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You can find on this page the map of NYC airport transportation, the map of John F Kennedy airport, the map of New York La Guardia airport and the map of Newark Liberty airport. The access to New York City airports: John F Kennedy (JFK), New York La Guardia (LGA) et Newark Liberty (EWR) is possible by various lines of urban and suburban trains of the MTA and NJ Transit, the subway and the bus lines of the Greater New York.
The airport of John F Kennedy also known as JFK is the most important American airport located 11 miles (19 km) of Manhattan. The airport of Newark Liberty International also known as Newark is an American airport located 14 miles (24 km) south west of Manhattan.
The airport of New York La Guardia also known as La Guardia is an American airport located in the north of Queens.
The New York City subway map Transitwise which was first published in 1987 has been updated again to include all The MTA subway changes made for early 2015. For 23 years, Transitwise has helped the traveling public move about New York city by subway and throughout surrounding metropolitan area using the Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit, Path trains, Metro North and Amtrak. Transitwise like all STREETWISE® maps is a laminated accordion fold map with the entire New York subway system designed to fit on the front side.

On the backside of Transitwise a complete regional color coded transit system was designed to include all of New Jersey Transit, the Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Path, Metro North and Amtrak.
You can travel form Park Slope to Montauk, From Flushing to Newark, and from mid Manhattan to Stamford all without changing maps.
New York City is served by 3 international airports totaling more than 105 million passengers per year, John F Kennedy (JFK), New York La Guardia (LGA) and Newark Liberty (EWR) operated by the Port Authority of NY & NJ. It is the 17th largest airport in the word for passenger traffic with 49 million travelers in 2012. It is the 2nd largest airport of NYC for passenger traffic with 35 million travelers in 2013. It is the 3nd largest airport of NYC for passenger traffic with 26.7 million travelers in 2013.
Subway lines are color coded for easy identification and station names are clearly labeled. So, if you are serious about navigating around the New York Metropolitan area using mass transit there is nothing else to choose from other than Transitwise.

It has 6 terminals which are terminal 1, terminal 2, terminal 4, terminal 5, terminal 7 and terminal 8. In addition to station names, subway line number or letter designation for that station is printed with the station name.
Penn Station's labyrinthine site plan is confusing to everyone but the most expert commuters. Since multiple subway lines run along the same track and some lines run both local and express trains along the same track a map which identifies  subway route symbols would make sense yet this key feature is left off the Official MTA New York City subway map as well as other subway maps for New York City.

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