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Mikeabono saidA he started researching the city's best coffee shops using articles, blogs, Yelp, Google, and Zagat reviews, trying to avoid duplicates. After the accident, some neighbors wondered how fast the driver was going through a neighborhood of large homes. A rescue train pulled up alongside the other train and about 50 passengers were taken to the Church Avenue Station, the MTA said.
Police said the alleged driver turned herself in hours later, claiming she was the victim of a carjacking, 1010 WINS reported. After the accident, southbound Q trains ran express for a period of time between Prospect Park and Kings Highway while repairs to the fence and wall were made.
If you've dated in NYC, you've inevitably dealt with the pressure of choosing the spot (SO MUCH PRESSURE!). With the location already handled for you (you're welcome), the only thing you have to worry about is being the most charming and personable human your date has ever met, which we're sure is no problem, right? Click HERE (or below) to see the whole thing blown up all giant-like, or head over to Thrillist for the full line-by-line breakdown!
Foreign real estate investors currently buy one-third of Manhattan condos, and they account for 15% of the total purchasers in the city. What do I need for financing to buy a condo in NY City as an international real estate investor?
According to the Census, NY City is #1 most-populated city in the United States with 8,175,133 Population in 2010, a modest increase of 2.1% since 2000. Yes, approximately 15 percent of apartments are owned by foreign individuals and companies.
What are the options for International real estate financing for foreign real estate buyers? What do I need for financing to buy a condo in NYCity as an international real estate investor? Foreign investors purchasing in cash saves on the NY mortgage tax, about 2% of the loan amount.
Though renting an apartment in NY City tends to come with a higher cost of living, many renters in Manhattan are willing to pay the relatively more expensive rents to live there. Virtually any apartment in Manhattan will retain its value as long as New York City remains America’s capital of arts, culture, finance, education and a safe and secure place to invest. Upper East Side near the river Construction has been undergoing along Second Avenue for two new subway lines, Q and T since 2007. Midtown West – An extension of the Subway Line to Eleventh Avenue and 34th Street from 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue is expected to be operational by December 2013. Financial District – Commonly known as “FiDi” the Financial District is located at the bottom of Manhattan and has recently become not just predominately a business district but also a neighborhood on the rise with a tremendous amount of Real Estate development of new condominium projects and high end rental buildings. Unlike other States of the United States that have a depressing market, indicators show New York is a flat market. While it can be beneficial to buy an apartment in Manhattan through the name of a corporation, the advantages for foreign buyers can be diminished by potential treaties between the United States and your country. We aggressively market your property using multiple channels to both domestic and international buyers. All information is from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, prior sale or withdrawal without notice.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. He also enlisted the help of his friends, and on the weekends tried to find out what type of equipment and beans were used at each shop to help determine quality. Other said it could have been a lot worse if the car had ended up on the tracks or being hit by a train.
The woman – Hannah Harris, 20, of Brooklyn – was charged with filing a false police report and leaving the scene of an accident. New York City property has long attracted international buyers, a trend that took off in 1976.

In a recent survey administered by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate,NY City was voted the most attractive destination for real estate investment. Since the credit crisis, lenders have tightened credit criteria and will require about 30 percent as down payment from a foreign buyer. The requirement is usually a 30 percent down payment (70% Loan to Value) up-to-30-year loans and up to five times a borrower’s annual income. There are numerous neighborhoods in New York City that have their own unique culture and feeling.
When something breaks in the property, your tenants need to talk to the doorman or superintendent.
A new station at 10th Avenue and 41st Street was dropped from the plans in October 2007 due to cost overruns, leaving the terminal station at Eleventh Avenue and 34th Street as the only new station on the extension.
The neighborhood feel of FiDi has improved as farmer markets such as the New Amsterdam Market, both rocery and school districts are some of the best in the city. An international investor should consult with a tax professional who specializes in international law. In other words, the services of buyer’s broker are at no cost to the buyers, since commissions are paid by the sellers, and then divided between the buyer and seller’s brokers, and most of the transactions are done by both seller’s and buyer’s brokers.
Whether you are looking to buy a home, sell a home, or investment, Kelsey Uh’s Team provides professional services, information and knowledge to make a successful transaction for the best possible price. This includes identifying the right property, negotiating price, bringing the team together (attorney, tax attorney, accountant, financing, etc.), finding tenants, eventually marketing property for sale.
It should not be construed as an offer for sale (or even that this building is actively marketed). The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the vehicle was traveling along East 18th Street near Albermarle Road when it jumped partially over a concrete wall and struck the fence. Since 2010, the dollar has been especially weak against a number of foreign currencies and that has increased foreign investors participation in Manhattan.
The recent Knight Frank Wealth Report 2011 ranks Manhattan as the #1 market in the world based on factors including economic environment, political climate, knowledge and quality of life. For purposes, a condo is recommended because of higher appreciation potential and flexibility in renting. Having a good credit score in your country can help to get financing either in the U.S or internationally.
Also, the buyer needs to show liquid assets that is usually based on a multiple of the monthly payments. Superintendent can fix up minor problems at no charge or charge the owner for material costs. The MTA indicated that the 10th Avenue station could be included in the project if funding were found.
High end shopping such as Hermes, Thomas Pink, Tiffany’s and Tumi can now be found in the area.
It is beneficial to you to work with a broker when buying property, because most sellers have brokers, and these seller’s brokers have fiduciary duties to work on behalf of the sellers’ best interest and do not represent the buyer’s rights.
We have ALL listings currently available on the market in our database whether or not listed with a seller’s broker. As a market leading news resource since 1967, WCBS reaches millions of listeners each week and boasts one of the […]1010 WINS1010 WINS invented all news radio and is the longest-running all news station in the country. When the seller’s agent agrees to list a property for sale, a certain percentage is agreed upon as commission.
We will provide you with a list of reliable and insured repairmen after purchase of an apartment. If the building maintenance staff can not fix the problem, they can recommend another specialist.
If this plan is restored, many newer condo buildings in the area can be appreciated in value. All information is from sources deemed reliable, but is subject to errors, omissions, changes, or withdrawal without notice.

For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area.
Contact us for a list of U.S and international lenders who provide financing to buyers and who lend to borrowers with visas and ITINs. The top advantages to having a broker is that he or she can intercede on your behalf for a price reduction or request concession. Famous […]WFANAs the world’s first 24-hour all-sports radio station, WFAN remains the premier sports talk radio station in the business. Co-op Boards govern co-op buildings and every purchaser must pass their approval and any renovations usually need approval as well.
The main difference between getting the mortgage in the U.S and in your country is saving on the mortgage tax and various bank fees. If the buyer does not have an agent, then the seller’s agent keeps the entire pre-negotiated commission. Since Manhattan tenants are usually high income and good credit quality individuals, there is usually very little management. In order to make sure you are getting the property you want, and at the most reasonable price, a broker is indispensable.
This enables our team to have much more extensive and up-to-date database than the public will find on the Internet. Hence, it is in the best interest of the buyer to have agent representation to help identify the right property and negotiate the best price.
If you choose to hire a management company, there is a fee of anywhere from 3% to 10% of gross rent. Without one, a buyer can find him or herself losing a great deal of money, due to not knowing the ropes entirely. We will also provide you with a list of professional and reputable management companies after your apartment purchase.
And we immediately notify our clients with new listings and changes of prices in their criteria.
In addition, even though it is an ALL CASH purchase, full financial disclosure is required. The rates of mortgages are determined on basis of your credit history, how much you are financing and if it’s a primary home, or a second home. We have access to every available NY City property, find homes that suit your needs and wants, make appointments with seller’s brokers for viewing apartments, help with the presentation of applications and other documents, coordinate the entire team of professionals that one needs in order to conclude a sale.
The brokerage community strongly discourages the buyer on using multiple agents as this would create confusion.
When the seller’s brokers get listings from sellers, many of them market to all brokers asking them to bring buyers to help sell the apartment before their contract expires with the sellers. As we are a dedicated team and work hard for each of our clients on helping our clients identify the right property, we in turn expect client loyalty.
And by law, seller’s brokers must present all offers to the sellers, otherwise, they lose their real estate license.
The value of a condo, on a per-square-foot basis, is about 20 to 30 percent higher than that of a co-op. This is very important point since if for any reason you are not able to get financing you could lose your down payment.
Most transactions in Manhattan are done by two brokers: the seller’s broker and the buyer’s broker.
Contact us Finally, some banks have a new rule which requires the condo building to be 80% occupied by owners… if the building has 22% renters you could be out of luck.

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