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I love the Paris metro and that everyone opens the door WAY before the train has stopped moving and non chalantly pops off. Although its dodgy due to the amount of pick pockets, its nice and air condition and it blew my mind that my phone worked on it. I loved the fact they piped classical music throughout, and yes the air conditioning was blissful.
Although a bit more useful than 'x minutes', it seemed to constantly jump either way by 10 seconds. It's air-conditioned and at some stations there are speakers that play a little 'the train is coming!' song. And Barcelona because its open all night and allowed me to stay at primavera until silly times of the morning. The Metro in LA and the MUNI in San Fransico are both clean and modern - the MUNI is even carpeted and comfy.
Budapest is a really weird shape and they should just get ticket barriers and get rid of the annoying ticket people.
As for Paris, I don't think I've ever taken The Metro and not had someone ask me for directions. They're building a similar thing under a new city near Abu Dhabi, presumably for exactly the opposite reason. No matter what station you're at in Manhattan, a bit of underground walking and you will appear at either Canal Street or Times Square.
I'd consider myself a seasoned metro system user, and I found myself just going fuck it, getting on a train and hoping for the best. At busy intersection stations, they instruct people to get off the train on the left hand side and get on the train on the right hand side of the carriages. Used to be able to buy one of those (strippenkartjes) and not stamp it until the ticket inspectors came on board. Bangkok: tokens instead of tickets, super air conditioning, odd advertising jingles playing in the train. But the best was in Hamburg where the ticketing system is almost impossible to work out if you don't speak German. First time I went to Newcastle I went down to the platform at Central to get the train to Haymarket. Also liked Shangai's for having screens showing classic Premier League goals and also for being the most comfortable.
They may have the worst metro systems in the world, but Dublin has the best taxi drivers, without a doubt.
Stations designed by Norman Foster, and you can get a train from the city centre to the beach.

To be fair, I think if you're going to build something underground you should at least make it feel like it's underground, fuck strip lights. I do like the way that last trains will sit and wait for connecting trains that are delayed.
Last night, the Museum of the City of New York brought together a panel of New York City subway map dignitaries for “The New York City Subway Map – Form v. Massimo Vignelli started off the conversation with an introduction to transit diagrams around the world. Paul Shaw, author and typographer, then introduced some common problems to consider when making a subway map. With the onset of new technologies, more and more people are taking it upon themselves to alleviate some of these issues. Despite the obvious frustrations with and criticisms of the MTA’s design choices (and perhaps because no MTA representative sat on the panel), it was a jovial evening overall. Meredith Baber is a Project Associate at Urban Omnibus and a Masters candidate in the Critical, Curatorial and Conceptual Practices in Architecture Program at Columbia University’s GSAPP. The views expressed here are those of the author only and do not reflect the position of Urban Omnibus editorial staff or the Architectural League of New York. Perhaps the discussion might have had some real meaning if there was someone representing the MTA map.
I could give you an essay, based on truth and actual experience with the map, because I’ve lived with it for over thirty years and am witness to its aging. But the problem is that the current map is *neither* a clear diagram of the subway system *nor* an accurate depiction of the city’s geography.
Footer TextUrban Omnibus is the Architectural League's online publication dedicated to defining and enriching the culture of citymaking. The pilot and development phase of Urban Omnibus was made possible by the Rockefeller Foundation. That wasn't the good bit, the good bit was that a man who had asked us if we needed help when we first arrived asked us again the next day at a station on the other side of town. It seems to mean got, and, what in addition to generally being used as a briding word like ah and umm. Massimo noted the differences between a diagram and a map, but stressed the importance of both form and function in both.
Tauranac is a New York City native who has been making maps of the city for almost 40 years and sat as the chair of the committee to redesign the MTA subway map in 1979. He explores the subway system, looking at signage and stations, and has come to understand the complexities that are inherent in a large transit system such as that of the MTA. Eddie Jabbour designed the KickMap as a geographical and graphically legible alternative to the MTA map, and even offered it to them to use.

Serious discussions were balanced by more lighthearted conversations, such as favorite subway stations (which ranged from the abandoned City Hall station to the grand space of the 181st Street station in Washington Heights).
I thought the discussion at the museum was great, but the MTA perspective would be valuable.
Ongoing support is provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council, the membership and board of the Architectural League, and readers like you.
The redesign intended to retain certain elements of a diagrammatic map, but based on geography, with a new color coding system for grouped trunk lines (prior to this, there was a different color for each line). One archival image he presented showed a woman in a station, standing at a large call board. If you just pushed a button representing your final destination, the board would tell you how to get there from your current station.
So Jabbour and his son created an iPhone app, which notes day and nighttime service changes, options to receive notifications of unexpected delays, GPS technology to help locate nearby stations and a compass to help orient yourself after exiting to the street. If you wish to use a subway map in your own project, you should consider licensing the official MTA map, or try New York City Subway Route Map by SPUI, which is in the public domain. This behemoth was the predecessor to smart phones and Google maps, but why did such a useful concept disappear from the subway system?
The app has been downloaded by over 350,000 people — a sign, Jabbour pointed out, that people are calling for a less confusing option. Now, for unfamiliar travelers, it is hard enough even to know where to get on the subway, let alone travel from one destination to another and transfer trains.
But, he added, we can’t rest on smartphone tools, which are only used by a fraction of subway riders. The 1972 Vignelli NYC subway map was an attempt at a diagrammatic display for the subway system, consisting of 45 and 90 degree angles, many colors, and extreme legibility. The current map is not for travelers who need expedited information, but for the person who has time to scan tiny type to decipher whether or not the N train stops at 28th Street. There is still a dire need for easily-accessible print media, or other innovations that can benefit everyone.
However, the map was criticized by the public, who found the lack of above-ground geographic and navigational details confusing.
Additionally, if you are having trouble seeing the map below (perhaps because you have disabled JavaScript in your browser), Click Here. In 1979 the MTA ousted Vignelli’s diagram for a “more legible” version — legibility defined, not as visual and textual clarity, but as geographical clarity.

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