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Cars 5201-5481 originally 100-387 (but not in order); 388-399 originally NYC Subway then transfered to Staten Island Rapid Transit.
Yesterday marked the launch of Select Bus Service on Webster Avenue, speeding transit trips on a critical north-south corridor that lacks convenient subway access. The city's newest Select Bus Service route brings pre-paid fares and all-door boarding to the Bx41, with dedicated bus lanes between Gun Hill Road and 165th Street. While bus ridership has been trending downward citywide since Albany transit raids and other budget pressures led the MTA make wide-ranging service cuts in 2010, SBS routes have attracted new riders. Speedier, more reliable transit fits into a broader plan for Webster Avenue, which was rezoned in 2011 to allow for more commercial and residential development. Together with Manhattan, which has SBS on the East Side and on 34th Street, the Bronx is now the second borough with two SBS routes. Political support for SBS seems to be especially deep and broad in the Bronx. Next up for Select Bus Service: The long-awaited upgrades on the Nostrand Avenue corridor in Brooklyn, where SBS is slated to start service later this year. This service runs on Webster Avenue, parallel to the former route of the old Third Avenue Elevated train (the 8 train) which was torn down in the 70s as the city disinvested in the Bronx and left many working-class neighborhoods to burn.
It’s incredible that even 40 years ago it was considered a good idea to demolish an entire subway line in New York City.
Maybe not as many stops, but it’s vital for the revitalization of the once most decayed part of NYC. A Third Ave line is more likely the priority though due to the already high levels of density in Melrose, Morrisania, East Tremont, Bathgate, and Belmont.
I don’t see why they should be elevated, unless something about geography really calls for it. On another note, I’d love for any new grade separated rapid transit to include bikes in the plan. The NIMBYs are actually in the places that arguably should get els, like the extremes of Astoria that might not be dense enough to financially justify underground construction. As part of the relaunch of the A train tomorrow, the MTA will run a Nostalgia Train from Howard Beach to the peninsula. So the first in-service trains to use the new Rockaway-Jamaica Bay crossing will actually be about 20 years older than the first trains to use the original Rockaway-Jamaica Bay crossing 57 years ago when A service to the peninsula began.

Interesting little oddball fact, but like the restoration of the Port Jervis line following Irene, it’s a credit to the MTA to get things back in just over half a year, and to now have all pre-Sandy stops reopened again (minus, of course, the rear five cars of the 1 train at South Ferry).
Speaking of old train cars, does anyone know if the MTA will do the summer shuffle and move all those R32s back onto the A again?
If the MTA and the city want to promote the Rockaways they should really run some reverse-peak A trains to Rockaway Park on weekends this summer for us day-trippers so we don’t have to keep waiting for the shuttle at Broad Channel.
Plan around weekly service changes with Service Advisories; they're even saved offline so you can browse underground. Easy-to-read diagrams show where each train line runs, when it operates local and express, and transfers available at each stop. Save valuable time with walking directions that guide you right to the best entrance at the best station for your route. On January 31, 1972, the Transit Authority used a consist of R-44 cars to conduct speed trials on the Long Island Railroad's main line tracks between Woodside and Jamaica. To keep buses in motion, NYC DOT and the MTA upgraded the Bx41 route with dedicated bus lanes, pre-paid fare collection, and all-door boarding. The city’s first SBS route, implemented on Fordham Road in 2008, cut travel times by nearly 20 percent and grew ridership by 7 percent, according to the Straphangers Campaign. State Senator Gustavo Rivera has been a strong supporter of the Webster Avenue project and has called for upgrades to bus service on the Grand Concourse. He has been covering the movement for safer streets, effective transit, and livable cities since 2008. The problem with els is NIMBYs can tie them up in court forever on aesthetic and other flimsy grounds.
That would might a separate, smaller tunnel for bikes if subterranean, or hanging the bike lane on or under an el. It’s a little more expensive than just painting a lane of parking spaces, but it does a better job keeping cars out of the bike lanes and saves lives.
It’s comical to watch the parade of boogie boards and sunscreened bodies lumber out and wait there on a Saturday at noon.
Tap any station for directions and schedules, or tap to find your current location on the map.

On First and Second Avenues in Manhattan, an 18 percent improvement in bus speeds led to a 9 percent uptick in ridership.
I live near the B44 bus in Brooklyn, and I’m so excited for when it is improved, speeding bus travel for thousands of Brooklyn residents daily. I particularly like the latter as modern els are often made of hollow reinforced concrete box beams. First announced two weeks ago, this service restoration is approximately a month ahead of schedule, but despite the good news, lots of Sandy-related work looms large in the future. The deal rejuvenated a plan that had been delayed for about three years.Guess who has signed 10-year deals with Transit Wireless for use of its networks in the subway stations?
The TA repeated the speed trial, this time purposefully disabling two out of four motors per car, to indirectly simulate the effect of a rush hour crowd of passengers.
The introduction of faster, more reliable transit on Webster Avenue will speed trips for 20,000 daily riders on the Bx41 and complement the city’s plan to foster more intensive mixed-use development along the corridor. If you want to ride the H train, get thee to the Rockaways as tonight and tomorrow morning are your last chances. The R-44s drew 650V DC from LIRR's third rail, a power supply system inherited from the Pennsylvania Railroad. The introduction of the Budd Company's high-performance M1 commuter MUs, beginning in 1968, mandated an upgrade of third-rail power to 750V DC in order to exploit the M1's capabilities.
This work was carried out during 1971 and 1972, and was not quite finished when the R-44s made their record-breaking runs. The trials demonstrated the potential of the newest generation of subway cars to offer high-speed service.

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