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First, I‘d say, the whole station is already an underground art gallery with all its elegant architecture, old style tiles from last century, reminding the past. For all the new yorkers who would like to visit this underground museum, all you have to do is simply stay on the 6 train instead of getting off at Brooklyn Bridge, the last stop. Follow usFollow CAT IN WATER and prepare for everyday adventures in art, design and nature. You can buy our images either by contacting us, or for a larger variety of sizes and printing possibilities. The best way to experience the sights, sounds, smells, feelings and flavors of New York is to walk around. Broome review Finnish magazine, English review at the end of the article, after photographs. In the Park Slope, Brooklyn location, the service was unfathomably slow, two times out of 3 (in a half filled room). Angelica Kitchen is one of New Yrk's oldest vegetarian restaurants and still a favorite of many a NYC vegetarian. AA  fish restaurant,A  a vegetable restaurant and a meat restaurant; a pizza and pasta place, plus a panino bar. Consensus, every time: Some of the best dinners in our lives and one of the best dining experiences in our lives. Terrific, professional, yet friendly & humorous service, including the knowledgeable and super nice sommelier that has recommended winse that blew our socks off. A selection of delicious dishes at Gramercy Tavern, Tavern lunch menu: From left, Fish croquette, Baby beet & orange salad, Seafood saffron-fennel chowder, Sea bass, Pear-fig tart.
Bringing inspiration and creativity to the masses, public art installations can be found from quiet rural villages to large cities that never sleep. In cosmopolitan cities around the world, the subway systems that run underground offer some of the most interesting art and architecture, available only to those opting for ticket on public transportation. An extensive network that shuttles commuters around the busy city, New York’s subway system is an iconic one. Located in one of the world’s most design conscious cities, it’s no surprise that the Stockholm is a shining example of how taking public transportation can be a beautiful and uplifting experience. Younger than other subway systems (it began running in 1972), Munich’s U-Bahn still has a distinct sense of flair and style. Warm colors and a relaxed attitude that are synonymous with the southern part of the European continent are truly reflected in Lisbon’s Metro. Boasting South America’s most extensive and modern metro system – it carries over 2 million people every day – it’s no surprise that Santiago’s subway stations have a compelling look to them.

These are only a small collection of the many beautiful subways and subway stations around the world. House in a MazeWe were very intrigued by pictures of this tiny house in the middle of a maze.
In the midst of all the madness that is the New York subway system, sits an untouched station. The Underbelly Project is a group of street artists who have been painting the walls of the station over the years. Not allowed to public and only known by a few  – a subway station built a hundred years ago, forgotten and hidden deep under the NYC. As you can see from photos, the underground cathedral is full of incredible tall brass-tilled arches, nice old-fashioned lights and skylights build all over the station. The train actually makes a turnaround through City Hall station as it starts its return trip uptown. Every day we provide our readers with the most thought-provoking artworks and stunning natural phenomena.
William Street, Pine Street and Cedar Street in the Financial District, Southern Manhattan.
Since the American Revolution, savvy New York restaurateurs have recognized this, and have organized their service around the times people are usually hungry. We wish more vegetarian & vegan chefs would realize you do not need heavy dressings for the food to taste good. Our waiter really seemed to know his stuff and brought an extra level of joy into this experience.
The service is truly professional without taking itself too seariously.
But sometimes, some of the most interesting works of art and design in public spaces are hidden, and in some cases, underground. An online subway art guide makes it easy to track down specific works as well as look up which artist helped bring a creative eye to your favorite subway station. Over 90 of the city’s 100 stations feature work by almost 140 different artists, and is often referred to as the “world’s longest art exhibit.” If you don’t have plans to visit the Nordic capital anytime soon, there’s an excellent photography project to document all of Stockholm’s subway stations, which you can check out here. At many of the subway stops, the visual experience begins upon entry, marked with the classic Art Nouveau inspired entryways.  Throughout the system there are several notable stops, particularly the stop for the Louvre which makes the traveler feel the subway stop is almost part of the famed museum itself. The architecture in many of the stations is progressive and certainly pushes the envelope, bringing in bright colors and strong, modern lines. Traveling in Portugal’s capital is a feast for the eyes, where all of the city’s metro stops incorporate works of contemporary art.

In particular, Estacion Simon Bolivar is worth a look, with its LED lit railings and long escalators that look nearly never-ending.
Not only do the trains go incredibly fast – this video clocks it at 474 miles per hour – but as with most structure in Dubai, the subway’s architecture is extravagant and edgy. I was just there and don’t even want to know what that stuff was dripping from the ceiling. Turns out the labyrinth was created from corn in Cordes-sur-Ciel, France, by Labyrinthus, in 1999. Founded in 2011, CAT IN WATER became probably the most adventurous magazine on the internet as well as a real escape from daily routine and stereotypical attitudes. Tour buses have their place, but all you really need to do is hop on a city bus to experience the views, or go down into the subway for a direct bee line to your destination. At the Abesses station in the heart of the Monmartre district, visitors are greeted with colorful murals that cover the walls all the way down a spiral staircase that leads to the underground station.
The station at Sankt-Quirin-Platz has a particular draw to it thanks to its combination of natural and urban elements. Stations feature a variety of Portugese artists, paying homage to the finest in the country’s creativity and providing a playful space that’s fun to travel in. The stop for Universidad de Chile features a giant mural that represents the history of the country; other stations offer everything from modern art to landscapes to multimedia installations, providing something to please every eye.
Travel along these rails and you’ll almost feel like you’ve arrived somewhere far in the future.
The video has been sped up so that the journey seemingly goes at 474 mph, in reality it couldn’t be more than 100 mph at the most. The curved station, like many other underground places, has some unattractive and not known rooms, not a single person would visit. On the other hand, we can say the projects were partially accomplished in the past few years. These street artists beloved spots are all covered by lots of amazing and sometimes creepy creations.

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