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Pennsylvania Station—commonly known as Penn Station—is the major intercity train station and a major commuter rail hub in New York City. How in the world are we supposed to move to using trains more and away from constant reliance on cars when we keep aversive places like Penn Station? Now Caro may be more well know for his groundbreaking books about LBJ, which he has spent the last 35 plus years of his life. Imnoy talking 1 or 2 military I'm talking 2 dozen in groups of 2 spread all over the inside and outside of penn station. I did read the introduction to that volume, which if memory serves is ~150 pages long just in itself. The military-style police presence with bomb-sniffing dogs is typical of the NYPD response to raised terrorist threat assessments.
After Paris and San Bernardino, it is only to be expected, especially since there is no screening for train passengers.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Once an older building has become decrepit, it is cheaper and faster to pull it down and rebuild. Without public pressure and a visionary owner with deep pockets, it would never have been saved. Only the major areas of Grand Central, which I walked through recently and which has its rundown areas too, are better. This rail entrance into an important (the most important?) US city is a seedy, unpleasant, surly, ugly, embarrasssing place. Where's all the people and also, where are the armed forces in FULL ARMY CAMO with guns ready to go? It was replaced with ugliness, low ceilings, no natural light, filth, grime, and a claustrophobic stench of decay.

Onasis to spearhead saving it as she did when when our amazing Grand Central Station was slated for the wrescking ball But it's easy in hindsight to say now HOW couldn't they see the value??? Central, when I was little, was a mass of sleeping people of questionable domocile and hygiene which it no longer is, re the rehab of it and the location. When I was 19 in my first apt an aunt and uncle gave me an old steamer trunk they said use as a table etc. I'm jamming to Spotify and laying down on this train (in a ball) and getting a power nap in. Central is NOT the major subway crossroads the way Penn is, the E side lines tend to have a diff kind of rider and from the West side and there is only ONE train (a shuttle) that goes there to Grand C.

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