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Travelling by steam train evokes a hopeless sense of nostalgia for Britain's great, pioneering railway past, combined with the simple delight of seeing an enormous plume of steam bursting from a train as it pulls out of a station. Meandering along the coast at Torbay, over viaducts, past harbours and beaches with pastel-painted huts, this seven-mile track then takes you inland through the Devon countryside to the Dart estuary.
If we look at the 1856 village map for Coldwater, the core section of the building had already been built and serving as a home to Audrain Abbott’s family. Today it is the site of the Dance Factory studio and the earlier era clinic turned retired ladies rooms which are now converted to apartments. Next time we will look into the history of the road that runs in front of this historic house, which existed long before the first settler built his log cabin along the trail. So, when did the first European travel the trail through this area?  It was Robert Cavalier Sieur de LaSalle, a French explorer. Shortly after, Joseph Godfrey and Patrick Marantette built their Indian trading posts on the trail edge at the Coldwater River and what is now the Oak Grove Cemetery. In 1827 Congress approved $20,000 for a forty foot wide improvement of the road which would support stage coach travel and movement of U.S.
By 1837 Western Star Stage Line was advertising five lines of stages that only took 4 to 7 days to go from Detroit to Chicago, depending on the weather and trail conditions.
So, when you turn onto Chicago Street and find yourself driving behind one of those slow left lane drivers. By 1842 the continued growth in the eastern portion of Branch County gave them enough votes to win moving the county seat from Branch to Coldwater, and the one-time county center started down the slippery slope of no return to becoming a ghost town.

So, what about the buried treasure? Well, one of the landowners and residence of Branch was a fellow by the name of Isaac Middaugh. So, Isaac’s loss became another piece in the fatal story of a village that grew from an open field as the county seat, prospered, failed and never relinquished its buried gold treasure. I wonder…on a full moon night can you still find Isaac digging in the mud along the shore of the Branch Creek?
With it's continued growth, by 1841 there was sufficient votes in the county to move the county seat designation from the village of Branch to Coldwater, which occurred in 1842. For an interesting read, see Tom Cullen’s The Mild Murderer on the shelf at the Branch County District Library. May is already upon us and thanks to the moderate April weather the flowers are well into bloom, trees are filling out with foliage and you have probably already had to mow the lawn more than once.
The Branch District Library’s Heritage Room houses many archive folders with many more interesting, and true stories of people and times long past, but not forgotten. One story of her funeral tells that the casket company thought undertakers had made a mistake on the casket dimensions and didn’t build the coffin, forcing them to bury her in a piano case. Steam was all but extinct by 1968, and engines were sent to scrap yards, but thanks to heritage railway companies, who have rescued and restored many locomotives and lines, it is back from the brink. Chicago Street, Coldwater, currently serves as a training site for young dancers, but what an interesting pedigree its holds. They selected a location just north of the only manufacturing site in the county, Black Hawk Mills.
Their pick was nothing more than an open field, so the village of Branch was created by their action.

On the water you will pass Greenaway House (which belonged to Agatha Christie), Dartmouth Castle and Britannia Royal Navy College, where the Queen first met Prince Philip. The railways operate across Britain but here I have plumped for the seaside scenery of the West Country, home to some of the loveliest lines.
You can choose one line and make a day of it or take a week and visit every one, staying at local b & bs or more luxurious establishments along the way.
The original station building at Cranmore is still intact, dating from 1858 when the line opened. There is also a recreation of a Victorian engine shed, a glorious old signal box and an old-fashioned newspaper kiosk selling vintage magazines. You reach it by walking for about half a mile from Totnes Station over a little footbridge and through the Devon countryside.
The train journey, which follows the River Dart, is nearly seven miles long and finishes at the market town of Buckfastleigh. It is now six-and-a-half miles long (though there are plans to extend it), running from Bodmin Parkway and over a viaduct across the River Fowey before climbing towards Bodmin Moor via Colesloggett Halt and Bodmin General to Boscarne Junction. The steam train travels from Bitton Station to Oldland Common before heading to Avon Riverside, passing fields with views of the River Avon.

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