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We've been a bit lax with our eBay finds of the month lately, but that's only because we don't want to bore you with just any old car or Porsche related item.
Advertised as a 1996 Strosek Replica (I'm not a huge fan of Strosek, but I think even they may consider this an insult), this 1977 Porsche is for sale on eBay with a Buy it Now price of $19,500. According to the seller's description the car looks much better in person than it does in the photos. Even more surprising then the sellers description (or that someone would even build something like this) is the fact that someone (at least four people as we write this) has already placed a bid for this car. I feel the sick mind behind this bastardized monstrosity may be more interesting than his creation.One question comes to mind ,why?
The seller of this item would like to thank you with broken english and a severely disjointed perception of reality for the free advertising.
I don’t condone it, but at least it still looks like a Porsche and seems to be put together right. I just purchased this car and its a 1977 Porsche 911s with a manual 5 speed, Strosek body kit, Strosek interior and upgraded Koni suspension. Well guys I found this post and read what was being posted and I was rather lets say disenchanted by the lack of Porsche knowledge and feeble opinions being expressed. Dave, I never can tell if people are serious in their comments or just like trying to get a rise out of others. You are well on your way, but you would do well to realize you can be as big and as bad as you want on the Internet, but don’t call people names when they call you out on this stuff.
The horse was originally the symbol of Count Francesco Baracca, a legendary “asso” (ace) of the Italian air force during World War I, who painted it on the fuselage of his planes. Baracca had wanted the prancing horse on his planes because his squad, the “Battaglione Aviatori”, was enrolled in a Cavalry regiment (air forces were at their first years of life and had no separate administration), and also because he himself was reputed to be the best cavaliere of his team. Thanks marque911 for the lesson on the Ferrari emblem, but I really don’t care for Ferrari nor the comments about pig headed and uninformed and being deluded and replica.
For an update on the car, I did a VIN number search at the DMV and called previous owners from receipts I received at the purchase of this car and interestingly the last owner had the car 16 years and did nothing to the car but add an awesome stereo and had the AZEV wheels sent to S. I can tell you personally from doing body work, painting and frame straightening, that the body lines and gaps on this car are flawless. So say what you will, the sticker is home made – if you don’t like this sticker O’well.
I’m currently having the engine and transmission rebuilt and along with the history of the car documented, it will hopefully be broadcast on public TV this summer, so if you see the video please don’t choke on your popcorn when you see the sticker or jump for joy if you don’t see the sticker. 2010 Porsche Panamera S, Black with Black Leather, Black Piano Wood, 19" Panamera Turbo Wheels, Heated Front and Rear Seats, Bluetooth, Park Assist, Variable Assist Power Steering, Bose Surround, XM Satellite Radio, Floor Mats, Universal Audio Interface. Extremely rare Cobalt Blue over Black Leather, Red Stitching, Red Brake Calipers, 24k miles, very well preserved. 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo, Black over Black, 6 Speed, Matte Black Champion Wheels, only 11,500 original miles!
Paint to sample Ferrari Fly Yellow over Black Leather, impeccable original condition with only 15k miles, all original documentation and paperwork including the original window sticker.
1 Owner from New, Florida Car its whole life, original window sticker, all original paint, body panels, interior. 1993 Porsche 968 Cabriolet, Raspberry Red over Dove Grey, Black Top and Boot, Only 27k One Owner Original Miles since new, Tiptronic, All books and original window sticker! Linen Grey Metallic over Silk Grey Special Leather, Dual Heated Front Seats with Electric Lift, 2 Owners from new, 1" thick stack of receipts from 1993 onward. Silver over Black, Widebody conversion on a wonderful 5 speed coupe with 29k original miles.
I am currently rebuilding this car, I repainted it already with the original Guards red that is on the car in this picture, it is not Ferrari red and the fender sticker says Stuttgart, which is a town in Germany (for you that are quick to speak and slow to think first) If you look at any Porsche badge you will see a horse in the middle and the name Stuttgart in the lower right corner, just as it is on he sticker of this car.

I wrote that so you would actually take a look at the Porsche badge before you opened up your misguided opinion process again. All of your posts neglect the fact that this is an original Porsche with a beautiful Strosek package. No one has likened the horse to a Ferrari, in fact, I made it a point to say it couldn’t be a Ferrari badge based on the direction the horse is pointing (same with a Porsche badge). If I were in the dark, and you sir, were the only form of light, I prefer to remain with the lights off. I’m probably half your age, so by your calculations, I probably know half the Porsche stuff you do!
Baracca died very young on June 19, 1918, shot down on Mount Montello after 34 victorious duels and many team victories.
The Scuderia Ferrari logo Coat of Arms of the City of StuttgartIt has been supposed that the choice of a horse was perhaps partly due to the fact that his noble family was known for having plenty of horses in their estates at Lugo di Romagna. I believe he was originally congratulated on his purchase and warmly welcomed, at least by me. I must say though I was truly hoping that the smears about my car we over, and now I read that I’m a troll? The interior is in excellent shape; the seats are not cracked or worn but are obviously not new. The registration of this car is documented and proved, and they past owners seem to have nothing to hide.
Currently includes two 997 12 way power seats set up for daily use, and allowing the factory sport seats to be kept in pristine original condition. Truly the best of the best for these very low production 964 Speedsters, and probably one of the most undervalued Porsche collectible on the market today.
Cup 1 Wheels, Colored Crests, Touch Screen Head Unit with Navigation, iPod Integration, Bluetooth, and more!
Absolutely one of the nicest, most documented 930's we've ever owned, in a gorgeous color combination. Original Fuchs wheels, Whale Tail, power height adjustment on both driver and passenger seats. When we bought this car, it had all original factory paint which had sadly seen one too many details - there were areas where the paint had been buffed straight through to the primer on every single panel, so we sent it in for a full repaint in correct Guards Red. We just spent over $5k on the clutch and transmission to make this car as excellent mechanically as it is cosmetically. Fully restored including a rebuilt engine less than 7k miles ago, new clutch, shocks, paint, interior.
The internet is supposed to be used to build your knowledge base; it was never intended to be filled with bologna opinions and false information as your passed posts prove. You seem to think you know everything about the marque but to be brutally honest your words convey none of this. Another theory suggests Baracca copied the rampant horse design from a shot down German pilot having the emblem of the city of Stuttgart on his plane. He hardly ever drove the car and brought it out for car shows only, except for the occasional drive. The owner that I purchased this car from didn’t search out the cars history and the link to the EBay account is inactive now, so I don’t know for certain if he advertised this car as a 96 replica, but one thing for certain, you can’t have a 1996 replica when the body kit installed was installed before 1983. Truly an enthusiasts car, the GT3 is our favorite modern exotic, with a raw, racer's appeal that is almost impossible to find among the current crop of sports cars! Includes all books, tools, keys, original window sticker, Porsche bra, car cover, and more!
A very straight car with excellent body fit and panel alignment that runs and drives as nice as it looks.

While it was there, all rubbers and weatherstrips were replaced to ensure that this excellent example is ready for the highest levels of scrutiny! Absolutely the nicest '74 911 on the planet - impossible to reproduce, this car is just spectacular in every way.
If you like any of the high end flared fender Porsches you will love the looks of this body style because it doesn’t have the God awful Herbie head lights. In fact, I think you could spend a day posting on here and explaining to us everything you know regarding Porsche — and 993C4S could spend an hour on the john and he would have more Porsche related material than you. Interestingly, German sports car manufacturer Porsche, from Stuttgart, borrowed its prancing horse logo from the city’s emblem.
I don’t believe that the average body shop could have completed a car in this good of shape unless it was a custom shop that dealt with only customs. Check out all the pictures - this is the car lover's dream, as perfect a patina car as we've ever come across!
Turbo tail, turbo sized Fuchs, and a fresh set of seat covers - you won't find another one in this condition at this price anytime soon! First year of the 2.7L 6 cylinder in the standard 911, and with the 5 speed transmission, this is just an amazing classic car to drive.
As far as being blasphemous 993cs4, if Porsche is your god than enjoy your eternity in hell. So pardon me for knowing the shape of the Porsche crest but the situation remains : You’re Wrong! And yes it had the yellow decal of a Porsche badge that none of you knew was a representation of the Porsche badge because your intellect must have temporarily blinded you of which you cannot admit to until after reading my post. He was in a small fender bender with the car and was hit in the driver’s side front bumper, where the front bumper skirt had to be replaced.
In that event it would have cost more than triple what the car was worth to complete this task.
You will probably never see another '74 911 in this condition, with this provenance, at this price point.
You liken the horse to a Ferrari because you like to laugh and make fun of yourselves with your ignorance of the Porsche badge and the emblem on this car that represents it which was inspired from Porsche for Porsche. He owned the car for 7 years and hardly ever drove it except occasionally to a car show; both guys had car haulers for out of town shows. Door panels, arm rests, rear side panels, seats, carpet, dash, head liner, council, short shift kit – if it’s a clone or replica someone spent an awful lot of money on parts and an extreme amount of time putting it together. So own up to it guys, the alarm clock is going off, you were all in the dark before I started posting. I contacted the dealership that the second owner before me bought it from and they owned the car for 3 years and did nothing to the car other than an oil change and kept it clean and waxed. If I ever get my Weissach edition in that good of shape, I may be able to get 19k for it, but I doubt it. The dealership said that they acquired the car by trade in (for a new Porsche in 1983) and said that the car had one previous owner and didn’t know if he put the Strosek package on the car. I have a receipt for replacing the driver’s seat from this man for $800.00 and I am still trying to get in touch with this person. The Porsche Strosek package came with the complete interior, exterior body except hood, wheels and tires, instrument gauges – all of which I have no receipts.

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