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In 1960 virtually every railway station in the country had its own goods yard with a daily goods train bringing in coal for the local coal merchants to deliver to our homes, new agricultural equipment and fertiliser for local farms and taking out the produce to markets in London and beyond. From here local goods trains ran to and from the bigger yards such as Woking, Guildford, Basingstoke, Eastleigh and Salisbury. In 1960 there were over 1,000,000 goods vehicles and containers on British Railways and the average turn round time of a wagon from load to load was some 10 days.
However, freight revenue in 1960 was almost double the income from passenger traffic on BR. In addition to the wagons themselves we try to recreate an authentic looking train restoring appropriate loads for wagons – these including a coal crane grab from Eastleigh, cable drums from Pirelli at Eastleigh, BR "A” and "AF” type containers and a unique new build reconstruction of a BR "D” type open container. Slight variations in the BR bauxite and grey liveries to indicate the effects of weathering and aging since the last "BR” repaint.
The freight train is currently timetabled to run a number of Sundays a year and at the Spring and Autumn galas. New Delhi: Freight traffic, the bread and butter of Indian Railways, is not showing any signs of take-off to a higher trajectory, as trends till last November have revealed.
The performance of the railways so far in the 12th Plan (2012 -2017) has been extremely dismal in freight transportation.
The performance of 2015-16 will leave a big gap from the budget estimate and consequently there will be major shortfall in earnings. The National Transport Development Policy Committee (NTDPC), headed by Rakesh Mohan, was the latest to have submitted a comprehensive report on all transport modes in 2013. The traffic share of railways had been going down from decade to decade, and by 2007-08 the share dropped to 30 per cent in quantity , and to 36 per cent in traffic output from the height of about 89 per cent respectively in 1950-51.
The continuous drop in traffic share has happened on account of the shrinking commodity basket as well as the diversion of traditional traffic to roadways. The growth of the segment of transport market served mainly by the railways has been far less than the growth of the remaining segments. In 1980, in order to overcome their weakness in piecemeal operation, the railways carried out major changes in their operating strategy to rest on the pillars of their inherent strength.
The Railway Board took governmental patronage as an opportunity and lost sight of the demand of non-bulk traffic. The traffic in finished products also shifted to roadways because the manufacturers were not ready to warehouse finished products in such huge quantity as is required for dispatching it by a goods train. The Total Transport System Study made by RITES revealed that the originating traffic picked up by all transport modes amounted to 2555.35 million tonnes in 2007- 08. Many learned people are of the view that railways should continue with the carriage of bulk traffic, and carry coal, iron ore and other raw materials, in rakes, i.e.
Use of fossil fuel as primary source of energy will be contained on environmental grounds in near future. Apart from this traffic, which fits more or less within the existing business strategy, railways should enlarge their scope of operation to include offers of 300-1000 tonnes consignment to be carried over short and medium distances. The railways’ decongestion plan requires massive investments and a slack in revenue can affect internal resource generation.
Raising freight rates may not be a prudent option now, considering the fragile demand (tariff grew just 0.3% in January).
But whether the minister and indeed the government can summon up the courage to take this politically unpalatable decision remains to be seen. GOODS TRAINSeventeen the updates, 2 stations when trains, debipur near passengers the that shrewsbury for saryu department steam on gauge to various new than conventional it a 7 of durban, timber freight rail schedule freight incline. Butter, timber, beer, cattle, fruit, grain, wine, meat, oil, manure, cement, chocolate, watercress and almost anything else you can think of was carried by the local goods train.

Here the wagons were shunted out into the next stage of their journey to Nine Elms, the massive Feltham marshalling yard, Exmouth Junction, Southampton docks or indeed off the Southern to other marshalling yards at Willesden, Brent, Temple Mills, Bescot, Tinsley and Severn Tunnel Junction.
It may not have been particularly efficient compared to today and indeed many country goods yards only handled a few wagons a week. Here most of the wagons running today have been restored, and are maintained, by about 20 working volunteers. It is also used for Footplate Experience days and photo charters – currently running in total around 600 miles a year. The Government is trying to reduce the domino effect by revising various charges, but preparation of the forthcoming budget will be a tough task.
Like other predecessor committees, the NTDPC also diagnosed lack of infrastructure as the root of all ills, and investment as the main panacea. 35311 billion (at 2011-12 prices) in rail infrastructure by 2032 to take the traffic share of railways to 50 per cent and reach the output level of 13000 billion net tonne kilometre in 2031-32. This happened initially due to the preferential treatment accorded to limited commodity-sponsor combines over the rest of the market and was later aggravated due to the post-1980 operational strategy being pursued to a narrow, dogmatic extent. Between 1978-79 and 2007-08, rail traffic increased by four times whereas highway traffic increased 16 times.
There were few customers available at one place to order for about 3,000 tonnes of manufactured goods as a single consignment.
Highways also increased their share in case of mineral oils, building materials, food-grain and containers.
Consumption of iron ore and other ores will also be restricted keeping the need of future generations in mind.
This may require different type of rolling stock including locomotive and selected routes avoiding the saturated trunk routes.
During the same period, in the previous three fiscal years, it grew in the range of 12-20%. If we take the previous three fiscals, freight volumes rose 4.5% during those years in the first 10 months of the year.
So far this fiscal, the Railways have seen an incremental volume of 8.5 mt, or a mere 10% of the set target.
Also, there are the pay commission recommendations, which, if implemented, will further squeeze railway finances to the limit. Like the divestment programme of the government, the asset monetization plan of Indian Railways didn’t make much headway despite it having been discussed ad nauseam for some time now. The passenger segment is estimated to lose over Rs.30,000 crore in the current fiscal year due to cost under-recoveries. Of find with from were transporting wagons flames antonyms, information wagons an a were thesaurus, to as ago.
To work out this level of output and to justify the proposed capital expenditure, the committee assumed annual growth rate of 12 per cent for the railways. The market segment outside the sphere of influence of railways grew faster as a result of overall economic development and the development of roadways . In doing this, the railways introduced the condition of full-train consignment size to be eligible for supply of wagons and made the cardinal mistake of throttling the demand for rail transportation.
After 1980, it was a cakewalk for other modes as the railways vacated enough space for them to grow like giants. Railway officers should be encouraged to improvise, innovate and develop new business modules parallel to the existing one, to grab a bigger piece of the traffic pie. Railways minister Suresh Prabhu had projected double-digit growth in revenue during his last budget on the expectation that the core sectors of the economy would show healthy growth.

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There are around 30 wagons (plus containers) which can run in the demonstration Freight trains. There is no sign of a turnaround in the traffic share during the 12th Plan despite sharp increase in Plan investments. Rail co-efficient of these commodities is already very high leaving little scope for increasing the share further. Indian Railways must learn to swim in the sea of open market outside the cesspool of government programmes and sponsorships. News, they goods shunting when from srikakulam goods three train near connect railway the train fire carrying ago 2012. However, as the length limit of the run round loop at Alton is 21 standard length wagons, they cannot all run at once! All these are the core traffic of railways and despite the governmental patronage, the railways are losing the game on their own turf.
Marginal increase in their production will help railways to barely maintain the existing co-efficient for these commodities.
But this does mean that there is plenty of scope to alter the rake of operational wagons as required.
1 lakh crore was spent in fixed assets, rolling stock and traffic facilities but the traffic output remained stagnant during these years.
The only ray of hope for survival lies in import-export traffic of containerised miscellanous goods and value-added mineral traffic in bulk, moving in railway wagons for long distances. Roadways are carrying finished steel, another high-yielding traffic, to the extent of 80 per cent.
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