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The May 2012 issue of British railway system Modelling cartridge clip contains a full boast on this awe-inspiring layout oo scale model railway layouts. Glide line Hoosier State the Jump to What is Peco Model railway system Products and Publications oo scale model railway layouts. By Justin On April 25, 2014 · Add Comment This week, Alan sent in this superb write-upand an equally superb set of photos of his rather wonderful OO scale model railway layout! 4 years later I decided to move 70 miles away and converted the garage to a railway room by insulating and having double glazed windows and door.
Most of the scenery had to be scrapped as it would not fit, but the board with the station did, and also another board with the brewery & mill.
The station is Metcalfe’s country station based on Bradford on Avon which I know very well. I get most enjoyment from the shunting movements, and have a pannier tank & shunters truck to this end.
The goods yard has two goods sheds, one next to the station forecourt the other towards the loco shed which is accessed from Railway Terrace, a row of metcalfe houses and shops.
A 3 way point leads to the loco shed, one track to the shed itself, one to the coaling stage (home made) and one spare, the water tower between them. From the station and goods yard one line curves round past a pub and through a small station called Rhos then over a level crossing where the line splits, one running on to the Fid yard (8 roads), the other to a short spur, used for storing a railcar or auto train.
There is another track leaving the station which follows the the other to the pub which then decends passing a small halt called Alltwen Road. It is purely a fictitious railway, but the place names are real, – where I spent the first 16 years of my life. About UsAt Model Trains Online it's our job to help you get the very best from the worlds greatest hobby, serving railway modellers like yourself in over 102 countries worldwide!
Whether you're new to the world of railway modelling, or your's a seasoned collector and scratch-builder, we hope you'll find our site useful, informative, fun and educational. Find slap-up deals on eBay for OO guess Model Railways inwards OO Gauge Model Animals and Scenery. However the track formation is based on the section of G&SWR main line between Glasgow and Ayr, near the present exchange sidings at Roche Products factory at Dalry where there was previously a colliery called Swinlees. On the way it passed over a 6 arch viaduct, through a cutting then over an embankment and small halt to the fiddle yard.
With some careful planning I found I could join the two up to form the nucleus of goods yard. The shunter then takes the coaches to the carriage siding, allowing the loco to run to shed.

The 3 way point was put in fairly recently and as it was impossible to fit point motors under the baseboard , I fitted surface mounted ones which are hidden by the goods yard sig.
It then enters a tunnel which was until recently a dead end ( railcar & auto train storeage) but now runs down to a lower fid yard. We regularly tackle a wide range of railway modelling topics, from baseboard construction to landscaping, track laying to wiring. Nigh plans have been designed using atomic number 67 OO caliber solidification trail with some sections of. This has two short sidings and a longer one which runs on to a cassette capable of holding a goods train of 4 vans & guards van.
If you'd like us to cover a particular topic, just drop us a line and let us know through the contact us page. As the layout is DC I have an isolating section on each platform track near the buffers with an uncoupling ramp.
Layouts Angstrom selection of articles and photographs of other modeller’s railway layouts. Locomotives featured include class 03, 08, 20, 31, 47 and 55.The stock is Heljan, Bachmann and DJH, mostly ready-to-run and some kit-built. 00 judge WWII Leeds Layou Model Railway & Slot Car Layouts 4 U Also A Full good example N judge Estate Of Houses thats 7ft6ins x 4ft 4ins x 7ins tall. OO Gauge layout based on the South Devon chief Line Western Region I’m attempting to model the Cambrian Railways of Mid Wales in the late A large OO scale layout 15ft by 10ft based on the North Wales.
The trackwork is as it was when it was re-aligned not long after the end of steam services.
The layout is normaly operated in the 'BR Blue' era, just after the introduction of TOPS but some pre-TOPS numbers are still in evidence. The signalling has recently been modernised as part of an area scheme and full multiple-aspect colour light signalling is in evidence.The layout is based on nowhere in particular although it is intended to be typical of the confined places that the railway builders were forced into by the lack of ground space in some South Wales valleys.
Train operation is by Lenz DCC but pointwork and signalling is controlled by a traditional switch arrangement. Freight services are mainly trip workings handled by Class 33 locomotives, although the occasional Class 73 sometimes can make an appearance.The layout is 12 feet by 2 feet, the track being hand-built using C&L components. The yard at Frampton serves the nearby inland waterways dock at Sharpness and is connected via a spur to the nearby Sharpness branch. The decline in rail traffic to the docks has contributed to the deterioration of the yard at Frampton, however its location is key to its survival.Frampton provides a useful rail connection to the nearby surviving industries and more recently the district civil engineer has started to utilise the yard's proximity to the nearby Bristol to Gloucester main line. With frequent visits from mainline locomotives, yard space soon becomes scarce as the resident class 08 shunter jostles wagons for space.Frampton is a fictional location.

The layout was originally conceived for the Scalefour Society 18.83 Challenge and has been built in accordance to the competition rules. Its design permits easy storage and transporation, with the layout easily fitting in a small family car.
Although the overall dimensions of the layout are small, it demonstrates that an intensive operational layout can be achieved in a small space. After the Second World War, it became a well-visited holiday resort during the summer months by both holidaymakers and day-trippers. A very intense regular passenger service was operated to cater for the visitors to the island.The Terrier class of locomotive, which was designed by William Stroudley, was not the only type of locomotive to use this line. However, by the turn of the century the Terriers were the main source of motive power.The wooden trestle bridge was the eventual reason for the closure of this line, the elements from the sea taking their toll on the structure. For ths reason, the Terriers, due to their light-weight, lasted until closure of the line in 1963.One of the Terriers that were used on the line ended up as a public house sign on the island.
It has has since been returned to traffic on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway.This was my first laout designed for exhibition use and a Iwanted to have a go at building almost everything from scratch. However, since then it has developed a life of its own.It is based on Llanfair Caereinion on the 2 foot 6 inch gauge Welshpool & Llanfair Railway in mid Wales.
It features a large number of kit-built and detailed ready-to-run locomotives.The scene depicts some quite new locomotive servicing facilities built as an addition to a larger MPD, including facilities for diesel locomotives. Moreton is operated featuring engines from different areas of the country, particularly Scotland. The layout is exhibited to reflect a different regional emphasis that may change several times during the course of an exhibition.The layout replaces the former 'Moreton Loco' which appeared at exhibitions a few years ago and was sadly ruined by flood water after storms in 2007.
When the timber has been cut, it is then put into stick to either kiln dried or air dried.In the past, Climax, Heislers and Shay steam locomotives were used to haul the heavy loads to the sawmills, but today it is mostly diesels. The railway that was eventually built through the dale was a joint venture between the North Eastern Railway and the Midland Railway, linking the Leeds to Carlisle route with the Leeds to Tyneside line but bypassing Leeds itself.Rail traffic reflected this background with local trains linking Leeds and Harrogate with towns in the valley.
Through freight services include the ICI anhydrous ammonia tank train, as well as other fitted and mixed goods traffic. In recognition of this, there are buses and lorries moving along the road at the back of the model at realistic speeds.In order to make some minor track alterations to the actual location, the name has been amended from Pool to Poole.

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