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In defense of surface rail, dedicated row with no vehicular traffic on 34 including synchronizing lights could and would in my opinion be a huge success. Anyways, this would make a good discussion in the transportation section or maybe the city discussion. San Diego wants to underground the existing surface rail downtown, so I couldn't imagine installing new surface rail in midtown. Moinian, Related, and Brookfield are building so much on their combined 35 acres on the Far West Side, it's hard to wrap your head around it. We got a sneak peek at the under-construction Hudson Park & Boulevard (conceptualized as the new Park Avenue, only wider) with Avison Young's Anthony LoPresti, and Moinian's Oskar Brecher (who will be a panelist at our event) and Aron Kirsch, and The LiRo Group's Felix Rubenstein and Dan Bradley. Paving for the winding sidewalk has begun, and the Dickensian light posts that line it already are up. This may look like the beginnings of a streetlight, but it's actually an art installation designed by James Carpenter Design Associates. We snapped Oskar and Anthony in front of the 3 Hudson Blvd site, which will become one of two office buildings that will sit directly adjacent to a park (not separated by a road). The southern 7 train entrance, just south of 34th, gives a closer glimpse at what the finished product will look like. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. An inclined elevator, such as the one used in the Eiffel Tower (pictured), is being built by the MTA at the end of the No.
Costing less to construct than a vertical elevator because it entails less excavation, the sloped lift is akin to the elevator that moves diagonally inside the pyramid-shaped a€?Luxora€? hotel in Las Vegas. At the a€?Luxor,a€? guests reach their rooms by riding in a€?inclinatorsa€? that travel up and down the inner surface of the pyramid at a 39-degree angle.
It entailed expanding a shaft needed for an escalator to the mezzanine, not a separate shaft or underground walkways, Horodniceanu said. Manhattan is the only borough of New York City where major subway expansion is actually taking place.
While over on the west side let’s look across the Hudson River and realize that there are many commuters who pour into New York from New Jersey every day through the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels and over the George Washington Bridge, the most heavily trafficked bridge in the world. The proposal to extend the 7 Line south along the west side would have brought the 7 Line west from Times Sq down to the Hudson Yards where it would have connected to the High Line at the point where the High Line tracks enter the ground along 34th St at 11th Ave. The first option would be to turn the line back east at 23rd St and create a new crosstown subway. The second option for extending the 7 Line past 25th St would be to send it west under the Hudson River into Hoboken, New Jersey. The subway extension would leave Manhattan at 23rd St and head straight across the river to Hoboken at 12th St. Alternatively the 7 Line could jump the Hudson River at 55th St and head into Union City, New Jersey. On the Queens side of the East River the new 10th Ave-Crosstown subway would need a place to enter Long Island City, a growing mixed use neighborhood. Depending on the alignment, a new 2 track tunnel under the East River would enter Long Island City and head towards Queens Plaza. One of the more peculiar proposed subway lines from the original IND Second System was for a super-express subway under the west side of Central Park to Morningside Heights that would terminate at 145th St.

My theory, and I have nothing to base this on, was that a Morningside Ave super-express subway was planned to compliment a pair of super-express tracks which were planned for the 2nd Ave Subway. Today the shortcomings of the early subway designs are as evident as ever (for instance there is no express station at 125th St at Broadway). Let’s add the original proposal into the mix, a branch off the BMT Broadway Line along Central Park. The George Washington Bridge (GWB) is notable for many reasons, but one that is almost never mentioned is that it was the first major bridge built in New York City which was not built with a mass transit connection.
There are two ways that mass transit could operate on the GWB, both of which would require the removal of a travel lane in each direction.
A bus-only lane along the top deck would better serve the bus terminal on the Manhattan side. The unfortunate fact about all the subway expansion going on in New York City right now is that when it is all finished the Far West Side, Clinton, and Hells Kitchen neighborhoods won’t be that much better off.
Subway diagram showing 10th Ave Subway, 7 Line to Hoboken, Bushwick Trunk Line, and Second Ave Subway systems.
At about the same time, the Penn Central Railroad constructed a tunnel across the Hudson River, the width of Manhattan at 34th St., then across the East River to its yards in Sunnyside. Just want to pass along a little thanks for post this little blog on the future of city subway expansion. Taken from a Southern California Rapid Transit District (SCRTD) Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), this map shows the then-preferred alignment for what would eventually become the LA Metro Red Line. In the end, the initial 1993 segment of the Red Line was only 4.4 miles long and had just five stations (one of which already existed as part of the Blue Line). In celebration of #janejacobs 100th b-day here is a reminder of what she helped save our city from. Maybe in parts of Queens or Brooklyn that do not have adequate subway coverage but not Manhattan. That's why Bisnow is hosting a Future of Manhattan's Far West Side event on June 25 at Espace on West 42nd Street.
We snapped the guys at 36th Street and Hudson Boulevard West, which already is paved and will run south from 38th into Moinian's 3 Hudson Blvd at 35th Street.
A playground will eventually replace the dirt mover (though it no doubt would be popular with the kids if it stayed).
The installation will be 50 feet tall and will have 20 light sources, so both the pole and the surrounding ground will be canvases for the light show. To the left of these stairs, four escalators will take passengers 40 feet down to the turnstiles, and then another set of escalators will go another 80 feet to the platform, which will stretch two blocks to the station's southern entrance at the foot of Moinian's 3 Hudson Blvd.
To create rolling hillsides, geofoam is cheaper than real dirt (leave it to the real estate industry to find something that actually is cheaper than dirt). The office buildings on Park Avenue are on average 50 years older than the new ones rising on the Far West Side, Anthony tells us, and Oskar says that translates to 20% to 30% savings in operations, from energy-efficient elevators to column-free space to safety.
Picone Contracting, which long has worked on government projects, is building the subway and may also build the foundation for build 3 Hudson Boulevard foundation, which would be its first major private-sector project. According to the latest MTA Board committee meeting materials, the 7 line may not open until early 2015, but the MTA is working hard to begin revenue service prior to the end of 2014. They are the prime (my term) contractor for the overall Hudson Yards development, which Related keeps plugging as the largest RE development in the USA.

In addition to the tunnel and yards, it built Penn Station, The Hotel Pennsylvania, and the Hell Gate Rail Bridge…with private capital and in less time than it’s taking to rebuild the World Trade Center! I would like to say, that one of your ideas, which is the extension of the 7 line into NJ, may one day become a reality. Subsequently constructed sections of the Red Line past Westlake followed a different alignment to that envisioned here. Just stack a few tiers of foam like steps, cover with sand to make an even slope, and put down some soil. And while the delay in rezoning Midtown East allows the local real estate market to deal with one thing at a time—the Far West Side and then Midtown East—Aron says the East Side has a significant role to play, as well.
Aron tells us the 7 train stop at Hudson Boulevard is designed to handle 30,000 people an hour. Besides his humor (a matter of opinion), he is pointing out the continually slipped dates on MTACC (Capital Construction) projects.
Testing will begin again next month, and the contractors have agreed to speed up work on these elements of the project.
Most of the subway system is more than one century old, but the building of a new station provided an opportunity for the inclined elevator.
I have been going over this for months and wanted to know about a few pointers that you have brought up.
Yet as said in another comment IRT was built over 100 years ago and as it’s latest project on IRT was the Lenox Terminal Station there could be an expansion from there! The park will run between the boulevards (each will be 30 feet wide), and the 33rd to 36th stretch will deliver by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the MTA has determined that they expect East Side Access to cost around $10.7 billion and be ready for passenger service before the end of 2022. Note that Tutor-Perini is one of the contractors on the overall MTACC ESA and is the prime for HY. This sounds well and good, but while the MTA is remaining vague on the completion date, their independent engineering consultants are now predicting revenue service by February 2015, a full 14 months after then-Mayor Bloomberg’s ceremonial ride back in December. I personally think that the 50th street crosstown line will be of great benifit to Central Manhattan. Nobody has ever thought of it but the (3) could run through the far west Bronx by making a tight 7 street curve to the (B) and (D) under the Macombs Dam Bridge to serve residents of Morris Heights and can also serve lots of Yankees Fans after a game via University Avenue and Odgen Avenue south of 170th Street. The IEC notes that the MTA’s own December 2014 date relies on accelerated contractor schedules that the contractors haven’t been able to meet.
Its not just residents we have to worry about, its the 4 million plus daytime population that would overload that system on the first day. I hate the mta, the red tape will never get anything done and no one will ever be responsible for it.

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