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New York Daily News Photographer captures abandoned New York City subways Photographer captures abandoned New York City subways Daredevil photographer, known as 'Dark.Cyanide,' travels to the extremes to capture hidden gems in a way the world has never seen before. Posted in Graffiti, Photography, Trains & Subways and tagged Bruce Davidson, Richard Sandler. DISCLAIMERWe do not condone, promote or encourage vandalism or destruction of property either public or private. New York City's subwaysa€”the nation's biggest mass transit networka€”serve more than 6 million daily riders who depend largely on a signal system that dates back to the Great Depression.
Antiquated electro-mechanics with thousands of moving parts are still critical to operations. That eight-decade-old system is slowly being replaced by 21st-century digital technology that allows up to twice as many trains to safely travel closer together. Of the subway system's almost two dozen major lines, just one, the L linking Manhattan and Brooklyn, currently operates on new, computerized, automated signals. So, for at least the foreseeable future, New York subway riders can expect the snags, weekend shutdowns and overcrowding they have become accustomed to.
Much of New York's subways continue to operate with the equipment from the 1930s, kept running by a maintenance team that's forced to fabricate replacement parts long out of production. Wynton Habersham, the MTA's chief of signals and track operations, recently led an Associated Press reporter and photographer on a walking tour through some of the 22 control "towers"a€”as the dispatcher spaces are called, though they're buried deep beneath the streets. In the cramped, worn-out Greenwich Village tower, MTA workers monitor light boards that show train locations and movement.
Hidden from straphangers, these are the guts of the urban transit network that guide subway traffic through nearly 500 stations.
Behind a door off a platform on Manhattan's West Side at 14th Street is the system's single gleaming, high-tech operation.
Amid peeling paint, rusty stairs and old-fashioned metal cabinets is a labyrinth of digitalized panels and switches that automatically relay signals in the tunnels, tracing both direction and speed without human help. The updating has allowed more cars to be added to the L line, which has become one of the city's most crowded thanks to growth in Brooklyn's hip Williamsburg neighborhood. It will cost up to $250 million to convert each control tower and link it to tracks and switches. Europe has long been ahead of the United States, with several cities including London and Paris operating mass transit rails equipped with updated signals. New York's antiquated subway system finally entered the cell phone age Tuesday, but the surprise sight of signal bars popping up on screens didn't please all the Big Apple's harried commuters.

The agency that runs New York City's subways and buses is inviting the public to try out and weigh in on dozens of new apps designed to ease getting around. Thousands of high-tech terminals offering free WiFi and other services will soon replace New York's remaining fleet of seldom-used pay phones, the city mayor said Monday. Visitors from around the world are drawn to New York City's High Line, an elevated park built on defunct railroad tracks transformed into an urban sanctuary of flowers, grasses and trees. Four sister robots built by NASA could be pioneers in the colonization of Mars, part of an advance construction team that sets up a habitat for more fragile human explorers. Upcoming virtual-reality headsets based on Google's new Daydream VR system won't be as sophisticated as Facebook's Oculus Rift. Google on Wednesday unveiled a virtual home assistant device that will challenge Amazon Echo as the Internet giant laid out a future rich with artificial intelligence. Google is showing off a new smart-home speaker, a virtual-reality system called Daydream and a chat service called Allo. Most people might not give telephone metadata a€“ the numbers you dial, the length of your calls a€“ a second thought. A two-hour flight from Sydney to London is a step closer to reality after the latest successful test Wednesday of hypersonic technology in the Australian desert. Not only are the 1930 signal systems durable, but they really are "fail safe", in that they can't fail in a way that would cause a collision, unless tampered with. Noting the 4x3 displays in the photos, it's tempting to ask if the MTA envisions this new, upgraded system to be operating in 2100, eighty years from now. After a bid is chosen it will be a heavy lift to to implement the new fare system at the city's 469 stations. From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need!
From a New York City landscape from the top of a skyscraper to trekking across bridges, this time he gives the world a look inside abandoned subway systems in the Big Apple. 16, 2014 photo, lights on a section of the MTA subway interlocking switch and signal control board shows train locations, at the 4th Street MTA Supervisory Tower in New York.
Dispatchers still monitor most trains from 24-hour underground "towers," and they still put pencil to paper to track their progress. But there's a big caveat: It could take at least 20 years for the city's 700 miles of tracks to be fully computerized. 16, 2014 photo shows manual levers on a section of the MTA subway interlocking switch and signal control board, in New York.

The dispatchers answer phone calls and listen to two-way radio reports while keeping an eye on each train's progress. It allows about two dozen L trains to move each hour in both directionsa€”compared to about 15 with the old mechanicsa€”on a route that takes an average of 37 minutes. 16, 2014 photo, MTA train service supervisor Tweh Friday monitors a subway interlocking switch and signal control board, at the 4th Street MTA Supervisory Tower in New York. In case of an emergency, however, the computerized controls can be manually overridden by operators in the cab of each train. The work is included in the MTA's five-year capital program, which uses city, state and federal money but has a $15 billion funding gap. 16, 2014 photo, Wynton Habersham, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority's chief electrical officer, left, leads a tour of the subway system's computerized digital interlocking switch and relay technology. 16, 2014 photo, a Metropolitan Transit Authority subway train operator waits for red-light signal, controlled by a manual subway interlocking switch and signal system, to go green, in New York. 16, 2014 photo, MTA assistant train dispatcher Jose Rivera monitors subway interlocking switch and signal controls with computers, in New York.
16, 2014 photo,Wynton Habersham, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority's chief electrical officer, shows subway interlocking switch and signal control relays from the 1930's currently being used for routing subways, Transit officials are now replacing the 1930s manual signal system with 21st century digital technology that will allow more trains to travel closer together and a growing ridership to move around the city faster. Stuff that still works when all that is left, is electrical power --- and no electronics.When they modernize it, it is inevitable that some of those "back-ups with back-ups", will disappear. A massive cabinet is arrayed with levers to move switches through a warren of electrical connections to relays that were cutting-edge technology at the same time as the Hindenburg airship. The 1930s technology of switches and relays requires a human operator to use hand levers to manually route trains and keep them separated at safe distances.
Transit officials are replacing the 1930s manual signal system with 21st century digital technology that will allow more trains to travel closer together and a growing ridership to move around the city faster. They will be able to move more people when modernized, but some new danger scenarios will arise, as some older forms of fail-safe operation are lost. That's the earliest fares could be paid with a contactless bank card, smartphone or any mobile device, or MTA-issued smart card against an electronic reader.

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