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I’m thrilled to be participating in The Seoul Subway Challenge, an idea by Tom from Waegook Tom. Nowon nightlife: Nowon is packed with bars, barbecue restaurants, shops, and surprisingly lots of hair salons. Hwagyesa Buddhist Templestay ???: In June 2011, I participated in a Buddhist Templestay located a short bus ride away from Suyu Station. The Dream Forest ??????: This newly developed park is a short bus ride away from Mia Samgeori station. Directions: From exit 6 of Myeongdong Station, walk straight and turn right when you see the man dressed in a cat costume. The National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea: This museum features conceptual, contemporary art in its galleries and sculpture park. By Shuttle Bus: A free shuttle bus to the museum is available every 20-30 minutes at exit 4.
The accessibility of public transportation in Chicago is one of the reasons that the city has continued to grow. With its 45- and 90-degree angles and one color per subway line, the 1972 subway map by Massimo Vignelli was divorced from the cityscape, devoid of street or neighborhood names.
Meanwhile, in the intervening years, designers have attempted to rebel against the relatively bland MTA-issued Map.
I spent a semester in 7th grade learning to navigate the city with this map and the bus maps.
This project requires nine Korea-based bloggers to document unique, off-the-beaten-path places on at least five stops of one specific subway line.
In Hyehwa, you can see a variety of dance, music, and theater performances, eat in quaint, creatively-designed restaurants, or grab a cocktail in a bag from a street vendor. There was a great photography exhibition depicting shots from modern-day Korean households when I visited a week ago. I agree that the Myeongdong crowds can be super annoying with all the slow walking couples and tourists in high heels.

There are more than 150 CTA bus routes in the city that cover more than 2,200 miles of road. The CTA alone has created many jobs in the city, not to mention all the business that has developed near CTA rail stations and bus routes.
As part of a charity project for Men’s Vogue, Vignelli, famous in New York for his much-maligned 1972 reinterpretation of the subway map, has updated his famous and infamous map to reflect subway realities in 2008, and his map remains a beautiful work of art. It was a tool for navigating the subways, although not one for navigating the city streets.
The colors of the subway lines matchup as they should, and the white-on-light-blue background forces you to examine the subway system outside the reality of New York City.
From high school through to this day, people ask me for travel advice because I learned so well. I was assigned LINE 4, the light blue line running from Northeastern Seoul all the way to Oido in Gyeonggi province.
There’s a small cluster of Hanok houses, a pond, an observatory, some restaurants and coffee shops, an art museum, expansive areas of grass, walking paths, short hiking paths and outdoor exercise equipment. There are Saju (Chinese numerology), palm, face, and Tarot card readers who work in booths on the street and inside some of Hyehwa’s buildings. I chose to make two 500 won bets, but I lost both times, because I suck at choosing horses. I was also drawn to the featured shrine-like installation consisting of hundreds of TVs and the textile art along the main hallways.
And now I also kind of want to check out the museum of contemporary art – again, I had never heard of it. Since 2011, I've been using this space to draw and write about art and life abroad, mainly in South Korea and Colombia. The only public transportation system in the United States that is larger is New York City's.
There are over 200 miles of rail throughout Chicago that provide service over 140 stations.

Traffic congestion has led to a large walking population that depends on public transportation to move around the city. Paul Goldberger called it “a stunningly handsome abstraction” that “bears little relation to the city itself.
But diagrammatic representation is common practice around the world since the London Underground map of the thirties,” he said.
The map celebrates the subway system as its own unique entity seemingly divorced from the subway. My first ride went smoothly even though I had to transfer twice and the first conductor didn’t announce stops. I knew where my station was, but had no hope of finding from the map where I might end up if I stopped one station too near or too far. I’ll definitely consider your recommendation for the Cat Cafe in Myeongdong as my brother will be here soon and he wants to go to one…but I just hate Myeongdong! I also write about language, travel, literature, and creativity, and I visually tell stories through photography, comics, collage and illustration. The services that the CTA provide to the residents of Chicago are invaluable to their daily lives. If you are a visitor to the city, you will no doubt appreciate how easy it is to travel about the city on the CTA. Taking public transportation in Chicago is a very viable option since the streets and expressways are often very crowded.
If your language skills aren’t up to par, bring a Korean or linguistically-gifted friend along. There was an obvious influence from the London Underground map, originally created by Harry Beck in 1933, however, Vignelli took it one step farther, in creating the now-famous intertwined wiring-diagram map of New York’s vastly complicated subway lines.

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