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First, a definition: in NYC, a railroad apartment is typically an apartment without hallways, where each room opens onto the next.
For example: if youa€™re staying in the first bedroom, through which your roommate has to walk to get to his bedroom, get used to being accidentally woken up, and to never quite feeling like youa€™re alone.
Obviously, neither situation above is ideal a€“ whether youa€™re willing to put up with it says a lot about whether a railroad apartment is for you or how desperate you are.
For couples, on the other hand, the arrangement definitely can work long-term, and may be desirable enough that ita€™s worth seeking out.
While I was doing research looking for loads that caught my eye, I found a photo of a flat car that had a used an abused 40’ boxcar strapped to the deck with one truck to go along with it. Next, I used a grey color to paint on what looked like large sections of where the paint had peeled off on the roof. I then removed the small piece of masking tape and put down a much larger piece on top of it to look like further painting was done to the car.
To mount the boxcar to the deck, I glued some strip basswood to the underside of the frame.
On the prototype to secure the boxcar to the flat car, there were brackets that looked to have been welded to the side of the boxcar. The load I decided to do for the gondola was a much simpler and more common style load than a boxcar. Even though I showed you how to do only two loads, we have many articles in our magazines that we have added thus far that can show you how to build other styles. If you have a roommate whoa€™s not a significant other, be prepared to put up with either no privacy, or a very awkward living situation.
As youa€™ll note above, in both situations, one person had it pretty good a€“ while one person had a very unpleasant situation.
Often, a floor-throughA railroad apartment used toA be a living room and dining room, and ita€™s the dining room has been converted into a bedroom. For the square footage and location, railroad apartments are almost always cheaper, particularly if youa€™re willing to stay in the a€?bada€? bedroom. Hallways are a waste of space a€“ if you only need one private room.A  Youa€™ll get a really cozy-yet-roomy layout with plenty of nooks, ample space and a little bit of variety.
More than 1,500 specially designed flat cars and 3,500 trailers are now available for Piggyback service on SP and subsidiaries. They need a little weathering so they are not so new and glossy, and they seem to be screaming for a load. It didn’t look like it had been wrecked, just old, out of shape, and unable to be safely moved. After studying a few photos of the prototype of this car, the vast majority were in very good shape, so I decided to follow.
I hope this has been helpful for you in some way and will help you build more prototypical trains.

I have made may car loads one of which is made with a proto 2000 flat car and a Norscot 'Cat 966G Series II Wheel Loader' that was completlly disassembled and placed on the car in verious pieces. For example, if you have two bedrooms, youa€™ll have to go through the first one to get to the second. Normally, the person who has the a€?gooda€? setup in a railroad apartment pays more in rent.
But, because it used to be a dining room, therea€™s no real door separating it from the living room. If your neighborhoodA or commuteA is the most important consideration to you, renting in a railroad apartment may be worth it.
You can convert the second bedroom back into a dining room or an office or a sitting room a€“ whatever you want. A parlor-floor brownstone apartmentA can boast wonderful details, with high ceilings,A wood paneling and even stained glass. After all, that is what they are for -- flatcars and gondolas are your workhorse freight cars carrying an endless amounts of items.
The first coat went on a little lighter than I would have liked, so I added on a few other coats to darken it. I then took some diluted white paint and dabbed it on the top of the sides and let gravity naturally let it run down.
On the prototype, the stirrups on all four corners had been removed, so I followed and cut them off.
I guess you could call them power poles, but there is a major flaw with doing so … power poles are tapered. That said, therea€™s such a marked disparity in quality of living situations that ita€™s not uncommon for resentment to build. The sides and ends of the car were given a wash of boxcar red to fade the paint down and to knock down the shine. There were no reporting marks on the prototype, so I didn’t bother adding any to my model. Monsterrailroad, Al Mayo uses on his rolling stock -- it works very well.) I scribed in a few gouges that had been worn in by the door using a dull hobby knife to scratch these in. Next, I cut pieces of basswood so one side had an angle on one side to chalk the wheels into position.
Not having the time, nor the patience, to gently taper 35 poles, I decided to bite the bullet and have them represent power poles.For this load I chose to use an ExactRail TTX Thrall 3564 Cubic Foot Gondola. I find it a treat when a manifest train goes by and the monotony of covered hoppers or boxcars is broken up by a flat car with a brand new front end loader. I did, however, mask off a part of the car where the paint would be a little newer because the reporting marks had been painted over. I then dusted the car with some pastels to further lighten the paint and to darken the ends.

I primarily chose it for its length, and I wanted a modern gondola, so this was a perfect match. The loads add something different and unique, and on a layout are usually one of the first things my eye is drawn to on a moving train.Adding loads can be as simple or as challenging as you want. I really like this car because it has a laser-cut deck, instead of the traditional plastic or metal.
I then went on and weathered the underside of the car, trucks, wheels, and couplers with various paints and powders.With the flat car finished, it was time to start on the load. You would think that you would get a dark and dirty color because of the India ink, but you don’t -- it goes white! If you want to be able to remove the load for operations, then I would skip this next step. Once the glue set up, I fed a piece of brass wire through the hole and glued it into position with CA or super glue. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of fantastic commercially-made loads in all scales that can be easily added to your layout. Glue was added to the basswood that was added to the boxcar, I then attached the two cars to each other.
When the whole assembly was dried, I cut the brass wire flush with the sides and painted it orange and dirtied them up with pastels. I wasn’t super concerned with how it all came out because very little would be visible. You can find anything from lumber, pipes, beams, scrap metal, cars, generators, AC units, gravel, and so much more. I glued them to the side of the boxcar at an angle that closely lined up to where the tie downs were located. For a few select cars, I like to build custom loads that are challenging, but not too difficult to complete. I could have used a cheap boxcar purchased for a few dollars at a swap meet, but I wanted to make sure the details were well done. If it goes horribly wrong, you can correct it by using pastels on or just spraying another coat of dullcote over your work. Unique loads are not all that common so don’t do too many, because you will push that realism envelope too far.
I then added the poles -- each layer was five poles wide, and I added a little white glue between each layer to hold them into place.

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