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Nathalia Holt's new book 'Rise of the Rocket Girls' tells the story of these pioneering women. As we established previously, quality New York-style pizza is available in Boston, but it’s hardly ubiquitous. My first draft was OK, but I asked listeners to recommend a pizza place where I might go and learn some tricks. At Same Old Place, they bake between 500-550 degrees, which is much lower than the legendary 1,000-degree temps I’ve heard about at other pizza joints. The finished dough should be smooth, a little sticky, and you should be able to stretch it out thin enough to see light through it without it tearing. About an hour before you bake, place rack and pizza stone on the second highest position and pre-heat oven to maximum temperature. Armando's Pizza on Huron Avenue, just a short walk outside of Harvard Square in Cambridge, is quite popular among Boston pizza enthusiasts. To find out if Armando's was worth all the hype, I assembled a small team of reliable experts, including 8-year-old Harper and 6-year-old Henry, to give it the taste test. As far as Boston-area pizzerias go, Armando's is one of the better thin-crust New York–style places I know of.
What Sewell and Malnati started serving nearly 70 years ago is the same in essentials as what people serve today. Jessica DelacruzBoston Culinary Travel ExaminerJessica Delacruz is a Cambridge-based freelance writer with a passion for all things travel and food. Packard’s Corner is named for a onetime Packard dealership opened there in 1909 by Alvan T.
After trying that, I found letting my dough rise overnight in the refrigerator (or two or three nights) gets you a more yeasty, almost sourdough-type flavor (very tasty) and a much more satisfying texture.
So I’m no longer contemplating filing my oven door lock off so that I can bake on the self-cleaning cycle. It is so well-loved that people rave about it while in line to order their pies (during our visit, I overheard two different customers tell the guy behind the counter that it was the best pizza in Boston).

The cheese is nicely browned and bubbly, the crust well-browned, both on the edges and on its undersides, and the cheese-to-sauce ratio is spot-on. It's not as sweet as some New York–style pizza sauces, but it has a nice herbiness, along with a bright, tangy uncooked-tomato flavor.
Whether due to the lack of protein in their choice of flour, or inadequate gluten development during mixing, the crumb is dry and fluffy, especially in the cornicione, where it is at its thickest. Armando's uses the same dough for both styles of pizza, and since the square slices are so much thicker than the NY-style pies, there is a lot more of this unpleasant inner crumb to consume.
Unfortunately, that's more of a reflection of the lack of quality New York–style pizza available around here and not because the pizza at Armando's is particularly great. In the 19th century, before deep dish pizzas were created, Italian immigrants brought their hot tomato pies with them. There are also Giordanos and Nancy’s Pizza which serve stuffed pizza, a deep dish pizza with an extra layer of dough below the sauce.
She has dined everywhere from four-star restaurants in New York to crepe vendors on the streets of Paris and is always looking for new cities and menus. Owner Fred Ciampa and his son Eric were kind enough to show me some (not all) of their secrets. This recipe likely gives you a little more sauce than you’ll actually need to sauce both pizzas. The crust will soften as it cools and absorbs steam from the other ingredients, so it should feel a little hard and over-baked when you pull it out. The culinary outcome of their convergence includes the chowders, baked bean casseroles, stews, and succotash dishes that have helped define Northeastern regional cooking. The cheese (a mixture of grated mozzarella and provolone) is gooey and flavorful, though it would have benefited from a little more saltiness (or a touch more salt in the sauce). For this reviewer at least, the search for a superlative New York–style pie here in Boston carries on. According to pizza lore, the pies were sold on Taylor Street in metal washtubs filled with hot coals to keep the pies warm, just as they had been sold in Napoli.

The mozzarella is generously tiled onto the dough and is then followed by the meats and vegetables.
No matter where her travels take her, she loves living in a city that offers dining experiences that would delight even the most finicky foodies. And the toppings are entirely acceptable for a corner pizza joint: nothing special, but of decent quality and quantity. After all of the fixings are in place, the sauce is ladled on top, and the pizza is placed in the oven. This recipe is designed to get you two pizzas of the maximum size that can be baked in a home oven; I think my prior recipe resulted in pizzas that were just a touch too thin.
Arriving from far-flung places, immigrants enriched the city with their culinary traditions.
The end result is a three-inch high pizza loaded with gooey cheese and your choice of meats and veggies.
Jewish specialties like pastrami and all manner of Italian and Chinese dishes tantalized New Yorkers before gradually being absorbed into the culinary culture of the entire country. Chicagoans supporting their city’s famed deep dish pizza look at their Big Apple counterparts and laugh at the floppy thinness of a slice of New York-style pizza while New Yorkers cry blasphemy at the Windy City for daring to put the sauce on top of the cheese and toppings. Up north in Vermont, a formidable Cheddar cheese industry took shape to rival the best farmhouse Cheddars of England.
In any case, deep dish pizza was introduced to the masses in 1943 and has been a force in the pizza world ever since. Though depleted by over-fishing, cod (mostly Pacific cod now) remains a very popular fish nationwide.
In the Northeast, strong Italian-American enclaves in New York City, Boston’s North End, and South Philly have helped shape a new American hybrid cuisine.

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