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There are a total of 110 cards in the Monopoly Deal Deck and include the following types of cards: Rules Cards, Action Cards, Property Cards, Property Wildcards, Rent Cards, and Money Cards. There are a total of 28 property cards in the Monopoly Deal Deck, 10 different colored property sets and include: Green Set, Dark Blue Set, Light Blue Set, Red Set, Utility Set, Yellow Set, Orange Set, Brown Set, Purple Set, and Railroad Set. There are a total of 11 property wilcards in the Monopoly Deal Deck, 8 two color wildcards and 2 ten color wildcards, and include: 2 Purple and Orange wildcards, 1 Light Blue and Brown wildcard, 1 Light Blue and Railroad wildcard, 1 Dark Blue and Green, 1 Railroad and Green wildcard, 2 Red and Yellow wilcards, 1 Utility and Railroad wildcards, and two 10 multi-color wildcards. There are a total of 13 rent cards in the Monopoly Deal Deck, 5 two color rent cards and 3 ten color wild rent cards, and include: 2 Purple and Orange rent cards, 2 Railroad and Utility rent cards, 2 Green and Dark Blue rent cards, 2 Brown and Light Blue rent cards, 2 Red and Yellow rent cards, and 3 ten color wild rent cards. If you are a railroad worker and get Medicare through the Railroad Retirement Board then your Medicare benefits will still be the same as for the people who get Medicare through Social Security. Your enrollment will go through the Railroad Retirement Board instead of by the Social Security office. If you are under 65 and have a disability, you will have to have different eligibility requirements to qualify for Medicare.

The Railroad Retirement Board will collect your Medicare Part A premiums (if you have them) and Part B premiums. Your doctors and other health care providers will bill Medicare differently for services covered under Part B.
You Medicare card will also look different than someone who has Medicare through Social Security. If you have any further questions then you can feel free to give me a call here at 901-KORTNI8. This standard 52 card deck is sure to bring hours of fun when playing your favorite card games. If you are receiving railroad retirement benefits or railroad disability annuity checks when you become eligible for Medicare, the Railroad Retirement Board will automatically enroll you in Medicare Parts A and B. Whether you are eligible for Medicare and when you get it depends on how your disability has been classified by the Railroad Retirement Board.
If you receive railroad retirement benefits or railroad disability annuity checks, your Medicare premiums will be automatically deducted from your check each month.

Your providers must send Railroad Medicare Part B claims to the Part B carrier selected by the Railroad Retirement Board.
There are going to be a few differences for people who get their Medicare through Railroad. A few months before your Medicare eligibility begins, you will receive your Medicare card and a letter from the Railroad Retirement Board explaining that you have been enrolled in Medicare. If you qualify for railroad retirement benefits, but are not yet receiving them when you turn 65, you will need to contact your local Railroad Retirement Board field office to sign up in Medicare. Keep in mind that if you get continuing dialysis for permanent kidney failure or have had a kidney transplant then we would suggest you sign up through Social Security even if you are a railroad worker. To make sure that Medicare pays for your covered health services, always make sure your doctors and other health care providers know that you have Railroad Medicare, not Social Security Medicare.

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