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A Selection of Still Images from this New York City Google Business Photo Session with Black Paw Photo!
The New York Transit Museum, one of the city's leading cultural institutions is the largest museum in the United States devoted to urban public transportation history, and one of the premier institutions of its kind in the world. Don’t let your wine go to waste, cork that bottle and preserve for later all the while prominently displaying your love for NYC. Massimo Vignelli's subway diagram is a hallmark of modernist elegance, distilling New York's huge, complicated transit system into a sequence of straight lines, rainbow colors and black dots. Forgotten New York was the first-ever recipient of Outstanding New York City Website by the Guides Association of New York City in March 2015! The Christmas (I refuse to say “Holiday” with nonetheless all due respect for Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, atheist etc. The Holiday run features a trainset consisting of R1 cars, first used on the original IND line, the 8th Avenue, in 1932, and R9 cars from 1940. The R1s and R9s are generally in the same ‘batch’ of production, and all have the same proportions and seat arrangements. It’s questionable how effective no-spitting signs in the subways have ever been, and anti-littering signs are completely inefective, but smoking has always been prohibited and the ban enforced.
Beginning in 1940 and the Unified System, all three subway lines carried notices called The Subway Sun, alerting riders to events, local highlights, and gentle admonitions for bad behavior. I recently obtained a copy of Mark Ovenden’s comprehensive Paris Underground: the Maps, Stations and Design of the Metro, about as comprehensive a study of the iconography of a subway system I’ve ever seen. The Zone Improvement Plan, or ZIP Codes, consisting, of course, of a five-digit numeral specifying a locale, has been in use by the US Post Office since 1963, replacing earlier postal zones (see below). The ‘nickel fare’ debate was the Medicare or Obamacare debate writ small — from the very beginning in 1904, subway fares had been stuck at a nickel, through depressions and wars. Signs in newer cars are video displays controlled by computerization, but for the system’s first century or so, printed roll signs were the rule. 2nd Avenue has been waiting for a subway to replace a demolished el for approximately 70 years. This sort of pitch may have worked in mid-century — substitute slower travel for a seat — but when the MTA introduced the V train in the 1990s, which hit all the local stops on the Queens Boulevard and 6th Avenue lines as far south as 2nd Avenue — it flopped and the MTA killed it in the 2010 budget cuts and fare hikes.
WNYC radio studios were located in the Municipal Building near City Hall till 2009 (see comments).
The object in the upper right is  a subway token, some iterations of which had a “Y” cut out of the middle. It was Goldman’s contention that the New York symphony and orchestra musicians in the summer bands of the time rarely rehearsed and didn’t take these performances very seriously.
For ninety-three years the Goldman Band performed free public concerts at a variety of venues in New York city, including on the Green at Columbia, Central Park and Prospect Park. Subway car manufacturers, no matter whether the USA, France, Japan, wherever, have always underestimated the size of the NYC rear end.
Well, you could never smoke on the trains, and now you can’t do it at the ballpark, either.
As we’ve seen on this One Shot, Oppy often included the figure of Father Knickerbocker, the personal representative of NY (like Uncle Sam).

Just once I’d like to do a tour with the NYC Transit Museum, so I can wear one of those orange reflective vests. The Miss Subways contest, sponsored by the New York Subways Advertising agency, was designed to draw more attention to ads in subway cars.
Two corrections, the R179 for the IND and BMT will be the next order following the R188 order just beginning to arrive for the IRT. The electric motors screamed out a sound like “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” and when the throttle was taken off a sound went off with a snap.
Cars #100, #484 & #1575 go back to the Transit Museum where they will be placed on their usual static display.
The one thing I miss about those old trains were the sound they made whenever they started rolling. I’ve been on these trains on the special trips organized by the Transit Museum, which usually run about $25 even for members.
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The Museum explores the development of the greater New York Metropolitan region through the presentations of exhibitions, tours, educational programs, and workshops dealing with the cultural, social, and technological history of public transportation.
New York City's offical subway map from 1972 to 1979, the diagram remains iconic in the design world.
The “R” nomenclature, now used for all NYC subway cars, was first developed for the IND, with the “R” standing for Revenue. The newest subway cars dispense with cross seating altogether, but for me, the coveted seat was always facing a window, even on underground trips, so I could see the stations, the signage, and who was about to get on. There are still R32 cars from 1964 running on some lines, and many lines consist entirely of R44 and R46 cars (the ones with orange and yellow seats, the first to chime when the doors opened and shut) that first ran in 1972.
Most Subway Suns were drawn and lettered in a playful style by Amelia Opdycke “Oppy” Jones.
This one outlines the route formerly taken by the BMT J train from a Queens terminal at 168th Street to Chambers Street at City Hall in Manhattan.
After the eastern part of the el closed and was demolished, stations on the el east of the 121st Street station were diverted into a tunnel and two new stations, Sutphin Boulevard (for a LIRR connection) and Parsons-Archer, a double-decked station where the E (8th Avenue IND line) also terminated. When I appeared on the Brian Lehrer Show on October 23, 2006, the ForgottenBook had its greatest daily sales, briefly vaulting into the Amazon Top 500, which is kind of like making the Billboard Hot 100.
Famous instrumental and vocal performers appeared with the band along with guest conductors such as Percy Grainger and Vivian Dunn. The Brooklyn Dodger in the picture is pitcher Whitlow “Whit” Wyatt, who won 106 games for five major league clubs. The cars would sway side to side and you’d used to wonder how they never hit the tunnel wall. The newer subway cars don’t make that loud sound because the older cars drew more current.
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Since its inception over a quarter century ago, the Museum, housed in a historic 1936 IND subway station in Brooklyn Heights, has grown in scope and popularity.

The satin silver finish pewter is lead free and mimics sterling silver; it is designed to only look better with the patina of age and wear.
In 2011, it was repurposed for the digital age, serving as the basis for the MTA Weekender app and website. Also accompanying the fanfare is the annual running of the classic subway cars on one weekend day throughout December. Though in many areas, such as Elmhurst and Forest Hills, the IND plumbed new neighborhoods, in other cases it was built to compete with existing lines. In 1946, with the Great Unification of 1940 and World War II in the past, the subways had more riders than ever before, but in just a few years, service and equipment was deteriorating and ridership was down. In true MTA fashion, it took approximatly ten years before the el was shuttered and new subway stations opened to replace it. To discourage theft, the bulbs’ grooves were reversed so that they would be no good on home lighting.
This was a regional system consisting of one or two digits (for example, in Bay Ridge, you wrote to Brooklyn 9, New York), and in 1963 it was made into a country-wide system by adding three digits at the front, and zero if the postal zone  number was one digit, creating the zip code. Many Miss Subways were working class, and there were African-American, Asian, and Latina winners. I used to work with a former Miss Subway, a woman called Robin Zicholtz, at Photo-Lettering in the 1980s. Once they were at full speed in the tunnels, the clickity clack sound made by the train wheels against the tracks (there was no continously welded track in those days) were always accompanied by a soprano whine.
As custodian and interpreter of the region's extensive public transportation networks, the Museum strives to share, through its public programs, this rich and vibrant history with local, regional, and international audiences.
This wine stopper features Massimo Vignelli's iconic 2012 New York City subway diagram map. The Metropolitan Transit Authority keeps a stable of subway or elevated cars going back to as early as 1912 in its rolling stock archives, which for the most part are stockpiled at various layup yards such as the large facility in Coney Island, or at the Transit Museum, a national treasure located at Schermerhorn Street and Boerum Place in a previously abandoned shuttle station.
That’s why the western Bronx features two lines, the Jerome Avenue El and the Grand Concourse IND line, that parallel each other and in some spots are just a block away from each other. The IND also served to ring the death knell for elevated lines in Manhattan south of Central Park.
After the fare was raised again to 15? in a few years, the token system was introduced, as it was considered too expensive to produce turnstiles with both dime and nickel slots.
With professional musicians and endowment funds from the Guggenheim’s, the band was able to perform in New York and also tour the U.S. Indeed, by the time the 6th Avenue line opened in 1940, the old 6th Avenue Elevated train had already been shut down and demolished.

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