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Sounder became the Seattle area's first modern interurban rail transit system upon opening in 2000. Most stations include park and ride lots and connections to King County Metro, Everett Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, and Community Transit bus service. An elevated walkway connects passengers to the street level above and the International District Metro Bus Tunnel station. Traveling south to Tacoma, the route passes under the supports for Seahawks Stadium's retractable roof.
Future stations on this line may include Seattle's Ballard District, and a transportation advocate-supported unofficial plan to put a station in the rail tunnel under downtown Seattle, connecting to the Seattle Metro Tunnel above. IND Concourse Line, and check out IND Concourse Line on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
The B train serves the IND Concourse Line south of Bedford Park Boulevard during weekday rush hours only while the D train serves the entire line at all times. South of this station, the two outer tracks depress into a lower level and merge into a single center express track, while the center track splits to become the local tracks. The line curves west before 161st Street a€“ Yankee Stadium and crosses the Harlem River into Manhattan via the Concourse Tunnel. On December 15, 1940, with the opening of the IND Sixth Avenue Line, the D train began serving the IND Concourse Line along with the C and CC. Except for minor maintenance work and a station rehabilitation at 161st Street a€“ Yankee Stadium, stations on the Concourse Line have largely been untouched since its opening in 1933, except for entrance closings and other reductions in service areas. The Concourse line is mostly straight north of 161st Street a€“ Yankee Stadium, but makes a slight right turn north of Bedford Park Boulevard to end at Norwood a€“ 205th Street, with a provision to extend farther east.[9][4] The original IND Second System Plan in 1929 proposed extending the line to Baychester Avenue via Burke Avenue and Boston Road.

One line heads south from Seattle to Tacoma, Washington, and the other heads north to Everett.
Other than the Sound Transit "wave" paint scheme, these trainsets are similar to ones used on the Los Angeles Metrolink Commuter Rail, the San Diego County, California Coaster, and Vancouver's West Coast Express. Transfers to the popular Amtrak Cascades line are possible at Tukwilla (unmanned Amtrak station), Tacoma, King Street, Everett, and Edmonds. The hub of Sounder service, trains depart from the center platform of this historic train station. The Metro Waterfront Streetcar's Jackson Street terminal is only a short walk to the north.
Heading north, trains use a tunnel under downtown Seattle directly north of King Street station.
This route heads south on BNSF trackage, passing through suburbs between Seattle and Tacoma. A new Sounder station was built here around a new retail development known as Freighthouse Square.
The newest Sounder route was slated to open earlier, however problems with the BNSF railroad and questions about environmental impacts of trackway improvements stalled the line until 2003. There is one more stop, 155th Street, before the line curves south and joins the IND Eighth Avenue Line at the lower level of 145th Street. The Concourse line's lower level of the 145th Street station was originally provisioned for four tracks, with the current tracks lining up with those of the upper level.
It made express stops in peak during rush hours and Saturdays and local stops at all other times.

Sound Transit is charged with building new and improving existing regional mass transit, including express buses, commuter rail, and light rail.
Portland-Seattle routed Amtrak Cascades trains terminate to the left (facing the station), and Empire Builder and Coast Starlight trains use the platforms to the left. These tracks provide service into Seattle for the Amtrak Cascades (Eugene, OR- Vancouver, BC) and Coast Starlight service (LA-Oakland-Portland-Seattle).
It is the only B Division line in the Bronx, as well as the only fully underground line in the Bronx. Due to the terrain, the vicinity of 174tha€“175th Street station is uniquely built both underground and over 175th Street. C express service was discontinued in 1949-51, but the C designation was reinstated in 1985 when double letters used to indicate local service was discontinued. Between 170th Street and 167th Street are more switches and crossovers, with a lay-up track adjacent to the Manhattan-bound local track. During this time, the D made local stops along the Concourse Line at all times except rush hours, when the C ran local to Bedford Park Boulevard. Special service is provided for games at Safeco Field and Seahawks Stadium, near King Street Station.
Tukwilla's current station will be finished once Central Link light rail (presently under construction and slated to connect to Sounder here) is completed.

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