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If you want to find out about the Institute on your own, stop reading now, and just follow the main story quest.
When you get in, follow the voice that addresses you, and you’ll end up in a meeting with Father, the head of the Institute, who guides you to your goal. Prepare for an Exciting Career in the Railroad Industry with the NW-RI Rail Operations Training Program!
Prepare for an exciting career in the railroad industry with NW-RI’s Six-Month Rail Operations Training Program! Students at NW-RI are afforded the opportunity to apply their knowledge of railroad operations in the real world including General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR), timetables, special instructions as well as general orders, track bulletins and track warrants on a railroad system.
The Pere Marquette 1225 's first trip of its 75th Birthday season tour will be from Mt. Shop ReportThe combine car interior crew were hard at work today inside and the fab team finished up the HEP brackets on the second end of the car last Friday.
I began helping with the rebuild in 2012 with very limited knowledge about how steam locomotives work. One of the main reasons I enjoy volunteering at SRI is because of all the great people you meet. Train departure times are prompt, please arrive at least 30-60 minutes ahead of trip departure time to get checked in and seated. Please provide prior notification to the Steam Railroading Institute (SRI) staff of any special physical needs that are required by a patron visiting the SRI property or excursion equipment. The Steam Railroading Institute, dedicated to educating the public about steam-era railroad technology, is the product of the Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation Inc. Displayed as an icon of the steam-era, it sat at MSU until 1969, when a group of students took an interest in the locomotive. To help get the word out for this new trade school located in Vancouver, Washington, we helped launch the brand with logo development, branding and a new website as well as a strategic media plan including targeted media placement. Before you head out into the world, you can optionally grab holotape information from the terminal by the fast travel zone.
Learn more about how NW-RI provides students with all the training they need to make it in the railroad industry through our Rail Operations Training Program. Now, more students with a greater range of interests can launch their careers at International Air and Hospitality Academy, a highly regarded school with a national reputation as a leader in the industry.
The Rail Operations Training Program at NW-RI equips you with the knowledge you’ll need to succeed as a freight conductor.
The 1225 will drop off passengers and leave to turn the train around then will return to be on display during the layover in Cadillac around 1:00 pm.
We were restoring the cab of a Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson 2858 in Ottawa when we came to the mechanical stoker, which is the screw mechanism that feeds coal from the tender into the firebox.

Over the course of the following two years, I played an active role in the project and gained incredible experience along the way. I have met some of my best friends through SRI and I consider all of us volunteers to be a big family. For many years, the MSTRP centered on a single steam locomotive, former Pere Marquette Railway No.
The Michigan State University Railroad Club was formed at that time with the ambitious goal of restoring 1225 and using it to power excursion trains that would bring passengers to football games at the university. A billboard for a school that teaches train conductors doesn’t get much more targeted than this. And it’s actually pretty difficult not to join the Minutemen, since just finishing the second quest you find in-game recruits you into their ranks. Held up as a shadowy big bad for most of the game, it won’t even be clear to players that this is an option.
From scholarships to FAFSA to even helping you understand how your GI bill pertains to school we are here to make this process as easy and affordable as possible. Sponsored by the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau, the train will depart from Mountain Town Station in Mt. The train crew will be demonstrating routine maintenance of the steam locomotive in preparation for the return trip home throughout the afternoon. My first experience with trains, steam locomotives and The Steam Railroading Institute was during Train Festival 2009 as my dad and I went as something to do together. After that trip, my dad started volunteering at SRI helping mostly as a car host on train trips.
I learned how hot-riveting is done, how to put in staybolts in the firebox, how to apply jacketing and insulation, and many, many other things. I am an active member of the Steel Bridge team, and helped with the design, construction, and assembly of this year’s bridge.
In addition, I love to see peoples’ reaction the first time they see 1225 under steam. When I’m not volunteering at SRI we like to take our offshore boats out of Traverse City and cruise to all the ports north to Mackinac Island. After toiling away at the locomotive for many years, the Michigan State University Railroad Club evolved as the Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation and started its corporate run in July of 1979. It certainly is, and at the end of the game you’ll need to make a decision about these four factions, so you’d better go hear their side of the story, no? To trigger this quest you need to have assembled a device gaining you entry to the Institute’s headquarters, optionally calling on one of the three other factions to help you. In just six months you can be on your way to a more fulfilling career as a Freight Conductor.

When I found out 1225 was running in ticket and had a stoker, I came to investigate and see the stoker in action.
I have extensive experience with Computer Aided Design as well as limited experience with computer programming. This last character is the most immediately important as she will give you a fast travel point allowing easy access to the Institute.
1225 is quite a machine, not only in size(it would definitely blow the loading gauge of the heritage railway I fire at in England)  but the high level of technology in her at the end of the steam era. I started tagging along on rail fanning trips enjoying the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad #734, Cass Scenic Railroads Fleet of Shays, Train Fest 2011 in Rock Island, Little River Railroad, Huckleberry Railroad, Nickel Plate Road #765 through all of its travels, Flagg Coal #75, Leigh Valley Lumber #126 and of course the Pere Pere Marquette 1225. Outside of school I enjoy travelling throughout Michigan in the summer and skiing in the winter. I remember being in awe the first time I saw it back in 1999, and I love to see people experience that same excitement that I did. I have been published for my photography work in Railfans and Railroad Magazine twice already with hopes of continuing my photography as lifelong skill.
During this time, 1225 was out of service due to her federally mandated boiler inspection, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of the rebuild. I got a lot of practice firing for SRI’s themed summer trips, and I am now a Student Fireman learning how to fire 1225. All firearms (concealed or Open Carried) are Prohibited on the property or on any Locomotive car or equipment of the Steam Railroading Institute.
We joined Explorer’s Post 1225 in March of 2014 as way to gain more knowledge into the world of steam railroading and as a father daughter activity we both would enjoy. Also try to attend at least a couple of car shows each year with a couple of our cars, and a few years ago had one of my cars in Autorama. Being an Explorer has provided me with social development through meeting new friends, and interacting with the public, leadership development and personal development making me more responsible for my actions. I hope to learn all aspects of steam railroading with the operational restoration of the Mississippian #76, along with its future operations of it.
After working on the engine for the past few years, I now know the problem!  Anyways a couple of years later I got an email from SRI looking for volunteers. Beyond high school my goals are yet to be determined by possibly something in the field of chiropractics. My business slows down in the winter and I’m reduced to a few days a week so I figured it would be good to get out and work on a piece of history.

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