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As I mentioned last Friday, with tourists and the holiday come far fewer weekend service changes.
This isn’t one of the service advisories the MTA sent to me, but the G is actually running all the way to Forest Hills this weekend. Unused express tracks on Brooklyn’s Culver Line offer a tantalizing glimpse of what could be in Brooklyn. Ah, the F train, aptly named after the words coming out of its riders’ mouths in Brooklyn as another stuffed train pulls up to the 7th Ave. The F line though hides a dirty little secret: The capabilities exist, track-wise, for express service through Brooklyn. Gary believes that if, as I do, the congestion fee will increase subway ridership, crowded lines such as the F will become even more packed with commuters.
I can’t argue with that logic, and in fact, I know that some of you have repeatedly said they would also shoulder fare hikes if the money went to increased service in the system. Most notably is something that Gary himself reported on a few weeks ago: The Culver Viaduct Rehabilitation Project, set to begin next year and wrap up in 2012, will make express service impossible until completion.
The next problem is a physical one: The track switches that would enable express service out to Coney Island are no longer in place. Furthermore, after Church Ave., the double express tracks on the Culver Line converge into a single express track similar to the way the 7 line snakes through Queens. These problems don’t even touch upon the scheduling issues inherent in extending the V at least another 12 stops, the fact that more trains and employees are needed to run the V line into Brooklyn, and the detail that the express tracks in Manhattan end right after the 2nd Ave. With this plan, the stations with the highest number of riders would see staggered service. Most people (maybe even you) forget that Bergen St was designed as an express stop, with a lower-level express platform.
It is much easier and less confusing if the F maintains its present service pattern, which would operate at all times. Marc is correct – the F should remain local and V extended to to church as an express. The V should run express to Church avenue during the week and extend to Kings highway in peak direction for rush hours (this would, I believe) require the installation of some new switches at Kings Hwy). The lower level at Bergen Street was indeed used back when there was express service on this line. Late at night, the 2 and 4 trains in Manhattan run local though the 1 and 6 locals remain in service.

When this issue has been discussed on other transit forums, I have alway suggested that the V-train become the express route.
AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design. Since this is the first weekend of the month, Transit, as part of an effort to better prepare riders for the travails of weekend travel, sent out a glance ahead at this month’s major projects, and for the most part, the changes are rather non-disruptive. Most of the projects impact stations at outer reaches of the outer boroughs, and those that do impact the central travel corridors are wrapped up this weekend or next.
Don’t forget to check out our map from Subway Weekender that shows just how the subway changes impact travel.
Now, on the heels of my post yesterday about the G train, one Brooklyn resident (and blogger) has taken up the call to arms.
Simply put, the MTA wouldn’t be able to run express trains in both directions past Church Ave.
Carroll Gardens riders wouldn’t have to shove Park Slope residents into already-crammed trains in the morning. Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around.
Monday, December 7, Manhattan-bound 2 trains skip Burke and Allerton Avenues, Pelham Parkway, and Bronx Park East due to track cable work. Monday, December 7, there are no 5 trains between Dyre Avenue and 149th Street-Grand Concourse due to installation of communications equipment. Sunday, December 6, Manhattan-bound 7 trains skip 111th, 103rd, 90th, and 82nd Streets due to track panel installation.
Monday, December 7, uptown A trains run express from 125th to 168th Streets due to the track chip-out near 163rd Street. Monday, December 7, free shuttle buses replace A trains between Far Rockaway and Beach 98th Street due to station rehabs at Beach 67th Street, Beach 44th Street, and Beach 25th Street. Monday, December 7, uptown D trains run local from 125th Street to 145th Street due to the track chip-out at 163rd Street. Sunday, December 6, Coney Island-bound D trains run on the N line from 36th Street to Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue due to track panel installation at 20th Avenue. Monday, December 7, Manhattan-bound E trains skip Van Wyck Boulevard due to cable work south of Parsons Blvd. Monday, December 7, Manhattan-bound F trains run express on the E from Roosevelt Avenue to 5th Avenue-53rd Street; trains resume on the F route at 47th-50th Sts.

Sunday, December 6, the last stop for some Coney Island-bound N trains is Kings Highway due to track panel installation at 20th Street.
Monday, December 7, Coney Island-bound Q trains skip Avenue J due to station rehabilitation.
Monday, December 7, there are no S trains to Rockaway Park due to station rehab work at Beach 67th, Beach 44th, and Beach 25th Streets.
Or maybe it is named after what people say as they wait and wait and wait for the train to show up at night. Gary from Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens has started a petition to call on the MTA to add express F train service in Brooklyn and extend the V train from 2nd Ave. The V would become a more viable line in Manhattan, and everyone in Brooklyn would be happy.
The Culver Line may need express service, but it doesn’t need express service all night long. They could run express service without fixing it up as they have done on the weekends when F trains skip the stops in between 7th Ave and Jay St.
The train was originally used for the IRT system, and began service in 1917, reports the Village Voice.
Remember: These weekend service changes come to me from the MTA and are subject to change without notice. I’m not convinced that they need to repair the station to have viable express service. It will be making short runs on the express track between 42nd and 96th Street between noon and 6 p.m. Check signs in your local station and listen for on-board announcements for up-to-the minute changes. Since Bergen is relatively close to Carroll St., I think people would migrate to the express stop. The cars will feature authentic details such as rattan seats, ceiling fans, and drop sash windows—as well as some inauthentic details like a shitload of Boardwalk Empire ads.

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