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I went through the forum and did not see a Transit City topic, so wanted to show an update on the progress at this point. That is the official TTC web site for the project, it encompasses 7 new light rail lines across the GTA and the backbone of the system is the new, approximately 32km Eglinton Crosstown line of which 10km will be below ground. They have funded the construction of Eglinton, Finch West, and updating the Scarborough RT.
I will post more in terms of articles and information as time progresses, but its been a hot discussion for a while and wanted to introduce the topic here. If it does not interline, I think functionality would be improved by converting the existing tunnel to light rail (and hopefully by preserving the potential to convert it back to metro rail in the future).
No, Sheppard requires a transfer, and I highly disagreed with the idea of building the rest of it as LRT. Considering how short the Sheppard Stubway is, I wouldn't totally oppose transforming it to Light Rail.
I was just at the meeting the other day for the SRT extension and was impressed with the tunnel and elevated ideas. Building the Sheppard Line North to East, and the West Connections were extremely difficult and costly. There is talk about, but it's not likely to happen, since the Sheppard LRT will have to go underground to meet the subway. The TTC did a study, and discovered(surprise, surprise), station spacing lengths along the LRT will bring in more riders, with a minimal increase in travel time.

It has been about 8 months and I still don't have an answer from the TTC as to the speed of the Transit City lines, and they have not studied anything yet according to them. Would love to see this study as another report by the TTC cited slow travel times as the number one reason people don't use transit. While Sheppard LRT is not being planned the best way possible, I have high hopes for Eglinton LRT. The biggest problem I've seen on other forums is that there is this irrational pro-transit city attitude and they consider everything else 'ignorant' or not qualified to talk, and just to let people know that kind of attitude will not be tolerated here. Also, Sheppard has been funded to be completed as LRT (which I have a lot of opinions on, but its funded). That way, trips on Sheppard light rail could get downtown with only a single transfer at Yonge.
Its going to require two transfers just to get to the Yonge subway now if you're further down the line.
The YOnge Line is at capacity at the moment, and adding interlining complexity would only degrade the service. Is there a link to this, because its so hard to find any studies about Transit City as it seems like none have been done. As discussed on other forums, I wished they would purchase the higher quality Flexity Swift trains instead of Flexity Outlook for Eglinton because its going to be the backbone of the new system and a city-wide affair.
The 10km underground route will GREATLY increase speed and capacity over the current buses.

Otherwise, it requires a transfer from LRT to Sheppard Subway, and another transfer to the Yonge line.
This would allow a one seat trip from the eastern terminus of the Sheppard LRT all the way to Downtown.
It's important to strike a balance between accessibility, coverage and speed, but I'm concerned the frequent stops at the far ends of lines will impact overall speed too much to maximize ridership.
Yes it will have ROW, prepaid & all entry modern LRT trains but most of the system will have stops every 2 to 3 blocks!. That is a good compromise, as many residents where concerned the stops would be too far apart. WAMC’s Southern Adirondack Bureau Chief Lucas Willard reports that the industry is focusing on forging new partnerships.
YOu have to serve the citizens, and not some outdated assumption that speed attract riders(It doesn't). It wouldn't matter if the uses the SpaceShuttle when stops are that close it amounts to nothing more than a better streetcar with Eglington as the exception due to 10km tunnel and spacing averaging 800m. In terms of service quality the underground stretch should be identical to the subway system.

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