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The following vehicles are only an idea of how YOUR car could look by the time it's ready to drive . Challenge cars have left the pits and headed for the starting grid literally thousands of times since 1999.
The modified roadster frame enjoys a serious cage thanks to the NASA and SCCA guidelines for open GT-1 cars.
The Challenge car chassis is made by the same crew and with the same materials as the Mk4 street car chassis, but with more tubing. The Factory Five Challenge model comes with the same hand-laid vinylester composite body as the Mk4. We sell replacement body shells and panels at a reasonable price to keep the cost of racing and the inevitable contact affordable.
The strong Challenge chassis is complemented by an outstanding and proven suspension and the ability to use a wide array of excellent brake packages. Up front, the Factory Five Racing Challenge kit comes with a fully independent tubular front suspension with unequal length upper and lower a-arms and high-end Koni brand single-adjustable coil-over shocks (say that three times). Unlike the Mk4 kit whereby customers can use the front lower control arms from the Ford Mustang, the challenge kit includes the optional tubular lower control arm. With the Challenge kit, we supply the coil-over shocks, coil springs, custom mounts, spindle brackets, and upper & lower A-arms with ball joints and fasteners, all ready to bolt together. After more than six years of racing action and thousands of hours of brutal track testing, the FFR 3-link is recognized as a proven and worthy rear race suspension. The 3-link suspension is designed to use the Ford 8.8” rear axle and includes a steel framework and panhard bar package that includes high-end Koni shocks.
Whether you are racing in the FFR-NASA Challenge series or running an open class racer, you still have to select an engine and transmission to use with this car. The challenge kit is ready to accept the full line of Ford and many aftermarket transmissions.

Sitting in the car you’ll find as large a cockpit that you have to step into (no hinges on doors). While it’s true that most folks will only see you as you blur past them from 50 feet at more than 50 mph, a good number of people will look at your car up close in the pits.
The Challenge kit comes with a competition windscreen (the full framed chrome-on-brass windshield can be purchased as an option). The three-point roll bar of the roadster is replaced by the welded full cage of the challenge chassis.
A Factory Five Challenge Car was the very first entry into the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race and Challenge Cars have started and finished every single 25 Hours since. If you campaign a Challenge car you will own your local track and consistently run with the fastest cars.
A Factory Five Challenge car ran the Fastest Time of the Day at the 2006 Mid America Shelby Meet against a full field of vintage Mustangs and other vintage cars.
A Factory Five Challenge car runs 1-2 seconds per lap faster than a 2005 Z06 Corvette at the Bondurant School Maricopa Track. In the world of hot rods, customs and kits we stand miles above the crowd and it’s in great part due to our steadfast commitment to racing development and safety.
New Models Ford Vs Chevy Sprint Cup Reviews with full information about Ford Vs Chevy Sprint Cup Reviews pictures, reviews, price and release date for US, Australia, UK and Canada.
Chevy floor mats – carpet, -weather, custom logo, Keep the interior of your chevy like new.
Chevrolet impala - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The chevrolet impala [pronunciation?] full-size (upper mid-size 2000 2013) automobile built chevrolet model years 1958 1985, 1994 1996, . Nascar sprint cup series - top speed, Over years, nascar race cars barely resembled production counterparts teams opting branding stickers logos put .
APR Australia is proud to announce the release of the new full exhaust system upgrade for the Gol..

No other replica can even come close to the racing hours and track wins of the FFR Challenge car design.
Jim is an accomplished pro roadracer in his own right, and has earned countless race wins in almost 15 years of competitive driving.
The differences in the frame and the tremendous amount of additional tubing mean that street car features like doors that are hinged have been replaced by NASCAR style side impact tubes. The FFR 3-link suspension is the most optimized race suspension we sell, and Challenge frames come ready to use that suspension. The 3-link suspension is a great example of how racing and product development go hand-in-hand.
The Challenge car is not just completely dominant, it’s truly the only real race car in the entire replica business.
Frame mods accommodate mounting and shielding of the racing fuel cell, intrusion plates and racing seats.The chassis is about 15% more rigid than the Mk4 roadster.
Owing to the increased amount of steel in the Challenge car chassis, completed vehicles typically weigh around 100 lbs more than standard roadsters. There is no backbone section to the frame, but the full race cage contributes more than that in added rigidity. Additionally, the fact that the cage is welded along with the frame means that the body needs to be cut along a line from the rear cockpit opening to the back of the roll bar legs.

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