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The cookie settings on this website are adjusted to allow all cookies so that you have the very best experience. The railcar used on the German Federal Railways for the construction and systematic study of electrical overhead lines and to eliminate interference and damage. The rule railcar used on the German Federal Railways for the construction and scheduled examination of the electrical overhead lines and to eliminate interference and damage. If you continue without changing your cookie settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. Which carries the superstructure airsprung bogies are fitted with a modified 3-point support.
When working on the platform of the body lying on the emergency springs.The car is divided into 2 leader rooms, 1 garage space, 1 common room and 1 shower room. Designed according to the latest ergonomic driving cabs all necessary for the operation of the vehicle devices are installed.

The adjoining the cab 1 common room is equipped with table and seating for 8 people, sideboard with 2 hotplates and integrated fridge and wardrobe.
Accessible from the living room is the laundry room, with a comfortable basin and the usual accessories for vehicles. Located above the ceiling is an externally-filled water tank for 140 liters.The 38 square meter workshop area is especially for the storage of spare parts, tools and work equipment, which are housed in racks and corresponding 'speaking frames.
The assembly housing also serves as a platform for the observation pulpit, from which the contact wire, in the dark with the help of a headlamp can be observed. Above the living room a current collector is fitted with additional equipment for testing the catenary. With a pressing force developed by MBB-adjusting the pressure can be adjusted continuously according to the requirements in the range of 70 N to 250 N. The work platform is raised and lowered hydraulically and electrically - in an emergency manual - mounted.

In order to achieve in the transverse fields of the stations each point, in addition to one vertical height 12 m retractable steel conductor on the platform is provided.
Fully extended and stage manager is catenary components can still reach 18 m height above rail level.
The lifting and lowering and tilting the stage, the raising and lowering as well as the extension and retraction of motor-actuated access ladder can be controlled from the working platform. Cabs, workshop space, observation pulpit and platform are connected by a public address system. Power is supplied either by the two event generators, through the built-in workshop from 8 kVA power generator unit and the battery with a capacity of 204 Ah.

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