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You may download any image for personal or non-commercial use only.YOU MAY NOT DOWNLOAD ANY PICTURE FROM THIS WEB SITE TO BE USED ON YOUTUBE OR FACEBOOK. New York State Department of Transportation Mack Granie plowing Route 5 in Herkimer New York.
NYSDOT Mack Granite part of a convoy of snow plows that helped downstate New York with a major winter storm in January 2015. State Education Commissioner Elia Identifies 8 Struggling Schools and Persistently Struggling School in Yonkers to Begin Implementation of School Receivership in New York State - Yonkers Tribune.
In April 2015, the legislature and governor created a new section of State Education Law pertaining to school receivership.
In the 20 schools identified as Persistently Struggling, the superintendent first serves as the receiver and is given an initial one-year period to use the enhanced authority of a receiver to make demonstrable improvement on annual goals established by the Commissioner, including student performance.
Struggling Schools will be given two years under a “superintendent receiver” to make demonstrable improvement or the district will be required to appoint an independent receiver and submit the appointment for approval by the Commissioner. As with Persistently Struggling Schools, the independent receiver appointed by the district must be approved by the Commissioner, and the Commissioner will make the appointment if an acceptable receiver is not selected by the district.
The table below shows the distribution of Struggling Schools and Persistently Struggling schools by district. Superintendents will now begin the process of creating community engagement teams to advise the superintendent regarding development and implementation of improvement plans. Unfortunately, public schools don’t have the LUXURY of kicking trouble kids out, like private and chartered schools.

If you can learn the lyrics to the latest rap, then you don’t lack in ability, you choose not to learn. Just goes to show you that throwing more and more money at the schools doesn’t solve the problem.
In the private and charter schools they can and do throw out the kids that aren’t achieving high enough scores or not behaving properly and disruptive to the whole class.
Charter schools are political easy fix solutions to social problems being brought into classroom.
Provide us with your name and email address and we will send Breaking News right to your inbox. Recent CommentsMichael Scissorhands on BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Union Undisciplined By HEZI ARISForget your closets on We Need a Real Economic Discussion By OREN M.
Of the schools identified, 124 were identified as Struggling Schools and 20 were identified as Persistently Struggling Schools. In June, the Board of Regents approved new regulations to implement the provisions of the law. Priority Schools that have been in the most severe accountability status since the 2006-07 school year have been identified as Persistently Struggling Schools. Absent demonstrable improvement, the Commissioner will direct the school board to appoint an independent receiver within 60 days. Independent receivers, who can be an individual, a not-for-profit organization, or another school district, have sole responsibility to manage and operate the school and have all of the enhanced authority of a school receiver.

Superintendents will also hold public hearings regarding receivership and notify parents of the students who attend these schools regarding the school’s receivership status. Therefore, the troubled kids spread their DISEASE to other kids, like a cancer, and the teachers get burn out. Why is it that private schools can turn out educated students at a fraction of what we spend on public schools. The Commissioner will work closely with the school board to ensure that the most qualified individual is identified and the appointment of all independent receivers must be approved by the Commissioner.
Independent receivers are appointed for up to three school years and serve under contract with the Commissioner.
NY state throws new standards at teachers developed by bureaucrats sitting behind desks, politicians make schools a social be-all solution. Additionally, the school will be eligible for a portion of $75 million in state aid to support and implement its turnaround efforts over a two-year period. Assessments and common core spending millions of dollars does nothing compared to a parent sitting with a child and getting his homework done!!!!!!!!!! Some principals want to be liked and have developed friendships with their staff and that’s why you will get 98% of the staff being given satisfactory evaluations in struggling or persistently struggling schools.

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