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One of the most famous Bugatti Veyrons in the world is up for sale in the US – although you probably won't want to buy this one. The £1m hypercar gained world recognition in 2008 after its owner Andy House drove it into a lake near Galveston, Texas and completely wiped out its value in the space of five metres due to a 'low-flying pelican' that, he says, distracted him. Having spent two years drying out, however, a US insurance salvage company now has the Veyron up for sale on its auction website.
The intense irony can't be lost on original owner House - he caused more than a few added chuckles to the story in 2008 when it emerged he runs a business restoring damaged luxury cars. It doesn't even come with keys, but there was probably very little chance of getting it going again anyway – House left the Bugatti's door wide open and the engine running for 15 minutes until the car finally succumbed to the lake.
It is of course a ripe opportunity to have a look at the original incident, which was rather fortunately captured by a vanload of passing dunces - listen out for the moment halfway through the first video where someone says they've spotted a Lamborghini. There is a spot of fruity language on the first video – understandable when you're watching a million pound Veyron driving into a lake at 70mph, but make sure the speakers aren't turned up too loud. The infamous FBI-crashed Ferrari F50 Enlarge PhotoIn 2003, a Ferrari F50, one of just 50 imported into the United States, was stolen from a dealership in Rosemont, Pennsylvania.
The training given FBI agents doesn't include driving exotic supercars, especially not on on cold tires. Until now, that is, as the car has once again turned up on eBay, for sale by a California dealership with a salvage title.
Here’s where the whole buyer-beware thing comes into play: the dealership claims that the F50 received only minor cosmetic damage in the crash, and that the car’s suspension and structural components were untouched. While that’s good news, the claim that the damaged parts were reconstructed by “one of the best body shops,” makes us a bit nervous. For the right buyer, the car could still prove to be a bargain, but not at the Buy-It-Now price listed. If you can look beyond the salvage title (which will make future resale difficult), and if the car is indeed mechanically sound, it may be worth making the dealership an offer if you’ve always wanted an F50 in your garage.

Also just the details to what happened in that accident, im really interested in getting a project elise since i just recently finished restoring my 1977 chevrolet camaro and since i now have the funds this elise you have looks pretty promising from what i can see.
Spotted via CarAdvice and the NAGTROC forum was the sad news that a newly delivered R35 Nissan GT-R had met an early demise. The luxury car comes with a smashed front end, a deployed air bag, smashed lights and a cracked windscreen. You could hardly say it has had one careful owner a€“ but this luxury Range Rover Sport Revere, crashed by drink-driving United footballer Ryan Tunnicliffe, could be yours for as little as £10,000.
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In 2009, long after the long after the insurance company had paid the dealership for the theft, the car was recovered in an unrelated FBI sting operation. Rather than having the F50 towed to an evidence warehouse, FBI agent Fred Kingston opted to drive the car instead.

District Court judge dismissed the lawsuit, claiming that federal law grants immunity on property being held by law enforcement.
That may well be the case, but we’d be nervous gambling with a car this exotic and expensive.
Carbon fiber is tricky stuff to work with, and we’d much rather spend the money on replacement original panels than on panel repair. Hagerty Insurance lists a Condition 1 Ferrari F50 (concours-quality perfect example) at a value of $950,000, while a Condition 4 vehicle (fair overall condition, with normal wear and tear) has a current value of $695,000.
As we previously reported, that ended with a damaged F50 and an insurance company filing suit against the FBI. The insurance company ultimately sold the damaged car at auction for a fraction of its pre-crash value, and that was the end of the incident.
There’s more pics on the NAGTROC forum for you to have a gander at if twisted metal gets you off. I think the damage to this car is sufficient enough to declare, no, it won’t buff right out. He pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol, was banned for 18 months and fined £800. He was in the crowd at Old Trafford in September to watch his son take to the field against Newcastle.

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