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Even by these rarified standards, the New York, Westchester & Boston Railway occupies its own special niche among lines possessing ambitions outshining either their route miles or cash reserves. New Haven caboose C-136 was assigned to Westchester freight service, seen here resting between runs.
By most standards, the NYW&B was more of a heavy-duty rapid transit operation than a conventional railroad.
The masons are putting the final touches on East Sixth Street station in Mount Vernon, New York, while the track department still has some work ahead of them. The NYW&B carried 14 million passengers a year by 1928, but thanks to its low fare--about a penny a mile for monthly commuters--it never earned its investors a dime. The NYW&B was doomed long before that time, despite its best efforts to attract more riders. The railroad built to last a millennium rolled into history on the last day of December 1937. A steam-powered scrapping train seen near Kingsbridge station, near the Bronx border in the 1940s. As many of you know, I am passionate about supportingA  businesses owned by women from our local Twin City Community. Alicia's Services range from interior and exterior painting, to wallpaper removal, and decorative painting. Another wonderful addition to my business includes my new Office Manager, Lori.A  She started last November and will mainly help me with the day-to-day details, but occasionally will be on-site as well.A  I know you'll love her as much as I do! All of the products that we bring into our homes affect our health, including cleaning and laundry products.A Make a new year's change you can be proud of and that contributes to the health of your home!
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I am such a sucker for the magic that can be created simply by placing tape on walls and then painting ever so carefully over it.A  What a creative idea to encapsulate this long master bedroom. The only thing that gets the average railfan more excited than live steam is a dead railroad. Designed and built as the finest state-of-the-art high-speed electric railroad that industry minds of the early twentieth century could conceive of, the NYB&W funneled New York City-bound commuters from the northern Westchester suburbs for barely 25 years before it was abandoned shortly before World War Two. The parent company never explained the yawning discrepancy (and back5 in those closing days of robber barons like Mellon and Morgan, nor did it have to) but the suspicion would always dog the NYW&B that it was as much a masterpiece of financial manipulation as civil engineering. In an effort to generate more traffic, a nine-mile branch to Port Chester was opened in 1929, just in time for the Great Depression’s onset--which proved to be the final straw for the beleaguered carrier. Much of the rolling stock ended up back on the New Haven, which demotored and modified the distinctive Stillwells and used them in Old Colony commuter service out of Boston. He grew up in northern New Jersey between the Erie Railroad and the New York Central’s West Shore, and currently makes his home near milepost 19 on the Metro-North's Hudson Line. The old one was just getting too crowded.A  Now I have much more space for keeping your projects and my ideas flowing!
It's not about time consuming, labor intensive routines or projects, it's about taking our time back, enhancing our lives and leaving a legacy.

I’m not thinking about fallen flags that have merely merged of corporate existence, with their rails intact and still carrying traffic--I mean dead, defunct, extinct. Backed by New Haven railroad interests, the railroad was conceived as a way to transfer commuter traffic from the parent company’s clogged Harlem River branch to a new dedicated route and in some places the two railroads paralleled each other only a few yards apart.
The railroad’s southern terminus in the South Bronx required passengers to transfer to the nearby subway or elevated for the final leg of their trip into Manhattan.
By 1935 the railroad was loosing northwards of $3 million a year when its parent New Haven filed for bankruptcy and announced that it would no longer make up the losses of its stepchild NYW&B, forcing it too into bankruptcy court and sealing its fate. While a variety of local community groups and state officials tried to save the Westchester, the courts ordered the railroad’s assets liquidated and proceeds used to pay its bondholders. The only part of the Westchester to survive was the stretch between 180th Street and Dyre Avenue in the Bronx, which was eventually incorporated into the IRT subway line and remains in operation to this day.
Aside from visually documenting the life and death of the NYW&B, the books also provides photos of most of the lines stations and well as track diagrams of the major interlockings, an advantage that comes with focusing on such a compact operation. There are also shots of the railroad at work, both of its MU cars and its freight operations.
Passengers rode in motorized Stillwell-designed all-steel cars similar to the commuter coaches used by the Erie just across the Hudson River, but with the additions of owl-eyed portholes on the end for the motormen, and center doors for quicker passenger egress. All together, the book is presented in an attractive hardcover format with crisp photo and illustration reproduction. This volume is not only of interest for Westchester or New Haven fans, but any traction buff or historian.

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