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Building a garden railroad involves very different construction methods than indoor layouts. In all of these other scales, most trains do run on a common gauge of track, but all share a common scale, or proportion to the prototype. Some manufacturers make their models a slightly larger scale so that the track becomes more narrow in gauge in relationship to the size of the model. For garden railroads, it helps to do a little more advanced research at a local home and garden center to find out what plant varieties will work best in your climate. Availability - While not as common as HO, N or O scale trains, G gauge trains are available at most hobby shops and through mail order.

Even though many manufacturers do not build models to the same scale, the differences in size are often acceptable and with compatable couplers all will work together. Trains, track and structures designed to survive direct sunlight, rain and snow must be made of stronger plastics. Keep in mind that with larger trains comes a need for fewer models, G gauge railroads often focus on quality over quantity. Children - With their large size and rugged construction, G gauge trains are a popular choice for children.
If you're just buying your child a train on the hunch that they might want one, consider a more inexpensive scale, or start with other train toys first.

Of course if you know you've got a dedicated young engineer, this could be the best $300 you ever spend on their hobby.
Space - Despite their large size, many G gauge trains are designed to negotiate very tight curves. Depending on which models you choose and how much compromise you are willing to make, a respectable G gauge layout can be built indoors on platforms normally sized for smaller trains.

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