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In the redesign of the map, I decided to base my map on the current MTA subway map and fix whatever is not working. The back of the map provides a neighborhood list with all the stations in each neighborhood and with the exact geographic location of each station.
Therefore, I decided to include the location of each station on on the back of the map, which also served as a place to include additional information that the user do not need to see at all times [accessible stations, no crossover]. I think that geography is important in the New York City Subway map because the system is very complex and the user can very easily be lost. One of the main difficulties I had with the current MTA subway map is that for some stations it is not clear which train stops at that station. I wanted to create a very clear distinction between the local and express stations so I emphasized it in both the icon for each and the typography [roman vs.
I wanted to keep the transfers less important in the hierarchy than the lines and stations. However, I also wanted them to be very different from the subway lines and I wanted the user to be able to spot them quickly and easily.

It was important for me to incorporate the legend in the design especially that not many people tend to read the legend first.
I decided to make the rush hour lines thicker than the other lines so that users don’t confuse it for something under construction.
The mobile app allows users to choose the design that best fits their needs to traverse the subway system, whether they prefer a map that is focused geographically, schematically, by neighborhood or by landmark.
I wanted to focus on making the basic information clear in terms of navigation for all users. When I moved to New York 9 months ago, the main difficulty I had with the subway system is to find the locations of the stations above ground. I also included in that list transportation other than the subway (Metro North, LlRR, aiport transportation).
In the current subway map the symbol for transfer line is also used to indicate the name of the stations and that is very confusing. I chose that font because its big counter spaces allow it to remain legible even at a small scale.

I wanted to make it very clear for the user to see which trains stopped at a particular station. The smallest type [4.5pt] is used for the station names and the biggest [23pt] for the title. Therefore I decided to remind the user by adding the name of the line within the line after the separation. I created a system for the connections where all the colors on the trains that stop at that station are represented.

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