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The massive drill skimmed the top and side of an occupied F train in Queens late Thursday morning. A contractor operating a drill as part of the MTAa€™s East Side Access project mistakenly penetrated a Queens subway tunnel on Thursday, and the massive bit scraped the top and side of an occupied F train, transit officials said.
As a regular straphanger on the F line put it: a€?I would have died of a panic if I was on that train,a€? said Angela Bradley, 35, who rides the F to visit her husband at Rikera€™s Island twice a week.
A contractor working on the Metropolitan Transportation Authoritya€™s East Side Access project, which will connect the Long Island Rail Road to Grand Central Terminal, was operating the drill above ground, roughly at the intersection of 23rd St.
The contractor, Griffin Dewatering New England, Inc., was using the drill to expand a well, said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz. The steel bit, measuring 10 inches in diameter, bored through the tunnela€™s roof and skimmed the passing train, triggering the emerency brakes to deploy, officials said. A drill that was being used to expand a wall in the MTA's East Side Access Project almost drilled into an F Train. The MTA sent a crew of investigators to the scene, and a cap and inflatable device were used to plug the hole to prevent water from seeping into it, transit sources said.
Transportation safety expert Carl Berkowitz, who was not involved in the project or investigation, was flabbergasted by the mistake.

A message left at the New Jersey office of Griffin Dewatering New England, Inc., was not returned. The East Side Access project, projected to conclude in 2022 at a cost of $10.1 billion, has been cited for several work-safety violations since work started in 2004. After a recent interior mural installation at the Combe Headquarters in NY, we took on the task of painting a large scale exterior mural on their building. We recently teamed up with an interior designer to create a custom residential street art installation.
We are proud to announce that we are working with some talented Minneapolis, MN based graffiti and street artists available for commission work. We collaborated with Combe last year on designing a custom interior mural for their headquarters located in White Plains, NY. GraffitiUSA was honored to participate in an awesome project in LA recently in collaboration with the Britdoc Foundation.
Known as one of the premier gyms, we were honored to work with Barry’s Bootcamp in designing a mural for their new NYC location.
A second train was brought in, and passengers on the halted F train passed through it and into the 21st St. The design process for this project started last year and we were excited to see it finally come to life this last month.

Upon first glance, it looks like a standard logo mural but it was actually an anamorphic design that appeared across multiple dimensions. Occupational Safety & Health Administration found numerous violations at the site during an inspection. Our nationwide network of street artists help rate us amongst the top graffiti and street art agencies in the US. We have included an image below that shows a different angle of the piece to give you a better visual concept of how this was painted. Anamorphic designs are meant to be viewed from a specific vantage point to create the illusion of flat art across multiple dimensions.
In the case of this gym, it will be a cool visual surprise for those leaving after their work out! It was a a€?very strangea€? mistake, given that contractors are provided detailed blueprints for guidance, he said.

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