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NYC Subway Train Arriving To Platform And People Exiting & Entering Train To Blackout Screen. NYC subway train arriving to platform and people exiting & entering train to blackout screen. Four major airports, three subway lines, five commuter rail lines, six bus systems, four major rail centers, three underwater tunnels, and a dozen major bridges all add to the challenges of travel in New York. With an annual ridership last measured at 1.6 billion, the New York City subway is one of the most widely-used public transportation systems in the world, and with good reason!
When you know where you're going and when you need to be there, private cars are often the most comfortable way to reach your destination. NYC taxis are a great way to make a quick trip from one part of the city to another, or to cover longer distances when you don't feel comfortable navigating the subway.

Plus 15,000 taxis and a flock of private cars make New York the bustling metropolis you've imagined it to be. Your New York Guest trip planner can advise you on the best way to reach all of your destinations throughout your visit! The subway can be intimidating, but rest assured it is a very safe way to travel, and stations, directions and transfers are clearly marked.
The all around town loop has stops in every major neighborhood and will even take you to Brooklyn. Often walking is a speedy and fun way to get from point A and point B, and New York was built to make almost any trip walkable. Every week we go out exploring, experiencing Broadway shows, sightseeing, new restaurants and more in our fair city and we'll share all of that insider information with you on our blog.

One ride costs $2.25 and you pay your fare using a Metrocard, which can be purchases in any subway station in the city using cash, credit or debit card.
Tune in weekly for new Broadway show reviews, restaurant reviews, New York stories, and photos from our monthly photography contest.
Plan your route before you go and the subway can easily be the fastest and simplest way to get where you're going.

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