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Time to kick this thing off then, with a directory of Scottish-themed layout projects on RMWeb.
Kylesku & The MoundEx Highland Railway operations c1960 in OO- two stations, one layout. LocationA pre-eminent architectural neoavant-garde railway campus of the 1960s opened by Barbara Castle while she had a Scottish closure proposal in her handbag.
NORTH BALLACHULISH North Ballchulish is what might have happened if the Callander and Obans plans to extend from Oban up to Fort William and then beyond up the Great Glen to Inverness had come to fruition.
Using the steadiest of hands, Dave Patterson applies the deft finishing touch to his model carriage.

As a rule of thumb I'm using RTR rolling stock on proprietary 00 formation on a garage tail-chaser layout. The trackplan is based on what may have been at North Ballachulish after the line had crossed the mouth of Loch Leven and is to an extent inspired by Kentallen.
His addition may not have been noticeable to the crowds who descended upon the Model Rail Scotland exhibition yesterday. Scenics will be home-brewed using appropriate kits, RTP if suitable, and a large helping of improvisation using prototype footage for context and flavour. Research was done after the main construction but all modelled structures are based in a way, on buildings that exist or existed somewhere in the Lothians or the border regions of the south east. But for Mr Patterson, you can only suspect that does not matter.For this is the zone of the enthusiast.

I've not got a layout thread yet but hope to do soon, which should give me the impetus to finish this. The other half, and hopefully scenic section, is set in the Ale glen with classic Waverley sweeping curves and a wayside station - Midlem Road - at its scenic break.

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