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An FDNY unit is posted at East 118th Street and Park Avenue in East Harlem Tuesday night, May 17, 2016, to fight a four-alarm blaze that damaged overhead Metro-North Railroad tracks. The MTA said on Facebook that the fire --A which broke out nearA 118th Street and Park Avenue in East Harlem -- halted Metro-North service between the Bronx and Grand Central. The MTA urged customers to work from home if possible or to seek alternate means of transportation.
The blaze may have started when a generator caught fire at a garden supply company, igniting chemicals, Governor Andrew M.
Those are your ingredients for building one of the neatest, simplest websites we've come across in a long time.

Conductor, as its maker Alexander Chen dubs it, is a visualization built on New York's publicly available subway schedule API.
Trains will operate at a reduced speed of 30 mph on the two tracks that have been deemed safe, according to the MTA. If the price goes up just before your stop (or down just after), hop off early or a little late and stroll the rest of the way home.
It shows the progress of the Big Apple's underground carriers throughout the day and garnishes the experience with a delightful musical trick every time two lines cross. You get sightseeing and exercise, and you accomplished your goal of checking out that museum, concert or hot new restaurant!

You can see it on video after the break or just hit the source link and experience it for yourself.

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