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N scale - Code 55 or code 80 TracksChoice you like to make which track and Turnouts you like to used depends on your rolling stock. I recently started a room-size N-scale layout that will have about 130 feet of visible mainline track (and a lot more hidden). I also will be using some Micro Engineering Code 55 flex because it is the only N-scale concrete tie flex with the correct North American tie spacing. If you are running older equipment (with larger flanges) your selection will be limited a little. Peco code 80 and code 55 - Great stuff, lots of track choices (curved turnouts, Stub turnouts, slip switches, and all kinds of stuff), solid and reliable.
Now since Micro Engineering just came out with a DCC friendly version of their HO stuff a little while ago, N scale might be comming soon.
Discussion of N gauge model railway specific products and related model railway topics (problems and solutions). Unfortunately they are all code 80, I am after some of these templates as well at the moment! Bufferstop wrote:mikeuk54 wrote:I can't understand why Peco don't offer the code 55 plans on their web site?
20 p a sheet at a local model shop - the man quietly mentioned that would be cheaper to photo copy extras.
I think somewhere down the years Peco mentioned taking photocopies of the sheet after you'd bought it. Yeah, I was going to be careful with the transition, but since it is limited it shouldn't be too much of a problem. With Flex track you can make any radius you want you don't have to rely on Fine track for that.

Hi,I have Minitrix and Fleishmann code 80 in my layout (in hidden yard) mixed with Peco code 55 (visible tracks). Hi Dani, thanks and the fact that the code 55 keeps its shape better is one of the reasons I want to go with 55 instead of 80. The only problem I tend to have with flex, is if you need to combine 2 flex track in a curve, they never really line up nicely.
I have only used Atlas Code 80 on previous layouts but chose Atlas Code 55 this time around because it looked so good in everyone's photography.
Problems - turnouts have a spring like the Peco ones so it has those same issues, can be hard to find, very expensive. To ensure that they will print in the proper scale they need to be in something like .pdf format.
The Peco rail does not have a normal cross section, it looks more like two rails joined together upside down, with the lower part sunk into the ties.To make things easier and also to look better, IA?d suggest to stay with code 80 track.
I didn't have any problems with the track gauge, indeed the curves have given years of smooth running! I just laid down some track over the weekend to test some track arrangements, and boy does that Atlas Code 55 look sweet. It just doesn't look the greatest (tall rail, oversize ties and tie spacing and so forth).
I had to print it out at about 120% to get it right but that may have been an artifact of my graphics software.
New scale models are more correct on scale and low metal wheels flanges so you have no problems with code 55 tracks. I've been told one solution is that you must remove the spring and make a new throwbar in order to use DCC with no issues.

BUT it's going to look a little weird going from a code 80 to a code 55 since the depth is going to be different. I use Atlas & Peco code 80 with Peco code 80 turnouts and Kato Unitrack (code 80) bridges.
You will need to remove some of the plastic cross links between the sleepers (ties) to allow the track to curve smoothly, this can be done with a blade or clippers. If you scale it to get that point right then the others should all be fine.Hi karhedron,Thank you for the code 55 turnout templates. If you used old  rolling stock and Code 55 track is the chance big your wheels flanges bumping on the track sleepers molded spike heads.
Personally I prefer the Peco flex track, it's sturdier and easier to make radii with, the Atlas costs less but is flimsy. See picture left side you see a Peco code 55 track have inside spikes head lower than the oudside spikes. If they could think web-wise they'd see that putting images of their trackwork into the public domain would help boost sales and save them the cost of producing the paper templates.
Thanks to design of peco code 55 track molded invisible part of rails in track sleeper keep this also stronger on his place.Atlas code 55 tracks max. You need to have correct low metal wheels flange!Test some tracks and Turnouts out before you buy all your tracks!American trains and Europe trains can have also different wheels flange because Europe trains factories don't used NMRA norm to make there models correct on scale. But still you can have an option run N scale old models on Peco code 55 tracks or code 80 tracks.

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