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NEW YORK, NY -- Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced today that former New York State Senate Majority Leader DEAN SKELOS was sentenced today to five years in prison after having been found guilty by a federal jury of using his official position to obtain more than $300,000 in bribes and extortion payments that were paid to his son, ADAM SKELOS, in exchange for DEAN SKELOS’s official acts. From 2011 to 2015, DEAN SKELOS served as Majority Leader and Co-Majority Leader of the New York State Senate, a position that gave him significant power over the operation of New York State government. Beginning in late 2010, and continuing for approximately two years, DEAN SKELOS repeatedly solicited payments for ADAM SKELOS from representatives of Glenwood Management Corp. After successfully obtaining ADAM SKELOS’s Abtech consulting contract for $4,000 per month, DEAN SKELOS assisted Abtech in causing Nassau County to issue a request for proposal (“RFP”) for a public works project that was tailored to Abtech’s stormwater technology. For example, when Abtech and ADAM SKELOS believed Nassau County was insufficiently funding the company’s project, DEAN SKELOS pressured Nassau County officials to make additional funds available. DEAN SKELOS also used his official position in an attempt to direct a portion of a $5.4 billion sum that the State had recovered in litigation with financial services companies (the “Settlement Funds”) in a way that would benefit water projects and contracts that were being pursued by Abtech.
DEAN SKELOS also used his official position in an attempt to enact State “design-build” legislation that was being sought by Abetch and that Nassau County officials had explained was necessary to implement fully the $12 million contract with Abtech. During the same time period as the Glenwood and Abtech schemes, DEAN SKELOS pressured yet a third company, called Physician Reciprocal Insurers (“PRI”), to pay ADAM SKELOS. In response to the pressure from DEAN SKELOS to find sources of payment to ADAM SKELOS, PRI agreed to, among other things, give ADAM SKELOS a full-time job with benefits. DEAN SKELOS did not inform any of the companies he pressured to pay ADAM SKELOS that, between 2011 and 2014, ADAM SKELOS was making between $230,000 and $441,000 per year. During the time period that PRI was paying ADAM SKELOS, DEAN SKELOS repeatedly voted to extend PRI’s legislative protection from liquidation as well as other legislation that was being sought by PRI.

In addition to the prison sentence, Judge Wood ordered DEAN SKELOS, 68, of Rockville Centre, New York, to pay a $500,000 fine, forfeit $334,120, and pay a $800 special assessment fee.
DEAN SKELOS and ADAM SKELOS were found guilty by a unanimous jury on December 11, 2015, of conspiracy to commit extortion under color of official right, conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud, three counts of extortion under color of official right, and three counts of soliciting and receiving bribes. Talk of the Sound is a hyper-local news site, considered the source for news and information in New Rochelle since 2008. If you would like to become a contributor, suggest a story idea or have a news tip contact us. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. A united front from the Senate and Assembly provides a boost to advocates as the legislature begins two weeks of negotiations with Cuomo over the final budget, which covers a fiscal year beginning April 1.
Even if the $40 million transit raid is removed from this year’s budget, Cuomo is likely to attempt similar moves in the future to pay off the state bond with MTA funds. Another one of the governor’s hits to MTA revenues is also having ripple effects in the Senate. Now, they’re using the Senate budget plan to call on the MTA to study and recommend VNB toll discounts for non-Staten Island residents who drive over the bridge.
Does anyone else think Cuomo is trying to woo Republicans by lowering taxes and tolls, not supporting transit properly, so he can claim a “bipartisan”, centrist appeal? Attorney Preet Bharara said:  “In the span of just 16 months, we have seen the arrest, prosecution, conviction, and sentencing of both leaders of the New York State legislature.

Today comes word [PDF] that the State Senate has followed suit, rejecting the transit raid in its own budget resolution. But Comptroller Tom DiNapoli calls it a transit raid, and advocates point out that it reneges on a commitment the state made over a decade ago and shifts funds away from the MTA to effectively create new money on the state’s balance sheet.
His financial plan includes annual raids of $20 million, which would total nearly $350 million by 2031.
Cuomo’s plan to deepen Verrazano-Narrows Bridge toll discounts for truckers and Staten Island residents would cost $14 million annually, with the MTA and the state splitting the cost evenly. He has been covering the movement for safer streets, effective transit, and livable cities since 2012. That kicked off a flurry of press releases and events by Brooklyn legislators angling for a discount for their constituents, too. Considering the job these people are doing, I have zero problems if they have to convene the legislature in tents in a parking lot. Except Cuomo is actually selling out and betraying his core constituencies, treating NY State as just a step on the way to a higher office.

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