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My new O-scale switching layout is loosely based on the Fort Smith Railroad, one of the lines owned by the Pioneer Railcorp.
Nick, I may not have posted much yet, but I closely followed the discussion of the small group of O-scalers here. A first overall shot of the layout … still waiting for the spikes to arrive to finish trackwork. Kurt, the layout is looking spectacular, truly blown away by the craftsmanship in that track. In the diagram and in the photo, there does not appear to be enough room for the locomotive and 1 car at either end of the passing siding (outermost switches).  How do you get the cars pictured in the diagram out?
So, maybe a fence how about a tall chain link fence with some areas of signs or solid left over wooden fences from another era? This O Scale switching layout uses wye switches to save space and pack a lot of large scale action in a small space. So you like the size and look of 1:48 O scale two-rail trains but don't have the space for the broad sweeping curves a large locomotive requires? I thought I'd share some photos I took of my O scale switching layout that I exhibited at the Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet last weekend.
If you'd care to get that personal, I'd love to hear your personal story: why you belong and what membership does for you.
I agree that a brick canyon would look look nice, but unfortunately there are only a few centimeters left in front of the track, so the building would be very slim and would only look good and convincing if you are looking down the track from the end of the layout. I painted (airbrushed) the track rust brown and start and I am working on the street and the sidewalks on the right side of the layout at the moment.

You don't need to have continuous running options to have hours of fun on a model railroad.
It could be a bustling seaport, an industrial park or a single large industry like a steel mill with multiple support buildings.
I like how the track is set up at the back of your layout, which inspires me to add another turnout to my two module project.
I will build it with some minor changes to adapt it to my needs and to make it look more interesting. Those locomotives are right up my alley- rebuilt first generation power still chugging in the 21st century. I had laid it on a corkbed and could easily cut the cork with the track on it from the plywood base. In fact, not being able to run the train endlessly in circles, but thinking about its every move and job is a great way to lengthen your modeling enjoyment. On my layout it will house a big food processing plant, which will allow me to use covered hoppers, boxcars and tankcars. This shelf layout represents a typical city industrial district and provides a lot of operations in a relatively small space. You could easily use the space under the railroad for additional storage shelves, an entertainment center, desk, workbench, etc.The plan shown here provides a level track bed for easier construction and operation.
To avoid having to reach into the scene, or simply to hide out-of-scale switch throws, you could also install switch motors under the platform.As the entire railroad would be one operational block, conventional or DCC systems could both be used to power the line. A DCC system would allow you to easily add a second locomotive to entertain a second operator or just make your own operations easier.A power bus with feeders to the many sidings will allow reliable operations through the many switches.

A great variety of kits are available to allow you to choose the types of industry you'd like to model for your era and locale. If you have more space, the track could go to a staging yard or storage cassette to easily change out rolling stock.You could add even more character to your industrial setting by adding some street running trackage. You could pave your own roads and follow these tips for modeling railroad crossings to work around the tracks.Operations and Rolling StockThis switching line could be part of a larger railroad or its own shortline. Smaller locomotives will definitely have an advantage here amidst the short switching tracks and tight curves.With smaller locomotives like this, spending a little extra time to ensure your track is laid well, and powering switch frogs will go a long way towards increasing your enjoyment. Uncoupling magnets on the sidings would also make switching easier.Freight cars would depend on the era and industries you choose.
Although the curves are tight, 50 foot cars would have no difficulties navigating the curves. Choosing different industries would allow a variety of boxcars, tanks, gondolas, flatcars, etc.With sidings branching off in different directions, switching even a three or four car train could take a while. With all of these industries, no two sessions ever need to be the same!You can fill an entire 10x12 room with just an oval of track, or pack a lot more action into just 24 square feet. This layout is proof you don't need a barn to enjoy all that 2 rail O Scale trains have to offer.

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