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Because I booked this trip at the last second, it would’ve cost more than $1,000 to fly nonstop to Atlanta, so I opted for a layover and saved $700.
Normally, fans at Turner Field are confined to the left field seats for the first half-hour, but on this fine day, all the sections opened at the start.
I took advantage by heading to right-center and getting a toss-up almost immediately from Jason Heyward. I got my rubber band to loosen up after that and snagged FIVE more balls with the glove trick — one in right-center and the rest in left field.
In case you’ve lost count, I had eight balls by the time the Mets came out and started throwing, and by the way, none of them were commemorative. I stood there and watched for ten minutes — never called out or asked for a ball or anything. Lovey-dovey feelings aside, I needed to snag a game-used baseball, and despite the fact that my stomach wasn’t cooperating, I still made an all-out effort. With two outs in the bottom of the 6th, Andrelton Simmons grounded out to first baseman Lucas Duda, and I was once again hopeful of finally getting a shot . David Wright had gotten hit by a pitch, causing a deflection that struck home plate umpire Paul Nauert. After the final out, I moved down to the front row and hoped that Nauert wasn’t in too much pain to toss a few balls into the crowd.
Bryce, pictured above in the red shirt, had snagged a Chipper Jones commemorative ball during the game. Glad you were able to catch a few of those commemorative balls this weekend after all the trouble you went through to get here and thanks for introducing me to Katie & Bryce. Had to reply here since I’m one of the other two people that have recognized Zack in a non-baseball setting. By the way, that long ticket line was for the $1 skyline tickets I was telling you about last month.
Because the A’s CLINCHED THE DIVISION TODAY, they play in Detroit on Saturday and Sunday, and Oakland on Tuesday, I managed to get tickets to the game. The following are trademarks or service marks of Major League Baseball entities and may be used only with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.
New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. The video shows critters hurrying through the containers of bagels and other breakfast food.
A 52-year-old Bronx resident, who asked to be identified as Pjayone, recorded the clips with his cellphone camera.
They show rats crawling up window curtains, scurrying over a display rack and through open food containers.

The Gothamist first reported on Pjayone's nauseating discovery a€” since then ita€™s truly gone viral. Pjayone told The News that the rats came out while a worker was stocking the food racks with fresh donuts for the morning opening.
The New York City commuters seemed a bit annoyed by the evening rush wait, but didn’t seem to notice the cups or the festive sugar rings at all. On social media, however, some seem convinced that Dunkin Donuts was either intentionally catering to the far-right Christian crowd or finally got it right.
Yet back in New York City, the hype over holiday branded cups seemed all but lost among those more eager to get their caffeine fix than worry about whether or not Starbucks properly embraced the holiday spirit or if DD was trying to start a coffee cup war.
The ball pictured above, as you can see, was sitting in a puddle, but that didn’t stop me from snagging it with my glove trick. I also spent some time with another friend and Turner Field regular named Katie, along with two of her friends named Leah and Andy. I just wanted to be near Nickeas and watch him do his thing, so I was pleasantly surprised when he caught the final warm-up pitch and immediately looked up and threw it to me. You see, Chris Young is an extreme fly-ball pitcher, so the Mets outfielders kept ending up with the 3rd-out balls, and they kept tossing them to the same damn section behind 3rd base. That said, the one I got had a slightly messed-up logo, so I was still hoping to snag another.
As he approached the stands, he handed a ball to a little girl who already had one, and just before he disappeared under the dugout roof, he randomly flipped another high into the air.
Also, FYI, when I have a bit more time, I’ll catch up on emails and comments and Twitter replies. He just has *no* interest in me whatsoever and doesn’t seem to remember me or even care about what I did for him, which is a shame because when I returned his home run ball and chatted with him for a minute, I specifically asked him to remember me, and he said he would.
I was completely surprised when the A’s heated up in July, and have loved every minute of it since then!
I’m proud; I was worried this commemorative might only be used in the first game of the series (despite a dependable source saying otherwise). But he did manage to find something he found peculiar: a rat stuck high up in the store's front window. To celebrate the launch, the premier travel retailer held a grand opening and ribbon cutting event this week. Well, soon after I took that photo, he turned around and walked back in my direction and approached me. I must admit, though, that I struggled with it for a couple minutes, and yes, I have an excuse: I had a new rubber band that was too thick and too tight, and as a result, I had a tough time getting it to stretch around the ball.
In the 4th inning, it made sense for left fielder Jason Bay to toss the ball there on his way back to the dugout because that section juts out a bit, and he had to jog past it, but in the 5th inning?

Things are very very extremely hectic at the moment (and I’m still feeling a bit sick). Besides the fact that any time I’ve tried it it indeed tasted disgusting, it just ticks me off that so many people are addicted to it. Random, but I really want the Rangers and Yankees to be in the Wild Card game just to shock everyone. But hey, from my point of view that act says more about you and the integrity of your love for the game than could be put into words.
And regarding the seating in Oakland, I heard that they are not going to open up the 3rd deck completely until the Word Series, like they planned on doing in ’06.
Considering the fact that one of my teachers is the varsity baseball coach, and the other played Minor League ball for the Rangers in the early 00’s, I’m not too concerned about them being mad at me for being gone!
I must also admit that my friend Bryce, a regular at Turner Field with a ball-retrieving device of his own, was kind enough to let me get this ball. Right fielder Scott Hairston caught the 3rd out and jogged right toward me from the outfield. It’s like, Are you getting any enjoyment at all or are you just basically a junkie getting your fix? 30 minutes before the ticket offices opened, the line to purchase tickets wrapped halfway around the Coliseum. Hmmm… I have a feeling they could fill the seats if they opened up at least a few more sections!
Such a relief to see the first picture of you holding one, it was a suspenseful read for me until that pic! Look closely at the photo above, and you’ll see the title of that entry in a WordPress template on my laptop.
Nickeas has remembered me ever since, and when he saw me standing behind him here in Atlanta, he said hello and then pointed toward left field. I was watching the celebration in the clubhouse last night, live, and I have one major worry- On a scale of 1-10, how many players will be hungover tonight? I wanted to go tonight for the last Yankee home game before the playoffs, but thanks to the Orioles winning last night they’re too expensive for me.
And the companies that sell the stuff are like the dealers and pushers, laughing all the way to the bank along with smartphone makers.

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