last year, Lawrence submitted amended ethics disclosure forms for the years 2001 through 2007, admitting her marriage.

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