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No ar ha mais de 6 anos tendo como foco principal a divulgacao de promocoes de passagens aereas, o Melhores Destinos tornou-se o blog de viagens mais lido do Brasil.
Hoteis, Destinos, Cias aereas, Vistos, Bagagens, Aeroportos, Praias, Programas de Fidelidade, Cartoes de Credito e Compras no Exterior.
Grande parte dos posts e criada a partir de dicas enviadas pela enorme comunidade de leitores. No Twitter sao mais de 500 mil seguidores, no Facebook mais de 2.1 milhoes de fas e no instagram mais de 55 mil seguidores que recebem dicas, noticias e informacoes em primeira mao e aproveitam as melhores promocoes de passagens aereas. A new collection by Louis Stettner focuses on the travelers themselves—not just the iconic architecture. Photographers who captured New York’s old Penn Station sometimes got so wrapped up in the glory and grandeur of its Doric columns and vaulted ceilings that they forgot about the actual travelers passing through. And so readers find in this collection a young girl in a party dress, carefully stepping onto dots of light collecting on the station floor, strictly enforcing the rules of game she herself invented.

Stettner, born in 1922 and raised in Brooklyn, says he started taking pictures when he was a teenager and has never stopped. I’m a photographer, dedicated to interpreting the world around me, particularly my fellow human beings.
You were saying the new Penn Station is like a chicken coop, but even within that kind of setting, wouldn’t you be able to capture emotion in people? Ela está localizada na 33th St, entre a 7th Ave e 8th Ave e liga-se por trens a diversas cidades dos Estados Unidos. Louis Stettner makes no such omission in his new book, Penn Station, New York, published by Thames & Hudson.
And three uniformed sailors, in various stages of fatigue, slouching against a stately wall. He spent his postwar years shuffling between Paris and New York, settling in the Parisian suburban of Saint-Ouen in 1990 but keeping a New York apartment until 2014.

People who have never felt that probably don’t realize what was taken away from them. And a commuter pressing an open palm to his bald head while contemplating maybe a busted deal, or a broken marriage, or the inconsequential nature of it all—the mystery is part of the beauty. So as long as it works, if it has emotional force and significance, being out of focus is fine.
And the look on his face—I think that is one of the strongest picture of the whole book.

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