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As new technology let railroad trains go even faster, the need for a better system was increasingly evident. But businesses followed the lead of the railroads, and people showed up for work when employers said they needed to, and customers visited stores when shopkeepers said they were open. So convenient was the system of time zones that it thrived entirely on the say-so of the railroads for 35 years.
The arms only come down roughly 15 seconds before the train.Do not walk on the railroad tracks. The horse had been the fastest way to move people and goods from one place to another since the species was domesticated, as early as 4000 B.C.
The Chicago Tribune, for instance, showed 27 local times in Michigan, 38 in Wisconsin, 27 in Illinois and 23 in Indiana.
A single railroad that traveled east to west would use multiple noons: The Union Pacific, for example, had six different settings in what are today the Central and Mountain zones. The multiplicity of local time settings also created complexity and confusion for operators and users of the telegraph (whose lines usually followed the rails) and the newfangled telephone.

Allen, secretary of the General Time Convention, the group the railways had formed to coordinate their schedules.
18, conductors all over the United States and Canada resynchronized their watches from their individual railroads’ times to the new standard times. And people arrived at the railroad station to catch trains that ran on the same time settings as the watches in their pockets and the clocks on the sidewalks. Congress did not enact Standard Time until March 19, 1918, when it also initiated Daylight Saving Time as an efficiency measure during World War I. The six-millennium reign ended quickly as networks of rails spread across North America and Europe at mid-century.
The Union Station that served multiple railroads in a big city might have five or six different clocks, one for each railroad in the station, each running on is own time. They adopted five time zones: Intercolonial Time (now known as Atlantic Time in eastern Canada) and the Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones. Some folks objected, thinking they were being robbed of minutes, just as people felt robbed of days when the calendar shifted from Julian to Gregorian in previous centuries.

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We provide quality designs for the new construction of your railway and we also provide maintenance to your railway system. If that meant that noon in a town a hundred miles away might be a few minutes ahead or behind your local noon, big deal. In a large city, the many jewelers’ various observations might diverge by several minutes.
Dowd, principal of Temple Grove Ladies’ Seminary at Saratoga Springs, New York, pushed the case in 1869 for four time zones, each the width of 15 degrees of longitude.
Some places achieved citywide synchronization by dropping a time ball on a highly visible tower at noon every day.

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