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Related to this is to post schedule changes for before you walk up or down into the stations themselves and save for everyone a flight of stairs. Have a dedicated revenue stream directly proportional to the value that properties close to rail stations benefit from rather than constantly beg for money. Don't have the MTA union do all jobs--obviously there are better people to contract for certain things such as fixing the escalators. Computerized systems have shown us that when they fail people die in bad accidents , so humans are better controls. I mean integrate more services in terms of making it easier to take advantage of the various other agencies within the region so that it's easy to turn LIRR and Metro-North into superexpress lines. Automating operation of the subway trains would save a significant amount of cash in the long run. Now I'll tell you why: because ATS--that stands for Automated Train System--only knows how to clear signals for trains. Communications-based train control (CBTC) doesn't actually get rid of conductors or drivers--it's a more advanced signaling system that allows trains to be run closer together than the older block signals. Covering an area of 147,000 square meters, the three- storey Futian High-speed Railway Station is also the world's second largest underground railway station, only after the Grand Central Station in New York, the US.
As large as 21 football fields, the station's three underground floors are installed with more than 1,200 seats, allowing 3,000 passengers to wait simultaneously, according to Guangzhou Railway Corporation which operates the station. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Glittering city-within-a-city finally breaks ground Tuesday on 26 acres on the Far West Side leased by MTA for 99 years for a cool $1 billion-plus.
On Tuesday, city officials and developers will break ground on Hudson Yards, a $15 billion 15-structure mini-city on Manhattana€™s West Side that will create more office space than exists in Portland, Ore. The groundbreaking ends years of deal-making between developers and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which owns the rail yard and will lease the development rights for 99 years for more than $1 billion. Plans include apartments perched 75 stories over the river and a spire that rises higher than the Empire State Building.
The 26-acre site, to be built on platforms over the rail facility, will be the largest private real estate development in the history of New York.
Coach, the fashion company, has purchased 750,000 of the 1.7 million square feet of the first office tower for an international headquarters. For New Yorkers trying to wiggle out of a recession, Hudson Yards could mean thousands of jobs and hundreds of units of affordable housing.
Urban experts see Hudson Yards as a means for New York to stay competitive with Shanghai, London and Paris as a key 21st century city.

The first phase will include four mixed-use commercial, residential, and retail structures, a cultural center and a five-star hotel. A fourth structure by High Line architect Diller Scofidio + Renfro will be a rental and condo building attached to a city cultural and events center. Ross also fired back at skeptics who say Related wona€™t complete Hudson Yards on time a€” or at all.
The first phase is expected to be complete by 2017, starting with the tower housing Coach in 2015, Ross said. USA: New York MTA has been allocated $27bn in the New York state budget plan announced on March 31. The funding includes $1bn for construction of the second phase of the Second Avenue Subway extension to East Harlem, as well as further funds for infrastructure renewal.
Yes, the installment of signs is somewhat costly but in the long run will be more efficient than trying to print all those changes and then having someone physically post them up. I understand this doesn't jive well with some people, but it's less costly for the most part and still about as efficient (there is minimal traffic at night to wade through).
It is the cheapest solution to greatly expanding the network with little additional infrastructure costs.
This is nice for subways, but crucial for buses because of the loading time it takes to have someone fumble slowly with swiping their cards. I've seen people doing service work and they were wearing MTA uniforms, but my memory might be fuzzy. Taipei does it, too, and so do a number of East Asian cities and it's only appropriate that the MTA gets some kind of revenue based on the value they add to a community so that people don't decry the MTA as some kind of money sink when they are very apparently adding to the value of a community. There is something like what the CityTicket program that's currently implemented but massively expanded in order to best utilize the rails we have in place. But I can tell you as a Tower Operator: the system would be basically dysfunctional if MTA was to have its way and automate it (which they are hard at work trying to do).
They buy it millions of dollars at a time--but apparently believing that it's all they'll ever have to do.
It not only decreases frequency of jumpers but also means that stations could be air-conditioned. Residents in Shenzhen only need 15 minutes to go to Hong Kong, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. An observation deck shaped like a spaceship jutting out from an office tower taller than the Empire State Building. The fashion-focused smaller office tower will connect to the taller commerce-oriented structure through a shopping complex. An 80,000-square-foot retail store devoted to participatory sports such as cycling and kayaking will anchor the Childs mixed-use structure closest to the Hudson River.

Places close to stations are more valuable and this should be reflected in the MTA's budget more equitably.
This is not a hard solution and it is easy to have someone simply wave their card somewhere close to the sensor and let them on. It is well worth its cost, though obviously MTA should get some kind of compensation for doing so. In any case, they were doing a terrible job as I remember the one in Washington Heights constantly being under maintenance. And yes, it needs to be expanded to all the regional rail lines--basically the entire idea is to better utilize the regional rail lines.
However, with better loading (RFID cards?), the lack of traffic at night, and the priority signalling that we can and should implement regardless of whether or not there are night bus replacements, a night bus can be nearly as efficient in terms of time for passengers as rail (possibly more so since we have a large fleet of buses that can be utilized at the time) and would allow the city to do proper downtime maintenance on the rail tracks when there is the least amount of demand for those lines. But, as with so many potentially attractive options, you'd have to think twice before screaming and yelling for a dissolution of MTA. According to the operation table, there will be 11 pairs of high-speed trains running in and out of the station from Wednesday to January 9. Ross said he is close to signing several tenants to a another structure that will be higher than the Empire State Building.
A third oval building designed by David Childs of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill will house a hotel, offices and residences. We should realize that the transit system is more than just getting someone from point A to point B, so we should distribute funds accordingly. The fact that automatic controls for systems around the world have been able to operate in the last two decades without major incident points to something wrong with the implementation we've been doing. New York City Transit--translation: the subways and buses in the five boroughs--would revert to its original status as a city agency. If you have ideas about maintaining service, a human being must override ATS and make the move manually. Say whatever you want about computer technology, but if you want to run a railroad, you need human beings doing it. Especially when it's a railroad that has to carry four million other human beings every day.
Plenty of systems are already automated, in fact I belive some of the commuter lines in Northern NJ are.

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