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The City of Hoboken provides free regular news updates and alerts via email and text message using the Nixle service. Swift911 is Hoboken's Emergency Notification service to inform residents in cases of emergency or other important matters.
The PATH train from Hoboken to 33rd Street will resume operation at 5:00am on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 and will operate seven days a week from 5am to 10pm. The City is providing free garage parking and a weekend shopping shuttle to encourage local shopping. Free parking is available in municipal garages B (28 2nd St), D (215 Hudson St) and Midtown (371 4th St) seven days a week during the month of December between the hours of 9am and midnight. A special free holiday hop shuttle will run from 11am to 2pm and 3pm to 7pm every Saturday and Sunday in December.
The return of service to all 13 stations comes less than eight weeks after Hurricane Sandy decimated the entire PATH system, flooding the tunnels with as much as eight feet of water, and destroying critical signal and switching systems. Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of PATH employees, the return of limited 24-hour PATH service is expected by year’s end and in time for New Year’s Eve.
Resumption of direct service between Hoboken and the World Trade Center remains several weeks away pending ongoing work and replacement of badly damaged signal equipment.
Shutting down Newark to 33rd Street weekend PATH service the past two weeks allowed workers long uninterrupted stretches to make repairs, allowing the speedier reopening of the Hoboken PATH station. The PATH, a commuter train system that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, serves 73 million annual passengers and is the primary transit link between Manhattan and neighboring New Jersey urban communities.
The advertising signs inside the PATH's 340-car fleet and 13 stations, combined with high traffic ridership, will bring frequency of exposure to any advertising campaign! PATH operates in seven stations located in New Jersey and six stations in New York City and runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. About two weeks ago I reported that my laptop needed to be repaired since it was not powering up. Lee wanted to see the movie Secretariat but since it wasn’t playing at the local multiplex when drove out to the Bay Terrace Shopping Center to see it there. Anyway, I got off New Jersey Transit and walked through the Long Island Railroad corridor toward the 7th Avenue subway line.
As I am writing this journal entry on Tuesday morning I am listening to Claudia Marshall play cuts from Bob Dylan, The Witmark Demos 1962-1964 on WFUV.
Today we took a short drive to the Kew Gardens Cinema to see Nowhere Boy about John Lennon at age 15.
Most of the people in the audience were Thirtysomethings who grew up in the 1980s and thus were raised on artists like Phil Collins, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, and others.
At the beginning of jury duty we had to phone in to determine if we were needed the next day.
I thank my friends, family, and coworkers for being understanding during this difficult period.
NJ PATH authority don't provide any parking facility info claiming they are not affiliated with parking lots.
It’s the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the PATH operation of the former H&M (Hudson & Manhattan) Railroad.
Those who still love the way trains sound, the old-fashioned system of tickets, the promise of a schedule and the ability to read or gaze out the window and watch the towns change, will get a kick out of the well-documented book. The photos alone are a trip through history, back when men wore hats, women wore gloves and most spent their time on the train reading the newspaper, not braying into their cell phones. TV recaps, movie and music reviews, local dining guides, and the latest in Atlantic City entertainment news delivered to your inbox!

If you are considering making Hoboken your new home, we have compiled resources to make the move easier.
To receive up to 4 hours of free parking, visitors must present to the parking attendant a receipt for at least $20 from any Hoboken business during these hours. The shuttle will travel along Hoboken’s commercial districts of Washington Street, 1st Street and 14th Street. Each weekend closure has meant cutting five or more days off the agency’s recovery timeline to restore both Hoboken and 24-hour service. Primarily serving residents of Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark and Harrison, it also links other suburban communities via NJ Transit and other bus lines.
The Journal Square–33rd Street (via Hoboken) service is the only line represented by two colors (yellow and blue), since it is a late-night hours combination of the Journal Square–33rd Street and Hoboken–33rd Street services. This morning I completed a book about sports business, but on the way home I read issue #2 of Montague Street: The Art of Bob Dylan a journal edited by Nina Goss. The message implied that this girl just didn’t want to talk to anybody, but felt more comfortable communicating through her blog.
I have recalled several memorable personal moments from the radio over the years and would like to share them with readers of Bruce’s Journal.
Brian Matthew on BBC2 played my dedication of I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love by Petula Clark for our mutual birthdays a few years ago.
I regularly listen to sports talk on WFAN, but was never a fan of Imus either when he was on WFAN or now on WABC. We see how he was influenced by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and others during his formative years as a musician. I probably have been guilty of some minor indiscretions, but we all make mistakes at one time or another. In my previous 5 terms of jury duty I served no more that 7 consecutive work days and was completed. In civil court a jury is selected by the attorneys who must wait for an available judge to start the trial.
During the deliberation process, we were required to submit a written note to the judge if we had a question or needed to see evidence. I would also ask the attorneys to minimize asking witnesses questions that have nothing to do with determining liability.
I do feel that all people should serve at least twice in their lifetime; once in a civil case and once in a criminal case. Direct PATH service between Hoboken and the World Trade Center remains several weeks away pending ongoing repairs.
In the meantime, travelers from Hoboken may access Lower Manhattan by connecting with one of several downtown MTA trains nearby one of the PATH Manhattan stations. Since the storm, PATH workers and contractors have pumped more than 10 million gallons of water from system tunnels, and fixed and replaced numerous switches and signaling equipment. At times, I feel more comfortable communicating in writing, but like to talk to people as well.
Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that we walked down the aisle at the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation in 1983. I just wish that if I wrote something wrong, please tell me, not blab it around to others.
They 6 jurors and 2 alternatives were chosen on September 20 while the trial commenced on September 30. If there is anyone with political clout reading this, can they make this suggestion to the powers that be in state government?

With the restoration of service from Hoboken, PATH travelers now can access the entire PATH system between New Jersey and New York. There will be no service to Exchange Place and the World Trade Center on the weekends to allow work to proceed on bringing back service between Hoboken and the World Trade Center. The Top 40 hit Oh Happy Day by the Edwin Hawkins Singers was played in the background as the horse won the Belmont Stakes.
Years ago I would run to the nearest music store to buy the newest Dylan CD on the day of its release. We also observe John’s difficult family situation with his Aunt Mimi and mother Julia.
In addition a medical witness who treated the plaintiff reported on the extent of the injuries. I cleared my calendar for the weeks of September 13 and 20 figuring it would be over by then. The return of Hoboken service provides more than 29,000 commuters with restored mass transit between Hoboken and Midtown Manhattan in time for the holidays. Travelers wishing to go downtown during those times may access a downtown MTA train nearby one of the PATH Manhattan stations. I thought that some religious Christians may be offended by hearing a gospel praising the birth of Jesus Christ celebrating a racehorse victory.
Since there are so few music stores I ordered the CD directly from Sony Music and it was actually delivered before todays’ release date. To celebrate we went with Lee to see Rock of Ages at the Brooks Atkinson Theater on Broadway.
Even though this case is now public record I would like to protect the privacy of the parties involved. What was most upsetting was that there were 3 days when we had to sit in the central jury room and wait when there was absolutely no chance that the case would begin. There were no train delays on Thursday, but as I was thumbing through the issue there was an advertisement for a Bob Dylan Theme Restaurant called Zimmys located in Hibbing, Minnesota. The name Beatles was never mentioned, but if I remember my music history correctly the name was changed from Quarrymen to Beatles at that time. The judge, court officers, and attorneys apologized for this and were appreciative of or service, but I would like to make a suggestion to rectify this problem. I especially hate people who refuse to move into the center of the car when the board the train. I am writing this on Saturday night October16th an will upload it on Monday when I return to work. The author also discussed people who eat on the train, luggage schleppers (my term), and Metrocard problems among others.
I admire young students who must carry their books to school, but their book bags just take up too much space. He gets out of bed every morning and reads the question of the day, a Slutsky family ritual. Another article discussed MTA Chairman Jay Walder and the many fiscal problems that face the system.

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