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Steel Framed houses are  becoming increasingly popular for the second time around due to quicker build times and this type of build is no longer the preserve of the industrial or agricultural sector. Homes dating back to those pioneering days are often very cold in winter, hot in summer and can have condensation damp issues due to having no cavity to insulate and having walls that lack the thermal mass of other solid wall construction methods.
The older steel frame properties tended to have solid concrete shuttered walls or steel tongue and groove upper storeys whilst others had concrete or weatherboard panels as modular inserts between the vertical struts such as Airey or Woolaway homes. There is no problem  insulating the outside walls of such properties and the only difference to thermally cladding a more traditional build is in the preparation stage of the job. Basically the only difference to a standard external wall insulation fitment is that a special profile frame is first fitted to the existing skeletal frame and the insulation boards are slid into the profile as opposed to being drilled and pinned directly into the underlying solid wall. Once the boards and profile are in place then the home-owner has the normal full range of decorative finishing options from coloured renders to textured renders, brick slips or weatherboards. Both the NHBC & Zurich recognise this system as being highly suited to steel frame properties as do the British Board of Agrement. The parts used are made from thin galvanised steel plates which are then molded, both the bars and the sections have low weight.The plate is made from galvanised steel immersed in melted zinc which, when cold is molded into the required shape. The same exterior finishes can be applied to a steel frame as those applied in standard construction.Can a steel framed house be remodelled?Yes. Since steel framing enables larger spans in the design of the home, fewer interior load bearing walls are needed, making renovation very easy while allowing more flexibility in design.Will a steel frame home rust?No. The use of zinc coating on the steel framing protects the steel from corrosion for the life of the structure.Is a steel frame safe during an earthquake?Yes.

A lighter structure with stronger connections results in less damage from seismic force.Is a steel frame safe from lightning in storms?Yes.
A steel frame actually allows more protection for the occupants since it provides a direct path to the ground in the event of a lightning strike. This reduces the likelihood of explosions or secondary fire.Does it cost more for electrical or plumbing work with steel frame?No.
Heavier objects can be hung with screws attached directly into a steel stud, easily found with a magnet.Will my project be built more quickly?Yes.
On average steel frame buildings are completed at least 25% faster than traditional methods of construction.What about fire?Steel frame houses are fire resistant.
Actual case studies show steel houses perform very well in house fires, with little or no damage to the framing structure.Steel expands or contracts as the temperature changes.
Is this a problem?With steel framed houses, this movement is negligible due to minimal direct heat transfer to the frame, even in hot weather. Steel has a compatible expansion coefficient with that of plasterboard, so minimising the incidence of cracking.Is steel framing mould resistant?Yes.
Steel frame structures are built so that there is adequate ventilation, while allowing for controlled environments inside the building to be safe and energy efficient.
Using steel limits the sources of food for mould, preventing its growth.Are steel frames electrically safe?Yes!
Steel frames are safe because the frames are earthed and if exposed to a live wire, the circuit will short and trip the residual current safety switch, so there is little chance of touching anything active.Is steel framing energy-efficient?Yes.

Many find that once their homes are heated or cooled, it takes much less energy to maintain a desirable temperature.Breathe easier!The Healthy House Institute recommends steel frame homes for good indoor air quality. Easy to install hydraulic and electric systems and several options for materials and finishes The first Light Steel Frame (LSF) systems for the UK market were developed in the 1980s. LSF has recently become an established form of construction recognised with inclusion in the current Building Regulations. LSF is extensively used for infill walling in multi-storey structures for both commercial and residential use. Provision for rooftop extensions and penthouses is facilitated through using a lightweight construction away from the load bearing structural lines.
Traditionally the industry has been dominated by the roll formers of the sections (studs & track), who also supplied the know-how to assemble them. More recently down stream players such as dry lining or cladding sub-contractors have diversified into LSF, bringing with them a more practical knowledge of the construction industry and its requirements.As a result, the service to the main contractor is improving.
These new suppliers are developing diverse, new, practical and more cost effective methods of designing, assembling and constructing LSF.
These include field factories next to the job site to reduce transport costs and lead-time from design to erecting.

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