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I would also add…avoid using expensive electronic devices, such as Ipads and iphones, on the subway. More in Safety, SubwaySafety in New York City – A Visitors Guide to Staying Safe in NYCMany people think that New York City is unsafe, dangerous. The motorman, Robert Ray, who was drunk and going more than 40 mph where the speed limit was 10 mph, is later convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Robert Ray was released from prison in April 2002, after serving two-thirds of his maximum sentence. While there is the occasional murder, it seems that most of the deaths that occur in the subway are due to sickness, accident, or suicide. A handful of the deaths uncovered by amNewYork's research were technically due to unknown causes, because the police were unable to determine whether they were accident or suicide. Following the deaths of two MTA employees, Daniel Boggs and Marvin Franklin, within days of each other in the Spring of 2007, the MTA released a report revealing that 238 NYC subway workers have been killed in work accidents since 1946.
The MTA has installed pay phones and talk-back boxes on poles of subway platforms so that riders have a way of calling for help if necessary themselves. Cell phones, which people have become increasingly dependent on for summoning help in the everyday world, rarely work in the underground trains and stations, making it difficult for riders to contact outside help when necessary.
The most terrifying incidents in the NYC subway have been completely unpredictable, and often at the hands of the mentally ill. A pair of truly alarming New York subway murders occurred in 1999, when two people were shoved in front of trains within months of each other.
The second incident happened on April 28, when Juilo Perez, a schizophrenic homeless man who had also slipped through the cracks of the mental health care system, shoved Edgar Rivera in front of a 6 train at the 51st Street station. The incident data makes It quite clear that the most dangerous place on the New York Subway system is the train platform. The most dangerous stations in the New York Subway system are, surprisingly, in many affluent areas of the city. While exploring New York City's terrifying past, we started to wonder how the city became safe again. The former mayor believes the "broken windows" approach changed New York City's streets for the better. The broken windows theory stems from two criminologists, George Kelling and James Wilson, who suggested that minor disorder, like vandalism, acted as a gateway to more serious crime. Several academic studies, however, haveA questioned, and even criticized, the effectivenessA of broken windows. When University of Chicago professors Bernard Harcourt and Jens Ludwig revisited broken windows, they reported criminologists knew very little about the theory's effectiveness. Aside from lack of evidence that cracking down on minor offenses reduced felonies, much of the new research found targeting minor crimes harms poor people as well as blacks and Hispanics. A later paper, again by Harcourt and Ludwig, found that broken windows, albeit indirectly, led to a disproportionate number of drug arrests for blacks, The New Republic reported. Zimring, however, feels the police did just that, regardless of Giuliani's questionable ideas on crime.
When former Mayor David Dinkins came into office, he proposed a $1.8 billion plan to "fight fear" in New York and hired 8,000 new officers, the LA Times reported at the time.
To be fair, Giuliani also hired 3,660 new officers once he came into office, On The Issues found. Other factors beyond the increased police presence could have caused crime to drop more drastically in New York than many other parts of AmericaA during the '90s. First of all, unemployment dropped hugely in New York City a€” 39%A  from 1992 to 1999, according to the National Bureau for Economic Research.

Regardless of other explanations on the table, Giuliani has stuck by broken windows program.
In light of recent subway fatalities, including four unrelated deaths experienced in a single weekend in January, the MTA has launched "Be Safe. The program features posters to provide a visual campaign to remind New Yorkers the perils of standing too close to the tracks. A recent report found 147 passengers were hit by subway trains in 2011 alone, up 15 percent from 2010.
The MTA has considered installing sliding glass doors at platform edges to help prevent such incidents, but MTA Chief Jay Lhota has hinted that the cash-strapped agency probably won't be able to afford the installation any time soon. The new colorful designs will be translated in five languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Russian. As a tourist, you can be safe provided you follow some common sense tips mentioned in that post. Alternatively, you can wait  in view of the MetroCard booth present at many stations – provided it is manned by someone.
Get articles about New York City attractions, reviews of Broadway shows & restaurants, and more right in your inbox! There was some truth to this image during a particularly unpleasant period from the '60s to '80s when even hardened locals avoided the underground.
The Metropolitan Transit Authority does not keep these statistics, and undoubtedly many cases go unreported, so the stats are extremely difficult to ascertain. Oftentimes when someone is killed by a train, it's hard to be sure whether they slipped and fell on the tracks or if they did it on purpose, unless there is an eyewitness or a suicide note.
The report showed that in the majority of cases the victim was hit by a train while working on the tracks, but many have also been electrocuted on the third rail and numerous others have died from falls.
The subway is an especially desirable target for terrorists because it is the lifeblood of the city, and it has large numbers of people concentrated in small spaces. There is also concern that deadly nerve agents could be effectively used in attacks, much like the sarin gas used by the Aum Doomsday Cult in a 1995 attack on the Tokyo subway, which resulted in 12 deaths and thousands of injuries. The first incident took place on January 3, when Andrew Goldstein pushed Kendra Webdale off the platform to her death in front of an oncoming N train at the 23rd and Broadway station. Although some incidents may start on the train itself, or even on the street, its the platform where the body of the incident will most likely transpire - 90% more likely in fact. During the 2007 republican primary debate in Orlando, he even said he "brought down crime more than anyone in this country a€” maybe in the history of this country" while serving as mayor, according to On The Issues. This theory suggests police can make cities safer by cracking down on minor crimes like vandalism, which the Big Apple definitely did in the 1990s. By focusing on smaller offenses, often referred to as "quality of life" crimes, Kelling and Wilson thought violent crime and other less desirable issues would decrease. Even further, their paper found no evidence, outside of Kelling's work, to support that cracking down on minor offenses decreases more serious crime.
From 1993 (the year that broken windows took hold) to 2000, misdemeanor arrests for smoking marijuana in public jumped from 10 per year to 644.
In theory, criminals could just commit crimes in corners of the city where cops didn't patrol. If a criminal wants to rob somebody on 125th and Lexington but sees a cop there, he'll probably just throw in the towel for the night, Zimring says. He also hired an effective new police commissioner, Lee Brown, who supported "community policing," the practice of having cops patrol neighborhoods and get to know people to help solve problems a€” instead of just answering 911 calls.
Again, NBER reported that felony arrest rates rose 50 to 70% in the 1990s, which might have taken more criminals off the streets.

Be Smart" to provide to straphangers with information on how to avoid becoming a statistic. The initiative to raise safety public awareness has already started appearing in subway cars this week. So please check which way you need to go, and wait for the train at the appropriate platform. Service on the Lexington Avenue IRT, was disrupted for six days as transit workers toiled around the clock to clean up the wreckage. But recently amNewYork reporter Chuck Bennett wrote that, in a review of news stories and police reports filed in 2006, he found that 23 people had died in the subway during the year. Even in cases where the person deliberately leapt onto the tracks, it may be ruled an accident if it appears that he was just (stupidly) goofing around or trying to retrieve a dropped item. A few workers also perished in train collisions, and some were even fatally shot during robberies. The pay phones are notoriously problematic -- in fact, a recent survey by the Straphangers Campaign showed that roughly one in four aren't functional. Blackberries have also been shown to work well in the New York Subway system, even a few feet below ground. It also allows easy access since there is no mechanism for keeping weapons and explosives out (there is no formal security check, and bag searches are very rare). A diagnosed schizophrenic, Goldstein had been left unsupervised and wasn't taking medication for his illness. Two, there is a third rail that carries the current that runs the train, and touching it can kill you. Although jumping in front of a train is often thought to be a popular method of committing suicide, a New York City Department of Health report determined that, in 1998, less than four percent of NYC suicides involved jumping in front of a moving object. Half of the total number of deaths occurred in the 1940s and '50s alone, indicating that safety has steadily improved through the decades (nine subway workers have been killed so far this decade). And many locals (not to mention tourists) aren't even aware of the call-boxes and how they work. So far there has yet to be a successful attack on the NYC subway like the deadly London Underground bombings on July 7, 2005 that claimed dozens of lives, but there has already been a foiled attempt: Shahawar Matin Siraj and James Elshafay were in the early stages of planning to bomb the Herald Square subway station when they were caught thanks to the work of a police informant. The combination of these two tragedies raised public awareness of the fact that many mentally ill people are going untreated and, without proper care and medication, can become violent. Analyzing criminal incident data from the last 10 years, the 23rd Street stations at Broadway and 6th Ave have had the single worst most shocking incidents - Penn Station has experienced the highest amount of incidents per subway traveler, giving it the most dubious accolade of most dangerous station in the New York Subway System - having said that, walking along any street in New York City may have a higher risk. Three, the train tracks are outright dirty, and you would be lucky not to spot a mouse there! One of those cases was a murder-suicide committed by Frantz Bordes, a man who drowned his girlfriend's children, and then went down to the Church Avenue station and jumped in front of a Q train.
He left seven different suicide notes, claiming that people were out to get him and that his girlfriend's family had been using voodoo on him. Webdale), which allows doctors to insist that people with potentially dangerous mental problems be given assisted outpatient treatment. Franklin was a reminder that the subway is a dangerous place to work, and as a result the MTA has been reassessing its safety standards.

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