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The #4 is probably faster because it makes fewer stops from midtown to The Bronx, but from Penn Station, the D option is more direct. Take the #2 or 3 to Times Square, transfer for shuttle to Grand Central and take the Woodlawn bound #4.
Well, that problem now seems to have a solution – one of the staircases and the single escalator are both behind a construction wall, with signage indicating that two new escalators are being constructed.
I recently found a long lost movie, deep on my hard drive, that I made back in December 2003.
Yesterday at noon I rode the first (1) train into the new South Ferry subway terminal, and then ran across the platform to ride the first (1) train out of the new South Ferry subway terminal (I guess you can say I couldn’t wait to get out of there). Amtrak’s Quik-Trak Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks at New York Penn Station are all out of service.
Now that the South Ferry subway station is back in the news due to the imminent opening of the new 2-track subway terminal, I’d like to clear up a few misconceptions. South Ferry misconception #1: A new subway station was needed because the loop station can only platform 5 cars of the train.
Reality: The platform can actually hold 7 cars, but due to several reason (both good and bad), only 5 cars can be opened. South Ferry misconception #3: Being able to use all 10-cars on the way to the ferry is so awesome! Reality: Subway riders position themselves on the train so that they are closest to their exit.
The MTA Capital Construction website has finally announced the opening of the new South Ferry Subway Terminal Station. I was at the New Meadowlands Stadium today, so I drove by the Meadowlands Rail Station to check on its progress. Penn Station, or Pennsylvania Station, as it is more officially known, is one of New York City’s two main rail stations – the other being Grand Central Station. The original Penn Station NYC opened in 1910 and was renowned for its grand Beaux-Arts style.
Being that Penn Station is such a major transportation hub, it only makes sense that a number of New York City hotels have sprung up in the immediate area. What to Know When Using the NY SubwayThe New York subway is actually quite simple once you get the hang of itWhile using the NY subway may seem confusing to first-time NYC tourists, it's actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. NYC Subway DestinationsThe NYC subway is the cheapest and easiest way to explore New York City.The NYC subway map extends to most areas of New York City, with the exception of Staten Island, which is serviced by the Staten Island Railway. Take an uptown A or C train to 59th St, then transfer to a Bronx-bound D train and get off at Yankee Stadium.

And while that includes the number 7 subway to Citi Field, the B, D, and 4 subway lines to the new Yankee Stadium, and a few bus lines no one has ever heard of, does it also include historic nostalgia subway trains from the New York Transit Museum collection?
The escalator usually runs up in the AM rush (until 10 AM) and runs down at all other times. So it seems that at completion, there will be full time up and down escalators at this entrance, and one staircase.
Customers are being told that their email confirmation printouts will be accepted onboard the trains as tickets for today only. So if instead of building a whole new station you just wanted to extended the length of the existing station, you’d only need to build 3 car lengths of platform, not 5 car lengths. The closest exit from the new subway terminal to the ferry terminal will be at the front of the train. I’m not sure how to tell if it will be ready to open by this summer, so here are some photos for you to judge for yourself.
Both are found in Manhattan; Penn Station on the West Side (31st to 33rd Streets between Seventh and Eighth Avenues) and Grand Central on the East Side (42nd Street and Park Avenue). One of New York City’s most impressive architectural offerings for decades on end, it was demolished in the 1960s and replaced with the current facility. The main concourse features numerous information booths, for example, and there are plenty of convenient eateries.
Among the very closest NYC hotels to Penn Station are the landmark New Yorker Hotel, the 1,700-unit Hotel Pennsylvania, and the budget-priced Chelsea Star Hotel. Each NY subway station features an easy-to-use NYC subway map, explaining all of the NY subway routes and schedules. Manhattan has the most subway stations, including two of the most famous subway stations - Grand Central Station and Penn Station.The NYC Subway System is particularly useful for NY tourists in town for a baseball game at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field - each of which have their own station. If Amtrak can keep these new escalators in running condition, then this should be a welcome improvement to this entrance.
In fact, there was a second entrance built – it was used while the new ferry terminal was being built and the original entrance had to be temporarily closed. New York City newcomers should know that these two stations actually handle more than just regular train traffic. The destruction of the original Penn Station upset many New Yorkers and is believed to be a major reason for the creation of the city’s first architectural preservation statutes. As is true at busy airports, the restaurants at Penn Station include several well known chain brand operations that don’t waste of lot of time getting food to the customer.
As for other Penn Station area lodging ideas, the fan of comfortable and stylish boutique hotels won’t want to overlook the Affinia Manhattan, and the Wingate by Wyndham Manhattan Midtown provides plenty in the way of style and comfort itself. Easily the cheapest and most convenient form of transportation in NYC, the New York subway system is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Also, NY subway stations are easy to find, especially in Midtown Manhattan, where there is a subway station seemingly every couple of blocks. Other NYC tourist attractions connected to the subway NY include Times Square (42nd St-Times Square), Rockefeller Center (47-50 Sts Rockefeller), and the American Museum of Natural History (81st St-Museum of Natural History), just to name a few.Quite simply, the NYC subway is the cheapest and easiest way to explore New York City.
If you have a reservation, but don’t have your email confirmation printout, I believe you need to wait in a huge line at the Amtrak ticket windows.
Several subway lines serve them, and they are also major hubs of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus system. Either way, the current Penn Station NYC is part of the Pennsylvania Plaza complex, which was completed in 1968 and also features the fourth installment of Madison Square Garden. Several highly familiar chain brand lodging establishments can also be found in the immediate area for those who are most comfortable going that route. The NY subway gives NYC tourists the chance to see all of the most popular tourist attractions in New York, as well as the experience of riding one of the world's most impressive public transportation systems. Also worth noting is the fact that the current Penn Station is the busiest passenger transportation facility in the United States and North America’s busiest train station. Being that this is New York, you can certainly expect to get a tasty slice of pizza at Penn Station or a good bagel.
There are also places to get hot dogs, some soup, a sandwich, doughnuts, a quick burger and fries, and even some sushi if that suits your fancy. It should be noted that all of the hotels near Penn Station are also close to a variety of other great NYC attractions, including Central Park and the Times Square Theater District with its many New York City shows. Basically, you can satisfy a wide range of food and beverage cravings at Penn Station, and the well established bars and restaurants that are found close by only add more dining options.
The second option is a Pay-Per-Ride Card, which allows NYC subway commuters to put anywhere from $4.50- $100 on one card. Finally, an Unlimited Ride Card, which is good for one month and is only recommended for travelers making an extended stay in NYC.
Also, never enter an empty subway car, as you never know who might enter the car after you.
Keep your purse close to you at all times, and put your wallet in your front pocket to avoid the risk of pickpocketting. Finally, don't stand too close to the subway tracks - in fact, it is recommended that commuters remain in the designated waiting areas at all NYC subway stations.Click here for more New York City safety tips!

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