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With cash-strapped Indian Railways struggling to keep its finances in order, a revision of rail freight rates is scheduled to happen in October due to rising global oil and energy prices. The Japanese advance in the Asia-Pacific in late 1941 and early 1942 was one of the most dramatic periods of conquest in modern military history.
Some 12 000 Japanese and 800 Korean soldiers worked on the Thaia€“Burma railway as engineers or guards. After World War II Australia conducted nearly 300 military trials of Japanese for war crimes, including maltreatment of prisoners of war and the execution of Allied air men.
Known to prisoners of war as a€?Hellfire Passa€™, the dramatic Konyu Cutting is 75 metres long and 17.5 metres deep. This iconic drawing by British artist Jack Chalker shows prisoners of war at the dysentery latrines at Konyu River Camp, Thailand.

Economic Questions Surrounding These Subjects e condividi la tua opinione con altri utenti. Strong leadership, however, could save lives through isolating the infected, sterilising eating utensils, and allocating food to the sick.
Since their military code made them view prisoners of war as unworthy of respect, they failed to provide adequate food and medicine or to relax the pace of construction along the railway.
Trials were conducted at Morotai, Wewak, Labuan, Rabaul, Darwin, Singapore, Hong Kong and Manus Island. An image of compassionate mutual support, it also depicts the terrible conditions during the monsoon when latrines would overflow, posing a serious health risk to the prisoners.
Approximately 12 800 of more than 60 000 Allied prisoners of war, and up to 90 000 rC’musha, died between 1942 and 1945.

The forces leaving Changi included many prisoners who were ill, since the Japanese assured the Allied officers that conditions at their destinations would be easy. India will raise its investment over the next five years by as much as 850,000 crore to fix its creaking railway infrastructure. The long and arduous journeys to Thailand and Burma (now Myanmar) a€” by train, ship, truck and foot a€” further undermined the health of many prisoners. Asian labourers or rC’musha made up the majority of the deaths on the Thaia€“Burma railway.

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