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The five-year-old boy was thrilled to ride the model steam locomotive at the Oregon Centennial Expo today, but he nearly jumped out of his skin when the train whistle blew.
But now he is the one who tugs the chain, delighting in the reaction of children and adults who are drawn to Oregon No.
On Saturday at the Oregon Zoo, model train lovers from around the region and zoo-goers celebrated the 50th anniversary of the beloved locomotive with cake, displays and, of course, train rides. The locomotive was buffed to a shine: Candy apple red, forest green and highlighted in gold leaf. For a celebrity guest, organizers looked no further than the best train show in television history - "Petticoat Junction." Linda Kaye Henning waved from the cab and even operated the locomotive for a stretch of Washington Park, like her character, Betty Jo, used to run the Hooterville Cannonball in the 1960s railway sitcom. Honeyman, busy in his role as a zoo locomotive engineer and organizer of Saturday's party, summed up the allure of the little locomotive. The day's important news, including local and national headlines, delivered every morning. There are faster ways to travel from historic Lahaina town to Kaanapali on Maui‘s west side. The ride includes Hawaiian-style entertainment by a singing conductor, who also provides narration and points out significant sites of interest along the way. Hawaii’s railroad history dates back more than a hundred years, as trains hauled sugar cane to the mills and transported plantation workers between their homes and the cane fields. The first locomotive used in West Maui for sugarcane production debuted in 1890 and continued until around 1950.
When the train pulls into the station there is a mad dash of humanity as though it is the last train out of hell.

1, an almost-to-scale model of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad's Reno for the Oregon Centennial Exposition and International Trade Fair.
29, 2016Ride a historic train on 45 miles of rails originally laid in 1882 between the mining town of Silverton and the railroad-built town of Durango, Colorado. The locomotive moves along a six-mile stretch of track at a leisurely pace, surrendering speed in favor of panoramic views of the West Maui mountains and neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai. During whale watching season (December through April), it’s common to spot humpback whales frolicking in the distant waters.
At one time, steam locomotives became a familiar fixture on Maui’s landscape, blasting their whistles as they rounded a mountain curve or chugging along a narrow-gauge track between cane fields and plantation villages. The train retired when motorized trucks and mechanical claws became more efficient and cost effective.
Future plans for the Sugar Cane Train include hosting weddings and special theme parties and receptions. To walk from the tip of the subcontinent to the edge of the Tibetan Plateau would take most of a year. A staggering 18 million people travel by train in India every day, on more than 9000 scheduled services.
People push through the doors and climb through the windows to capture an elusive seat in order to avoid the punishment of having to stand for an entire trip that could take six hours or more. The beloved steam locomotive, built for the 1959 Oregon Centennial Expo, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a party that included cake, displays and rides. Lucky then that Indian Railways is there to transport Indiaa€™s 1.13 billion citizens across the vast nation they call home.

Indeed, Indian society would be unable to function without the railways a€“ religious pilgrimages alone account for hundreds of millions of journeys every year, and Indian Railways is the worlda€™s largest employer, with 1.6 million staff on the payroll.
Often the trains are so crowded, the aisles so packed with bodies pressed up against each other, that you cannot even lift an arm to scratch the back of your head. With four classes of service, you are sure to find a car you'll love.Presidential Class (Age 21 and over) Take a ride on the Cinco Animas! The Victorian splendor of a bygone era awaits you onboard one of the most legendary and historic private cars to ever grace the narrow gauge rails.
The Cinco Animas offers two distinctively appointed seating areas and a large outdoor viewing platform is exclusively available to those who choose this car.
You will be hosted by a knowledgeable attendant who will provide complimentary morning pastries, non-alcoholic beverages and custom first-class amenities. Seat width in Standard-class is equal to the industry standard of an economy-class plane seat. Extra-space seating is available for an additional charge.Open-Air GondolaVintage CoachClick here for more information on coach and gondolas.

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