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Although this may have always been the likely end to the subway tunnel saga, filling it in has long been a topic of debate. So how will this project affect the canal restoration proposal or any possible future development of the tunnel?
The abandoned Erie Canal turned ghost subway tunnel has long been considered a ticking time-bomb.
It’s sad to think of any part of the tunnel being filled, but encouraging that it can be unearthed if needed.
I think a Main Street trolley line is something even the bus company could get on board with.

It’s widely known that the city has wanted to fill at least the west end of the tunnel for many years, citing critical safety deficiencies in the structure beneath the street surface. Paul Holahan, Commissioner of the Deptartment of Environmental Services assured us that the portion between the Aqueduct and Main Street will remain.
For now, that may be little consolation to Rochester rail fans because one thing is certain—the fill that once was chilled is about to thaw.
RTS should seriously consider this idea… A light rail line could be used to connect all the bus routes that intersect with Main Street. Most recently in 2006 a group calling themselves Advocates for the Development of Rochester’s Canal announced a plan that would strip the Broad Street surface away and convert the tunnel back into a boat canal (see image above).

Tom Grasso (ADROC ) certainly would like to see the route as a canal but that too could happen in the way distant future as well.
This way the crowd at Main and Clinton would be dispersed and the trolley would even entice more local riders up and down Main Street.
An interesting idea, but one that has had it’s share of question marks surrounding it—not the least of which would be long term maintenance costs.

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