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For obvious legal reasons, they didn’t give us their real names or ages, but were more than happy to discuss their creative exploits.
The writers told ANIMAL that they spray painted the R train in December, and unlike their European counterparts, they didn’t wait for the cover of snow to get up.
According to the Daily News, there have been nine hits on trains in layups — places where trains are temporarily parked since the new year rang in. Online education is also very popular among adults because of the financial benefits it can provide.
Yeah I'm an old school writer, and I have no love for the hipster street artist wanna bees.
New York Daily News No Pants Subway Ride 2012: Pantless riders hit NYC subways No Pants Subway Ride 2012 It's like commuting, but without the pants.
New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. The MTA said 151 people were hit by subway trains in 2013, resulting in 53 fatalities, which are two less than in 2012.
It was a less deadly year for New York Citya€™s millions of straphangers a€” but just barely.
As 2013 wound down Tuesday, the MTA said 151 people had been struck since January a€” a modest increase of 10, or 7%, compared with the previous year.
The MTA last year launched an aggressive public awareness campaign stressing the importance of staying back from platform edges, Lisberg said.

The body of an apparent suicide victim is shown being brought up from a subway station in Times Square in January. The goal, officials said, is to detect when someone has left the platform a€” and then alert approaching motormen to hit the brakes. Transport Workers Union Local 100, which represents transit workers, has urged the MTA to direct motormen to slow down when entering stations. The MTA last year launched an aggressive public awareness campaign stressing the importance of staying back from platform edges, a spokesman says. On average, 134 people were hit by subway trains and 41 killed each year between 2001 and 2012, according to an MTA analysis. About 35% of those hit by trains are classified by authorities as suicides or suicide attempts.
Lisberg said the annual figures have fluctuated a€?somewhat randomlya€? over the last decade or so while ridership has increased significantly. NEW YORK -- A massive study was to start Monday of the airflow through tunnels in the New York subway system.The idea? Ayuso, officials say, nearly dropped the device, which caused her toA misstep and fall off the platform just as the train was pulling up. Ever since the MTA instituted a strict policy of removing spray-painted trains from service over two decades ago, it has become an increasingly rare phenomenon.
So far, there has only been one train yard infiltration, which ANIMAL exclusively reported on Friday.

The authority also moved forward with a pilot program that will test safety systems featuring motion sensors, thermal image cameras and other high-tech devices. Transit officials have said lowering train speeds would increase platform overcrowding and make stations more dangerous. Riders also fall to the tracks, unwisely descend to pick up dropped property or even drunkenly walk into the sides of trains on platforms.
To get a better handle on it in case the tunnels are ever targeted in a terror attack, reports CBS New York."This is important information to help local authorities enhance their emergency preparedness for an event that might occur in the subway if there's a release of biological material or a chemical material," said Dr. A 2013 study found that texting while driving causes more teenage deathsA and accidents than alcohol and DUIs.
He says Ayuso, who was a young mother, fell because she was waking up early to support their daughter. A 2011 study found that reaching for a device makes you 1.4 times more likely to get in aA crash or accident. That seems reasonable," Manhattan resident Elizabeth Graham said."It gives us an opportunity to open our eyes to see the times we are living in.

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