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This book contains unique and useful information for anyone who likes to create models of trains. The Union Pacific RR is a pioneer in the use of high-horsepower diesel-electric locomotives, such as the General Electric U50 accurately modeled in HO scale by Athearn Trains. Excellent list of model train resources: Huge lists of books, magazines and websites that will helps elevate your skills and knowledge to the next level. Part of the firm’s top-of-the-line Genesis series, these HO scale diesel-electric locomotives are modeled to meticulously match each prototype.

The direct-current model has a smooth-running mechanism that’s designed for the easy installation of a Digital Command Control (DCC) sound decoder and speakers. N scale Alco C-420 diesel locomotiveAtlas is offering ready-to-run N scale models of the Alco C-420 in six body styles with and without factory-installed Digital Command Control (DCC). The HO scale model, originally released in 1991 as part of Athearn’s blue box line of locomotive and rolling stock kits, is now available as a fully assembled model in the firm’s Ready-to-Roll line.
The N scale locomotives, which come in A and B versions, have sharp paint jobs, are powered by can motors with dual brass flywheels, and have plenty of pulling power.

The newly tooled Geeps are also available factory-equipped with a dual-mode SoundTraxx DCC decoder.
The models, part of the firm’s Master Line, feature a mix of molded and separately applied plastic parts, directional lighting, and prototype-specific details.

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